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I loved chapter 55 of Ouran. I am so buying volume 12 when it comes out (hm, up to volume 9 in bookstores only so far... sigh). It looks like Haruhai's slowly (and somewhat unconsciously?) waking up to her feelings for Tamaki. :P
Loads of thanks to [profile] devel_icious for kindly getting the scanlations from the forum for me :)

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I really liked this movie. :)

EDIT: Shinyuu tells me that  Toki is supposedly one of the best anime movies ever. I wouldn't be surprised if it is. hahahaha

* shinyuu = best friend
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Since I've just caught up on this week's round of manga and a bit of anime...

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Yea right.

More like, half my time now is spent rendering (testing the light setup for the 3D scenes) so I've nothing much to do during that "waiting" period. So... I'm gonna talk about random stuff. hahahah

Then there's

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Prince of Tennis
Like munsung said on the forums, it's kinda funny to see the two kids running themselves silly all over the court for ONE point. XD
But, oh, Konomi-sensei, please don't drag this to more than 4 chapters? It'd be ridiculous if this one-point, unofficial game was given so very many chapters when one that could have been incredibly interesting (Tezuka vs Chitose) was only given what, two?
And I really don't want Nagoya to suddenly show up after defeating Rikkai. Total waste of Yukimura's development and overal anticipation of Rikkai.

One Piece
Anime - Well, that was... Silly. What was the point of inserting the extra rounds into the Davy Back Fight? Sigh. That Poison Ball-type game was silly. (I've played a similar - less deadly - game like that called Poison Ball. :P Used to be quite popular. And it is huge fun to play... Trying to avoid the ball and at the same time try to hit someone else with it.)
Manga - This ghost/zombie arc has its really creepy moments (for me), but I found it hilarious when the zombies popped up, threatening Luffy, Sanji, Zoro, Robin and Franky and then all five of them just flattened the zombies in a snap. hahahahah! And the contrast is too funny - Nami, Usopp and Chopper freaking out inside the castle, and the other five being totally calm and cool about zombies. LOL.
I wonder who's this Shichibukai though... Mysterious figure, Moria.
But One Piece seems to be moving at a more steady and interesting rate than Bleach. Bleach kinda goes up and down in terms of being really interesting each chapter. (Or maybe it's because I tend to find  chapters about Sado - and sometimes Ichigo too - kinda boring...)

Anime - I'm just waiting to see Hitsugaya, Matsumoto and Renji fight after the limit-lifting. :D
Manga - Woooo. Go Rukia! She's cool even without her zanpakutou. Her kidou skills aren't half bad. heheh. That would be so cool animated. But that Aaroniro... Creepy look. Two floating skulls in what looks like an inverted test tube for a head. "We are the Noveno Espada." WE. Creeps. :P

Seiran vs Sakujun in that deadly drinking game. Hm. Go Seiran! I wonder what's happening to Ryuuki...

Hana Yori Dango 2
Arrrgh. They're gonna do that stupid STUPID memory loss arc after all. And in the final two episodes?! Sheesh. I hated that arc in the manga. It was just so silly and cliched. Convenient that he forgets just things related to Makino. *rolls eyes*

Haken no Hinkaku
I've only watched up till episode 5 I think. Or 6. Can't remember. It's tough without subs. :( But it looks like Mori has a crush on Satonaka-shunin. Hm. Can't see that working out. Hahahah... It was funny seeing how seemingly popular he is with the ladies though. And looked so awkward about it - the chocolates and all. ^^
And I'm longing to know what on earth Shirotan's character is saying half the time. :/

Hm. A bit slow to me at the moment. But then it is mostly about Sena defeating Shin in this game, even if Deimon loses to Oujou in the end. We'll see how it goes. Right now it still feels less exciting than the Shinryuuji match.


Feb. 24th, 2007 01:34 am
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So I just watched Bleach 116.
Grimmjaw's first appearance in the anime. When he said his first two lines, I thought his voice sounded mighty familiar. Sounded like Momoshiro. Or Abarai. But I wasn't sure. So I checked Anime News Network.

