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VS Arashi, 19 December 2013

Okada Junichi was Arashi's Plus One guest! And they just had to bring up the issue of Okada's seniority to Ohno despite them being the same age and presumably from the same batch of Juniors. (I'm sure this has come up before in a Shiyagare episode, but here they all behave like they've never heard of it. We know you know it already, guys. But we'll forgive you - there are things you just have to do for TV entertainment...  XD )

Ohno: "We're contemporaries!"
(I.e. They're from the same batch, or joined at about the same time.)
Caption: Same-year combi.

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Arashi ni Shiyagare 2013.04.20

Okada and Arashi! I love it when fandoms overlap... And I would like to sub this episode except I don't understand nearly enough to do so on my own. :/

Caption: I'm sorry! I don't have any recollection of Aiba

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Ye-ah. My wallpaper muse wandered away again. Or rather, I ran out of inspiring and usable scans. :( Someone point me to a good source!
Anyway I decided to throw out whatever I've done today - since it's MatsuJun's birthday and I have a few Jun pieces :D

Most are 1440x900, with a few versions in 1280x1024. Lockscreen wallpapers (optimised for iPhone ^^) are at the end.

This post contains pieces featuring: Matsumoto Jun, Kanjani8, Nishikido Ryo, Ohkura Tadayoshi, Ohno Satoshi, Sakamoto Masayuki and Yokoyama You. A happy birthday to MatsuJun~!

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May. 31st, 2013 12:45 am
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I made my 70th K8 wallpaper!

Well, technically it's the 68th because apparently I deleted #5 and #26 some time ago... probably because they were ugly. But my file is numbered 70 so let's just assume it's 70 too. 8D

I decided to compile them in a single image...Read more... )
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I hope I'm not gonna burn out soon like I did last year (regarding wallpaper designs, that is)... but for now, I'm still kinda on a roll! 8D

Am also trying something new: smartphone lockscreen wallpapers. But first! Let's get the regular desktop wallpapers out of the way...

Contents: Kanjani8, K8 combi (Tacchon, Ryo, Yasu), Yokoyama You, Nishikido Ryo, Shibutani Subaru, V6, Okada Junichi

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Lockscreen (for iPhone)
So I adapted some of my wallpaper designs to an iPhone lockscreen format. I don't know whether there's a real "demand" for this or not. If there is, I may start creating separate designs for this format (because it's vertical and narrower, or even square - based on how the iPhone places the clock and slider on the lock screen).... or make an extra version of my regular wallpapers (if I feel the design fits the format). So, tell me what you think?

Beneath the cut, you will find lockscreen designs for: Arashi, K8, Maru, Tacchon, Ryo, Yoko, V6, Miyake Ken, Tonisen, Kamisen, Mabo, Ikuta Toma

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Yikes. I started making wallpapers again and then realised that I have SUCH a backlog of unposted wallpapers and I didn't even realise it. @_@ So here's a mixture of stuff that ought to have been posted last year and some newer ones that I just made.

Contents: Kanjani8, K8 combis, Yokoyama You, Ohkura Tadayoshi, Arashi, Matsumoto Jun, Sakurai Sho, Okada Junichi, Nagano Hiroshi, Takizawa Hideaki

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Jan. 3rd, 2012 02:52 pm
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Well, well, well, J-Storm finally has its own Youtube channel? About time.

I wondered for a moment if it was a fake, but it seems legitimate...? hmmm. Anyway.

*watches Meikyuu Love Song PV*
Need to review that some time soon. Actually, I should review Fight for the Eight properly too...


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It's Oh-chan and Maru-chan's birthdays today and it so happens that I have an Oh-chan and a Maru-chan wallpaper waiting to be posted. So I figured might as well put them up now, along with one wallpaper of each group. Just for the occasion \:D/

Post contents: Ohno Satoshi, Maruyama Ryuhei, Arashi, Kanjani∞
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Brief comments/recollections, based on what I vaguely understood? 8D 

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Music Station Super Live, V6 & Arashi - Comments typed as I watched them on Friday... Bracketed comments I'm adding now.
Sakamoto! hair! so short
v6 went on a tour together?
okada <3 <3 <3
... nande Light In Your Heart?
[Why not Chou? :( ]
but thankfully no frills and fringes
[on the clothes]
Okada-Sakamoto harmony <3
Nagano sounds like he's straining a little

Jun and Junichi... )

I don't want to leave K8 out of today's flail post (which might be the last flail post of the year for me? Depends on how busy I am the next few days), so here's me flipping out over the January Potato scans from Vendy. =D
Pink and purple... )

Oh! Oh! I just watched this old clip of V6 on Music Station - when they performed Mejirushi no Kioku... and Okada played the piano! ♥ ♥ Every time I watch him play the piano I just melt... :3

Ok I'm done. ^^ Flu symptoms forcing me to bed now.


