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If you've already read my most recent wallpaper post, you'd know I had a terrific time making this one:

And now I'll dive right into the "behind the scenes" of this piece. Because I figure perhaps one or two people might actually want to know how the wheels in my head turned when I was making this crazy Eito Ranger movie poster.

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Making wallpapers ain't easy. (Okay, well, sometimes it is, but generally it isn't. :P )

Take, for example, my most recent attempts at making new wallpapers. Even with 2.62GB of Arashi images, it's still difficult to find the perfect image. Yes, you read it right. 2.62GB. Of jpegs. HQ jpegs. Those from Loze and arashi.vox and [profile] boys_paper are especially high-quality - average filesize is about 2MB. I spent over an hour yesterday renaming most of the files so the date formats would sync and it'd be easier if I ever decided to perform a search based on the magazine shoot dates. (Batch Filename Editor is another godsent piece software.)

The thing is... Even with so many pictures of good quality. A lot of them are "flawed" - at least when you look at them from a wallpaper designer's point of view. ("Wallpaper designer" sounds so much better than "wallpaper-maker", no? :P I think I'm entitled to use it, since I'm in the design industry anyway. Hahahah! Gosh that sounds so "perasan" - ie. "full of myself" XP )

Let me bother enlighten you with the major examples.

Now, since I have the time, I'm off to make more wallpapers! XD
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Oh, how could I have forgotten to post this?

Eh... That looks small... *scratches head* Well, just click on it I guess. It should take you to the larger image in my Scrapbook gallery.

Kawaii lineart by [profile] windrette , coloured by me. :D

Windrette, hope you like it! ^_^; I'll send you the original size version if you want. XD And muchos gracias for letting me colour this oh-so-entertaining pic! hehehe... The background was a bit of a headache though... Couldn't really find a colour that would match and let the image itself stand out. This was the best (to my eyes).

To the non-Arashi fans: It's a play on the name, get it? Cardcaptor Sakura... Sakurai Sho (one of the members of Arashi)... :P
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I know I'm supposed to post my wallpapers first, but... Well, I just figured I wanted to post MatsuJun birthday fanart first XD Wallpapers will have to wait until I'm home from work. (Darn work.)

And I actually didn't plan to do this. But [profile] windrette's suggestion to colour this pic made me think, "Why not, since the timing's cool and all? hahah

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Should I call this pic a failure or a success? hahah...

[profile] windrette    , here's what you were wanting to see yesterday. XD (It's an Imageshack thumbnail, so just click to see the bigger version.)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usJedi Jun...

This is original sketch... I did outline/ink it, BUT... I screwed up on the jawline and couldn't fix it so I just reverted to the messy pencil sketch. :(
(Actually I think the eyes in this one look a bit expressionless, but it's still better than the inked version... And I was referencing the hair from TIME/Bambino - which seems to have been a mistake....... ^^; )

EDIT: AH. That reminds me. [profile] devel_icious ... I blame you for this. You told me yesterday night to dream of Tezuka/Arashi. AND I DID. (Just Arashi, not Tezuka. Can't exactly cross anime with real life people...)

I can't believe I actually dreamed about Arashi... =.=

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The perfectionist in me is terrifically irritated that I cannot seem to get a drawing of MatsuJun right. Usually I get the eyebrows correct and then the rest of it flops magnificently.

This is why I really admire people like [profile] windrette (and her adorable anime-esque Arashi) and [profile] kurorokoon (who does the best Nino pics I've seen)... Sigh. I'm still mada mada dane.

Side note: I don't want to start work! *sob* Can I work as a professional wallpaper designer instead? XP
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I just felt like sketching my three prom outfits. hahah

I kinda enjoyed getting all dressed up for proms. Get to feel so princess-ish for the night. * v *
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I just discovered that I can use the Scrapbook in LJ after upgrading my user account to Plus (or whatever it is - the one with ads). So I'm testing it out. heheh

Uploaded my latest submission to deviantArt to test the Scrapbook. Just a small pic. The larger one's over at dA. (And the original size stays on my PC. hahaha)

green fairy

Been a while since I drew a fantasy-ish pic.

