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I just read chapter 780 "The Heart Curse" and... ajdfhkasdfkjhad


NOOOO Please let Trafalgar Law not be dead!! Pleeeaaaaseeee

Oda, you've already killed off Ace, who was a very-close second favourite after Sanji. Don't kill Law as well!! He's #3! Don't keep killing all my favourite characters DD:

Deviation: I appear to have some sort of awful luck when it comes to my favourite OP and Bleach characters. Aizen died rather quickly and then turned out to be one of the most spectacular villains in any story I've ever read/seen. (Talk about a shock.) Hitsugaya is currently in some sort of weird zombie state..? I don't even really know what's happening there. Ishida is currently on the bad guys' side but somehow one just knows he's probably unlikely to turn out to be truly evil. (I hope not, anyway.) Sanji has escaped an awful fate so far (although I'd say his facial hair is bad enough *longs for a clean-shaven Sanji* ), but Ace died. ;___; Now Law is dead too?! /end deviation

lkjdahlkajdshlkfasda whyyyy?! Noooo not Law!!!

... *takes deep breaths*

Ok, ok. Deep down I suspect he isn't really dead - what with his Ope Ope ability (did he store his heart somewhere else?), and that Manshelly with her healing tears or something, it doesn't seem that likely. And it would be rather hard on fans, who have probably not really recovered from losing Ace, to now lose one of the newest favourites as well. Also, the amount of Trafalgar Law merchandise in the Tokyo One Piece Tower store kind of makes me think he's not going to expire right at this point... But who knows? (¬_¬ )
(Between the options of Manshelly healing Law or him using his own powers somehow to recover - like by having his heart elsewhere so he can't actually die that way - I'd prefer the latter. Mostly because I'm not overly fond of those Tontatta. :/ )

Hm, I need to make myself a Trafalgar Law icon.
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