Grimmjaw Jaggerjack = Atobe Keigo??
(well, Suwabe Junichi really, but since he's also the seiyuu for Atobe, the equation sorta works. hahahah)

I replayed Grimmjaw's parts in the episode. Yup. Definitely Atobe. The attitude fits too. The arrogant (villain) character. He's just short of going, "Ahn~?" or "Na, Kabaji?"
Grimmjaw talks faster and sounds more hotheaded though... Atobe's speech was mostly a sort of arrogant drawl. Either way, Suwabe Junichi's voice suits the high-handed, arrogant characters.'

Meanwhile, in PoT (manga)...

Tezuka is SO COOL.
Hyakuren and Saiki Kanpatsu! :D
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I'm inclined to think of PoT's Ohtori Choutarou and Ouran's Ohtori Kyouya as being related. I went and compared the kanji for their surnames - and it's the same (unless I've gone blind and can't tell the difference). XD I know having the same surname doesn't necessarily mean they're directly related, but I just find it funny to think about.

They're both rich kids with far more money than they know what to do with, and both go to 'elite' schools. Just that Choutarou's a good deal nicer than Kyouya. LOL. (I still like Kyouya best of all the Ouran guys, though. Tamaki's second. :P )  It'd be kinda fun to write a crossover fic, I think, since there's such a convenient link. Hahahahah... It would be tough dealing with the different personalities - although I can imagine a silent staring contest going on between Mori and Kabaji...
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Nodame Cantabile
I've picked up on the J-drama Nodame Cantabile lately out of curiosity. (Okay, I'll admit - part of that curiosity was stirred because I found out Endou Yuuya is in it as a minor character. XP ) It's quite hilarious! Hahaha... I read some of the scanlated manga before I downloaded the first episode of the series - just to get a feel of the story. I think it translated quite well to live-action.

It's so full of classical music that it's driven me into a sort of semi-phase of classical pieces. And I found that I get a kick out of being able to recognise some of the music they use in the background - like Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite and Gershwin's American in Paris and Rhapsody in Blue. XD Actually went to look for various pieces by Mozart and such to listen to. Am currently liking Chopin's Minute Waltz and Mozart's Symphony no.41 a lot. :)

Endou's part in it is small, but he produces a lot of laughs because his character is just so... Erm. Lame. Hahahahaha... He's always the butt of the jokes in the scenes he appears in - being humiliated, getting knocked over by a girl carrying a contra bass (I think), getting ignored, etc. But then Endou is kinda good at acting frustration, I think. ^^; He gets this "how dare you" combined with "aaarrgh" look on his face. I really don't know how to describe it.  *remembers DD-Boys* LOL.

Anime... )

Tenimyu )
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That was an utterly random subject line. LOL.

*Spoilers for various manga coming*

Meanwhile, the haze is aggravating my sinus problems, and raising more rashes on my poor, allergic skin. Sigh. *feels like burning the people who are burning the forests across the Straits*

Had an online meeting yesterday with 2 of my 3 my group mates for our Final Year Project (FYP). Were discussing just the basic storyline of our animation and our diff responsibilities. They're making me "Art Director," meaning I'll more or less oversee all pre-production work - character designs, storyboards, etc. It's tough, but I'm happy with it. I know and they know (and our lecturers know) that pre-production is my strength. I flop like a fish out of water when the work process goes into production. (And then I jump back into the water when post-production comes.) Oh, I'll have to do my share of 3D-modelling and animating when the time comes, but I'm not in charge of that. Thank God!

Last week I encountered the art request thing that[info]rainedrops is doing on a friend's dA. Thought it was interesting, but then didn't try it myself because I didn't want to be overwhelmed with the ten requests. But since here I've only the few of you on LJ that know me... I think I'm good to go. :D
So, here's the deal:
  • you may request a drawing of a character from any of the following anime (just so I can rest assured it's possible for me to draw them in the first place ^^; ): Prince of Tennis, Harukanaru Toki no Naka De, Bleach, One Piece, Saiunkoku Monogatari, Ouran High School Host Club, Kyou Kara Maou, Twelve Kingdoms.
  • I can't guarantee that they'll be coloured, but I'll try!
  • only open to the people on my Friends list. ;)
There's actually a condition where if you request a pic, you have to do the same for other people too, but I'll pass on that. I'm just feeling generous XD