Other notes:
~ Having a sort of nightmare job-hunting.
~ Wondering if I should set up a site for my wallpapers. hahah... There's enough space on my server still...
~ Haven't been watching anime lately - except for Lovely Complex. Bleach fillers bored me, One Piece & Eyeshield 21's subbers haven't been updating... PoT OVAs too...
~ It's all about J-dramas! Though only HanaKimi and Yamada Tarou right now. Lost a bit of interest in Bambino, even though it is MatsuJun in it...

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MountainI bought a roll of rice paper a few days ago and decided to try it out today. It was fairly cheap, not the high grade rice paper or anything, which is fine since I didn't really think of producing any masterpieces on it. Hahah... Just for practice, yo.

It's been some time since I tried Chinese brush painting. And I've never tried it on actual rice paper before. Other types of paper just don't cut it. hahah

So I fiddled around with an old size 2 brush and my small bottle of Chinese ink leftover from freshman year (I still don't really see why they made us get ink for just a couple of assignments... but I guess that's because it's cheap) on the rice paper - suitably cut from the roll, obviously.

I found that I can't paint most things well. At least not with ink. :P
Mountains seem to be the sole exception. Only the mountain/landscape-y things looked decent, and that one on the left was the best - although I think I spoilt the plants by going a little too thick on the leaf parts...

There was a small dolphin that turned out unexpectedly well too, but I think I'll post that pic another time. :]
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That was an utterly random subject line. LOL.

*Spoilers for various manga coming*

Meanwhile, the haze is aggravating my sinus problems, and raising more rashes on my poor, allergic skin. Sigh. *feels like burning the people who are burning the forests across the Straits*

Had an online meeting yesterday with 2 of my 3 my group mates for our Final Year Project (FYP). Were discussing just the basic storyline of our animation and our diff responsibilities. They're making me "Art Director," meaning I'll more or less oversee all pre-production work - character designs, storyboards, etc. It's tough, but I'm happy with it. I know and they know (and our lecturers know) that pre-production is my strength. I flop like a fish out of water when the work process goes into production. (And then I jump back into the water when post-production comes.) Oh, I'll have to do my share of 3D-modelling and animating when the time comes, but I'm not in charge of that. Thank God!

Last week I encountered the art request thing that[info]rainedrops is doing on a friend's dA. Thought it was interesting, but then didn't try it myself because I didn't want to be overwhelmed with the ten requests. But since here I've only the few of you on LJ that know me... I think I'm good to go. :D
So, here's the deal:
  • you may request a drawing of a character from any of the following anime (just so I can rest assured it's possible for me to draw them in the first place ^^; ): Prince of Tennis, Harukanaru Toki no Naka De, Bleach, One Piece, Saiunkoku Monogatari, Ouran High School Host Club, Kyou Kara Maou, Twelve Kingdoms.
  • I can't guarantee that they'll be coloured, but I'll try!
  • only open to the people on my Friends list. ;)
There's actually a condition where if you request a pic, you have to do the same for other people too, but I'll pass on that. I'm just feeling generous XD

Oh, I also coloured in one of my "Orientals" (see previous post). It's up on dA, if you'd like to take a look. :)

Request list:
  1. [info]rainedrops - Ryuuki (Saiunkoku)
  2. [info]windyhurrice - Conrad (Kyou Kara Maou)
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Look what Saiunkoku has done to my brain... @_@

Okay, it's not all Saiunkoku's fault. Heheh. I think it's mostly because I want to watch The Banquet and it seems like my friends either don't want to watch it or have already seen it. And I've heard from 5-6 different people that I should watch it because of the beautiful production design and costumes. Sigh.

Was just suddenly seized with the impulse to draw intricate Chinese-ish costumes. Heh. Didn't really care how accurate the design was as long as it *looked* Chinese. Referenced a lot of pictures from deviantArt and Saiunkoku XD

Planning to colour these some day... Actually I've three more - just that I haven't finished the detail and inking. Heh. Don't think I've got the whole Oriental thing out of my system yet either. Might draw more. Ahah


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