Dec. 17th, 2008 06:21 pm
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:( :( :(

Ryo-chan, you too! Okay, it's better than Yoko's, but still! You had such a nice hairdo... until now...

(Watching K8's Best Artist segment now - because it's the first one to finish downloading. V6/TOKIO almost done and Arashi, for some reason, is being annoying slow. ¬¬ )

6.51PM: Okada! Oh-so-cool in that white hat and white blazer. ♥ And Nagano! <3 Ah, what sights for sore eyes~
(Okada's black-and-white photographs where not half bad too. I particularly liked the composition of the photo where Inocchi was doing a handstand and Ken was holding his ankles. The DOF on the pic of Inocchi with hat in hand was not bad too. Nice, Okada! :Db )
*replays Cho*

7.38PM: I'm going to tell myself that Jun's out-of-place sweater and the annoying scarf around his waist and damp-looking hair is due to the fact that he was late and the stylists didn't have time to fix him up properly before he had to rush out to perform. (Although sometimes letting the stylists have their way is a bad idea too.) If I try very hard and ignore the hair, from the neck up, Jun looks nice. :D But hel-looo, Sho~! Lookin' good! 

(And I am so going to screencap V6's Cho. Can you sense a picspam coming? 8D )

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I know I'm supposed to blog with my flails of the 47 Tour, but I'm feeling hazy from flu-like symptoms at the moment and only have enough energy to LOL over Arashi on HaneTobi. (I'm done taking screencaps of the 47 Tour though! So you can expect a longish post on that sometime soon - unless life gets too hectic. >.< )

Firstly, you know how I fuss and pick at JE styling and fashion practically all the time... Well, good news! I really like it this time. =D

Yes, I like those blazers. Let me be. >P After all, they add a touch of style and class to the look.

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Randomness first.

- Chris Matsumura on Janiben! (He keeps loads of idol merchandise at home - like Pink Lady. rofl.) Johnny's Intro Don! (And Baru doesn't recognise one of Eito's own songs...) Exercise to ズッコケ男道!! ahahahahahhahahah

- V6 on Utaban and Music Station for Light in Your Heart. Love the guys, hate the fringe on the pants. And Okada faces off with the Olympic silver medallist in fencing - bravely, but uselessly.

- Yoko's Yonimo Kimyou na Monogatari episode! Dotsuki Dotsukarete Ikiru no sa! Didn't plan to watch it, but now I'm dying to. A story about boke and tsukkomi "culture"? High-class boke club?? Combi Formation Law?? XD 

- Arashi to be on the Abbreviation Train! Oh this should be funny~ I've already watched Nagano and Inocchi's appearance on that like... 10 times? "JK!" "Jack... Conner?" hahahahah

Now, meme from [livejournal.com profile] snoew :

You have to answer all these questions from the F-list you have, or celebrities if you like.
1. Next to each number, write only the name of the person who fits.
2. Answer one question with one name.
3. Don't tell the questions to anyone who isn't doing the meme.

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Pic Crit

Sep. 3rd, 2008 01:21 am
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I was floundering around, feeling like I wanted to post but not knowing what to post. Part of me wanted to start posting about the crazy Nagase Hunt episode of Tetsuwan DASH but at the same time... I dunno. Maybe I felt it would be a waste? (Although in a way, letting 300+ screencaps sit around in my computer isn't much use either. -__-" )

So anyway, I decided what to post about. And it's probably something that some of you would say is rather typical of me:
Three scans (one each from V6, Arashi and Kanjani8) and why I like them.
(I feel like I've done this sort of post before, but for some reason I can't seem to locate it in my archives... @_@ Wonder if I imagined it or not... Anyway, forgive me if I have and I'm repeating myself!)

