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[livejournal.com profile] nagoya_mewmew I'm trying to revive my LJ, see XD

Pokemon Go landed in Malaysia last Saturday and set the country (well, the urban side anyway) ablazeeeee.

I admit that I'm playing it. I installed it out of curiosity and to alleviate boredom as I was to spend the whole afternoon at a uni event on "counselling" duty. (When I say "counselling," I don't mean it in the psychiatric sense or anything. In this case it refers to having to talk to parents/potential students who come to find out more about the university or the course(s) in question. I don't like it but I have to do it. >_> ) To my delight, I discovered that the place where the event was being held (in my hometown) turned out to be a prime spot for pokemon. I caught well over 30 just sitting in the one room for 4 hours. And no, I didn't have much to do, which is why I could catch so many. I think that if there had been none to catch I would've been bored with the game and wouldn't have cared about it. So, fortunately or unfortunately, it was a pretty thrilling start. lol

I didn't play or watch or know anyone who actively played Pokemon when I was younger so I know next to nothing except random names I've heard like "Pikachu" and "Squirtle." I know what a Pikachu looks like but I haven't a clue what it sounds like or how it acts. (I remember getting "Pikachu" once in a game of Charades earlier this year - I hate that game and anything similar with a passion - and I had no idea how to portray it. The one in charge of the game gave me a look of disgust and I felt both embarrassed and angry. I never cared about the stupid Pikachu and didn't know anyone who did so how the hell would I know what it does?? Ugh, just thinking about that incident makes me angry.) So I started off playing blind xD Had to ask [livejournal.com profile] duckii_mustang how the thing works, with transferring pokemon and getting candy and whatnot.

Came back to the capital city on Monday and went to work only to discover that the campus is home to a bunch of pokestops and numerous pokemon xDDD I've got a bunch of colleagues playing it too. Should've seen us that day: "There's a spearow!" "I got a Meowth just now." "Why do you have a Bulbasaur [on your screen] but I don't?!" "I keep getting the bats..."
The bulk of the student body (the degree students) are on break at the moment so there were fewer students around. But the ones who were around were... Well, I think at least half of them were playing the game too. xD Should be an interesting sight when the next degree term opens.
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Judging from this first episode... It's trying to be Strawberry Night, except that the heroine, Todo Hinako, is more a newbie than Takeuchi Yuko's Himekawa was in SN. And... at the moment, I think Strawberry Night did it better. A heroine who's slightly put-upon (but Todo is not derided in the same way as Himekawa), works with a bunch of men and has limited female colleagues. Said heroine also has some sort of mysterious past, and Todo is given what seems to be an incredible memory where Himekawa had sheer determination.

Not impressed with the first episode, actually. I think maybe it's a mixture of the implausibility of this storyline + the fact that I find Haru bland + a nebulous something which I can't place.


  • Yoko’s looking quite striking in ON, with the dark hair and suits (and he does look good in suits *__* ) contrasting with his fair skin.

  • Kaname Jun’s not looking bad either, though his character is coming across as a bit of comic relief more than anything else right now.

  • Haru doesn't impress me or instill in me any feeling of empathy (rather like my feelings about Yoshitaka Yuriko). I got rather annoyed by her "catchphrase" and her "switch... ON/OFF" at the beginning and end were not interesting either. Like they were trying to make Todo intriguing, but nothing about her interests or connects with me. I don't hate her, but I don't like her either. And when I don't like the main character, it is of utmost importance that I soon find a strong liking for one or more of the side characters...

  • If they try to force a romance between Haru’s and Yoko’s characters... I will be very annoyed. As it is, I’m not fascinated by Haru or the character she plays and I’m watching this entirely for Yoko. But if it gets boring or irritating, even Yoko won’t be able to make me keep watching this.

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Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi (up to episode 9): What a waste of the chemistry between Kitamura Kazuki and Koike Eiko. A WASTE. >_< I feel zero investment in the Samejima/Shibayama storyline so all my interest was in the potential of Wada/Muraoki. Looks like they only held on to that idea for 4 episodes in the middle. I doubt they're going to bring it back in episode 10 at all, much less in a satisfactory way. Siiiigh.

99.9% (up to episode 9): Well, it's amusing. Neither thrilling nor disappointing.

Watashi Kekkon Dekinai Janakute, Shinain Desu (watched up to episode 6, but heard about the ending already): Based on what I've heard of the ending, it's superbly irritating. And is an even bigger waste of precious narrative screentime throughout the season - that is, time invested in a backstory that eventually doesn't really pay off.

