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Janiben 2013.09.04
Kaname Jun was a guest on Janiben... Thought I'd post this bit 'cause Kaname Jun has amusing expressions in it XD

And it seems he's really afraid of frogs. XD
Well, I'm more afraid of frogs than I am of snakes so I guess I can understand that. lol

He's run into frogs in/around his home in Tokyo about five times? Eep. That's a lot.

He describes this one time he came home, turned around and saw frog right next to his head.

Staring at him, like so. (lol, his frog impressions XD )

He freaks out!

And runs to a room, where he proceeded to observe the frog from the doorway. hahahahahaha

He threw something at the frog. It hit the frog, but the frog gave no reaction. Just wobbled: "boiiii~ng" (LOL Kaname-sannnn, your frog impersonations are hilarious)

He finally went to sleep... But after a few hours got up and opened the curtains...

Lo and behold, the same frog right before him! (It probably wandered round by the verandah?)

I would be freaked out too...

Then there was another time when he was hurrying back in the rain.

He felt like he'd kicked something with the back of his foot, like one of those fancy football moves.

He stopped and looked back.

And there was a frog, upside down in the lane.


Tacchon is tooootally cracking up.

And then poor Kaname-san did not feel good about his heel after that XD

Naturally, they bring out frog-related stuff to freak him out. Yoko notices that he's standing far away and they ask him to come closer.

"No, no, please go ahead."

First one's innocuous - frog-patterned toilet paper.

Second one's still innocuous - little glass frogs called "Kane kaeru"? Money frogs? Hmm. When I went to Kyoto and bought a couple of pretty fans from a store, the nice old shopkeeper gave me this teensy weensy green frog and said I should keep it in my wallet because it would bring me money. I guess this is the same thing. haha
Edit: "Kane kaeru" is a pun of sorts. "Kaeru" can also mean "to come back." It totally did not occur to me at first. Thanks for the heads up, [livejournal.com profile] meroceres!

Last box - Yoko suggests that Kaname Jun should open it.

Baru encourages him: "It'll be fine, Kaeru-san - Kaname-san!"
(Kaeru = frog XDDD )
He edges towards the box...

Yoko pulls his arm to bring him closer

Gives poor Kaname-san a fright XD

They all find his reaction hilarious.

He lifts the box and immediately retreats.

EWWW. These are made of real frog skin okay. @_@

Yes, Kaname-san. My feelings exactly.

Yoko is Yoko and insists on chasing him around a bit with one of those frog purses.

Sometimes I wish they would have more actors on Janiben instead of comedians and models. Comedians and models are fun, but so are actors! Like this ep, and the ep with Suzuki Ryohei (which was just... I... don't even know how to describe it. hahahahahhaha)
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