Oh, I also coloured in one of my "Orientals" (see previous post). It's up on dA, if you'd like to take a look. :)

Request list:
  1. [info]rainedrops - Ryuuki (Saiunkoku)
  2. [info]windyhurrice - Conrad (Kyou Kara Maou)
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Look what Saiunkoku has done to my brain... @_@

Okay, it's not all Saiunkoku's fault. Heheh. I think it's mostly because I want to watch The Banquet and it seems like my friends either don't want to watch it or have already seen it. And I've heard from 5-6 different people that I should watch it because of the beautiful production design and costumes. Sigh.

Was just suddenly seized with the impulse to draw intricate Chinese-ish costumes. Heh. Didn't really care how accurate the design was as long as it *looked* Chinese. Referenced a lot of pictures from deviantArt and Saiunkoku XD

Planning to colour these some day... Actually I've three more - just that I haven't finished the detail and inking. Heh. Don't think I've got the whole Oriental thing out of my system yet either. Might draw more. Ahah


Oct. 17th, 2006 04:54 pm
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Now that the FET Forums have closed, it almost feels like PoT is really over for me... Just that it's still being translated by a few on MangaHelpers - so I haven't totally stopped keeping track of it. ^^

So sans PoT now, what am I following?
One Piece
A long-time staple of mine, ever since I got midway through the PoT series. I only wish K-F would hurry a little with their fansubbing... But then they're doing a great job as it is. :) The G8 filler arc that just ended was a superb example of what a filler should be. Meanwhile, the manga is really exciting to read. Sanji's showing that he's got some brains at least :D

Another "staple", but one that has run into a sub-par filler arc that I really hope will end soon. The manga, on the other hand... It matches One Piece for twisting of the mind. But the most recent one or two chapters seem to have run into a sort of lull. Guess the bandit Arrancar or whatever didn't go down well with me. They seemed a little pointless other than to serve as a re-entry for Rukia and Renji. ^^;

Eyeshield 21
Am really 'into' Eyeshield right now - the manga, I mean. The anime's kinda at a halt; not sure what's going on with the fansubbers, but anyway. I would put it on par with Slam Dunk. Sadly, PoT isn't quite on the same level. It might have been, except that... Well, you know. Hopefully Eyeshield won't do that too. I find Hiruma's schemes and tactics really intriguing, devilish though he is.
Oh, the other day I was watching ESPN and there was a segment on the NFL or something. I was going to change the channel, when I saw that they were highlighting a player with the number 21. Out of curiosity, I stayed at that channel. Got amused when I found out the guy was a running back. (Eyeshield 21's position in the team.) I was even more amused when they showed clips of some of his games and I saw that his helmet had an eyeshield! LOL. A real Eyeshield 21!

Saiunkoku Monogatari
My housemate introduced this to me recently, knowing that I like the historical fiction type, and it's romance-based, but not too lovey-dovey all over the place. At first I didn't really like the way the characters were drawn; there was just something about the angles or - or something - that looked a little off. But I got over it, and now am fairly keen on Saiunkoku. :) I liked the fact that the heroine - Shuurei - didn't have a squeaky voice and her personality was interesting. (Like Haruhi in Ouran.) And, of course, there's the bishounen. XD I can't decide which one I like best yet though... Probably Seiran at the moment. heheh

Others that I'm watching now are Harukanaru Toki no Naka de, Kyou Kara Maou, Cowboy Bebop and School Rumble.
Was also watching Honey & Clover 2 and Ouran High School Host Club but those ended already. Loved Ouran - my personal favourite was Kyouya. I guess I just have this thing about the megane characters. :P Second place goes to Tamaki! Hehehe...
One of my friends says there's a rumour that there might be a live-action Ouran. Much as my friends and I love Ouran, none of us are too keen on a live-action. Somehow, there's a feeling it wouldn't go too well. I did say that if they did, perhaps Shirota Yuu should play Tamaki - he's already half-European anyway. Ahah! ... *cough* Okay, I'm sane now. =D


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