Juhan Shuttai (up to episode 9): Best drama of the four, and I'm so glad I picked this up! I really like the little insights into the manga publishing process. I also like that the protagonist is the typical genki type without being irritating. Possibly that's because it's not the sort of story where the Amazing Protagonist waltzes into the neighbourhood/office/school/whatever and magically changes everyone around him/her for the better. I dislike that. Rather, it shows how her colleagues interact with her, with maybe only one that is directly influenced by her attitude. Most of them don't change - or aren't even in need of change. The one that you'd think should really change, doesn't. Instead, what you get is an insight into why he became so cold and cranky. She does help the situation with several of the mangaka, but not all of them. I reeeeally appreciate that the series shows the others instead of just her.
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Just watched episode 7 of SekaMuzu and hmmm. Most of it was a funny episode but the ending kind of made me go, “Huh?”

Spoilers here )

I think I’ve also figured out why I’m more interested in the Muraoki/Wada relationship ever since the possibility was introduced in episode 4 or 5: it’s because Koike Eiko and Kitamura Kazuki are probably the best actors in this show and they have a certain level of natural chemistry (not instantaneous, but it kinda works).

Ohno is a good actor but he’s not very... Charismatic? He lacks the on-screen impact that some of his Johnny’s colleagues have (e.g. Matsujun, Okada, Nagase*). He generally suits stoic/severe characters better (which are the kinds of roles he gets anyway). And I don't think he's particularly good at being a romantic lead. It's a good thing his character here is more the stoic and grumpy sort and is clearly supposed to be awful at relationships because I doubt I could take him at all seriously otherwise. In SekaMuzu he has a lot more comedic moments and he does reasonably well, but apart from the scene in the gym in episode 5 where Shibayama Misaki gives him her reply, I felt like the romantic parts lacked a spark. Sure, I felt for him when he got frustrated over being unable to confess his feelings for her, but I didn't get the sense that they could go together well? Perhaps it's also partly lack of chemistry with his co-star, Haru...
Haru doesn't seem to be doing anything for me. She's just... there. She's pretty, and is doing a decent job, but I feel nothing for her. :/

* I think Nagase, Okada and Jun are some of Johnny's most flexible actors. (Toma is great but I tend to not include him in the "idol" class as he seems to now be a full-blown actor albeit under Johnny's. If I had to include him, he'd beat the other three easily.) They can carry serious roles and silly roles and romantic roles very well. Nagase has particularly good comic timing, and Jun may be the best at playing the romantic lead and/or the snob (he was made to play Doumyouji Tsukasa). Okada has... gravitas and possibly the greatest variety? I haven't seen the all their dramas and movies so I could be wrong but my impression at the moment is that Okada has a wider range, although nowadays he gets serious roles more and fewer funny ones. They're all three really good actors with a decent range in any case!
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( Janiben [2011.07.27] #214 - Kuwabata Ohara )

In this episode, one of the guests recently got married and now has a child. They bring the baby out. Lots of kyaaas and kawaiis ensue.

Yoko: He's really staring at me!
Guest: Wanna hold him?
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It's my birthday today, so I present to K8 fandom... another fansub. Courtesy of the lovely [livejournal.com profile] tuesday_756!

In this episode of Chronicle, K8 are put in separate cubicles and told to pick a costume from the cast of Momotaro. They'll have to conduct a "press conference" for a movie called Neo-Momotaro and will have to ad lib everything based on whatever they choose - even if they pick the same costumes. Because this is Eito, hilarity ensues.

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This... has been massively delayed. I should've posted this at least two months ago. ^^;;;
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GASP. Can it be? [livejournal.com profile] tuesday_756 and [livejournal.com profile] elenniel have produced a fansub after a 3-year hiatus! :3

This was too funny to not sub xD I chuckled at how strangely revealing their responses in the first part are. Baru just laughs, Tacchon is concerned about looking too manly, Ryo is apprehensive, Yoko is resigned to it (and I have a feeling this is the closest we'll get to seeing Yoko's real personality on screen), Yasu is worried about looking cute, Hina is all positivity... Maru just talks about Hina. I almost wish they'd chosen some other soundbite of Maru's to use in this, because he's the only one talking about someone else.

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I just read chapter 780 "The Heart Curse" and... ajdfhkasdfkjhad

Here be spoilers... )

Hm, I need to make myself a Trafalgar Law icon.
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*looks around forlornly*

I miss the LJ community. Anyone still out there?

I miss posting wallpapers. But scan sources seem to have dried up in general >_<

I miss subs and subbing. D:
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VS Arashi, 19 December 2013

Okada Junichi was Arashi's Plus One guest! And they just had to bring up the issue of Okada's seniority to Ohno despite them being the same age and presumably from the same batch of Juniors. (I'm sure this has come up before in a Shiyagare episode, but here they all behave like they've never heard of it. We know you know it already, guys. But we'll forgive you - there are things you just have to do for TV entertainment...  XD )

Ohno: "We're contemporaries!"
(I.e. They're from the same batch, or joined at about the same time.)
Caption: Same-year combi.

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Juke Box extra - Tour unit creation

I can't translate everything but [livejournal.com profile] essie07 has done a nice summary of what went on there over at [livejournal.com profile] naniwa_ Check it out if you, like I did, had a troublesome time making out exact dialogue - or, if you had trouble understanding any of it ^^

The others had fiiinally (after a really long-winded process) been split into two teams - A (Ryo, Maru, Hina) and B (Yoko, Yasu, Tacchon). Baru is the last one left.
"Who wants me?"

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Arashi ni Shiyagare 2013.04.20

Okada and Arashi! I love it when fandoms overlap... And I would like to sub this episode except I don't understand nearly enough to do so on my own. :/

Caption: I'm sorry! I don't have any recollection of Aiba

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Hanzawa Naoki. Great drama, but that ending.
aksjdfhlasjdhfkasjhdfkajhfkashdkl aaaa KIRAI. I get it, but I hate it. Aaaa mouuuu.

*throws hands up in frustration and rolls around on the floor*

On another note: Y'know, Oikawa Mitsuhiro's growing on me. It's a lot easier to take him seriously when he's not being over the top. haha
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Janiben 2013.09.04
Kaname Jun was a guest on Janiben... Thought I'd post this bit 'cause Kaname Jun has amusing expressions in it XD

And it seems he's really afraid of frogs. XD
Well, I'm more afraid of frogs than I am of snakes so I guess I can understand that. lol

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In the last two weeks, I've finished 4 dramas. \8D/
Maou, Nakuna, Hara-chan, Yama Onna, Kabe Onna, and Love Revolution.

General thoughts on all of them:
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I just watched Maou.
Now, I know Maou is the drama that pretty much launched Ohno's TV drama career, but the really outstanding one in that show - for me - was Toma.

Maou - Toma
Really, Toma has to be one of the best actors in Johnny's. I would venture that he might be one of the best out there in the J-drama scene at the moment.
The guy does it all so brilliantly - wacky and silly (HanaKimi, Unubore Deka), bad guy (HanaDan), earnest (Honey & Clover, Majo Saiban), tragic and desperate (Maou), melancholic romantic lead (Hanamizuki), and outright frightening (Nou Otoko). I attempted to watch Nou Otoko on a long-haul flight a couple of months ago but barely got through a third of it because it was just too creepy for my taste and man, was Toma intense. @_@

Sorry, Jun, Okada, Nagase. I think Toma blows you all right out of the water. (Though you three are pretty amazing too! Nagase, especially.)
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Man, it's been a while since I changed my LJ layout...
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Ye-ah. My wallpaper muse wandered away again. Or rather, I ran out of inspiring and usable scans. :( Someone point me to a good source!
Anyway I decided to throw out whatever I've done today - since it's MatsuJun's birthday and I have a few Jun pieces :D

Most are 1440x900, with a few versions in 1280x1024. Lockscreen wallpapers (optimised for iPhone ^^) are at the end.

This post contains pieces featuring: Matsumoto Jun, Kanjani8, Nishikido Ryo, Ohkura Tadayoshi, Ohno Satoshi, Sakamoto Masayuki and Yokoyama You. A happy birthday to MatsuJun~!

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Haven't done these sort-of-translations for a while... 8Da Let's hope I got this one mostly right. hahah

This was from Janiben on 7 August 2013. (I was downloading a few random episodes trying to locate some amusing instances I saw on Tumblr... but none I downloaded were the right ones. Grrrr. Whyyyy can't people get into the habit of just inserting the episode date when they post stuff on Tumblr? It's so annoying and frustrating when I can't locate it. )

The question is... something like "When travelling abroad, which of the following do you factor into your budget?" Something like that?
Options are:
A. Better hotel
B. Flight class - economy/business class
C. Stretch the length of the trip as much as you can
D. Yummy food!

("D" is the easiest to understand and translate XD )
And you can see who chose what from the screencap above.

The choices are supposed to reflect their approaches to marriage...

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