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But first, I just found this really amusing:

(from [livejournal.com profile] redchemistry 's translation of Wink Up's July message board)
okada junichi: to the people below
to matsujun (matsumoto jun) kun: the son of my acquaintance asked for your autograph. when we meet next time, please give me 3 of your autographs.
to sakurai (sho) kun: ...sakurai kun, please give me 2 of your autographs as well.
i'll need 3 autographs from matsujun kun and 2 from sakurai kun. for just a bit, i sound like a sempai (laughes).

There was a strange sort of amusing irony in that whole situation for me personally... =P

Right. Onto pics! (Just a few)
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I figured I needed to get rid of the depressing cloud that's hung over my LJ over the past day or two, so I was mulling over what to flail about this time and eventually decided to do my long-overdue post on the Tokyo Friend Park 2 Wall Crash game.

I've seen four of them so far - Yamada Tarou Monogatari cast (Sho & Nino), Arashi, Utahime cast (Nagase, Aibu Saki & Tacchon) and Kisarazu Cat's Eye cast (Okada, Sho, Tsukamoto Takashi, Sato Ryuta and Okada Yoshinori).

(For the uninitiated, the Wall Crash game basically involves players dressed in suits with velcro gloves taking turns to throw themselves at a wall and see how high they can plaster themselves. If at least one person on team can clear the wall - i.e. reach the highest section - or if the team reaches the set point goal, the team will pass the game.)

Most of the JE guys seem to be able to scrape through the game - at least one fella will generally manage to clear it.

So here are screencaps from three of those episodes that I've seen (was too lazy to 'cap the Yamada Tarou cast appearance):

Caps! )
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EDIT, 4.45PM: Also known as "JE Idols Fail at Art."
Adding pics by Tackey, Tsubasa, Yoko and Baru. XD


JE guys in general seem to be really bad at art...

Most of you, f-list, would probably already know how Arashi see moles in their heads.

(Screencap borrowed from [livejournal.com profile] snoew because I don't have my D no Arashi episodes with me at the moment.)

This is V6's Kamisen (way back when Okada was still in his teens, by the looks of it) on dolphins:
Kamisen no iruka... )

And Other Failed Drawings )
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Just some things (in fandom) that make me happy at the moment - even though I'm not exactly hyper-happy or anything. Heh. Listing them as they come to mind.

1. "Two Worlds" & "You'll Be in My Heart", Sakamoto Masayuki.
Disney + V6's leader? I love it! Tarzan isn't my favourite Disney movie, but I still like the music lots. :) And Sakamoto's voice! I'm starting to wonder if he isn't actually a better singer than Ohno. (Of course, that could be in part to his age/experience, since V6 started 5 years before Arashi did.) But he's at least on par with Riida.

I am so addicted to this song at the moment. It's so relaxing and sort of "calmly happy." I can practically see V6's Voyager con performance of this song in my head whenever I hear it. *twirl, side-step, twirl* *finger dance* *bow* It's nice! Go download it if you don't believe me. [profile] snoew  agrees with me - don't you, snoew? :P

3. Hana Yori Dango trailer
All I can say is: KYA~~~
Still not too fond of the Doumyouji hair (although when it's properly curled it doesn't look as bad as half-curled and all-over-the-place like in some recent photoshoots -__- ), but Jun looks just... ♥

4. "DREAMIN' BLOOD", Kanjani8
Ah, the nostalgic, slightly 80s feel of this. And the lyrics. The melody. <3

5. Gakkou e Ikou MAX
Sakamoto and Ken evidently enjoying themselves way too much playing pranks on their kouhai, Nino being too wrapped up in his game to notice anything weird, Sho and Aiba gaily following whatever instruction was given to them, Ohno looking so happy at having his hairstyle praised, MatsuJun getting suspicious after the odd interview questions... XDD Oh, and the way Jun stared at the "girls" and then turned to stare at Sakamoto after finding out the "girls" were guys. LOL.
Can I just say this? I like how his reactions remind me of my own. hahahah! I'm not the type to react with a loud "EHH?" to shocks - although I might do it occasionally. Generally I just go for the disbelieving stare. XD

6. One Piece (manga)
This is really just getting better and better and better. The amount of new characters Oda-sensei has just thrown in! *gasp* Excitement! I wonder what the specialties of all these high-level pirates are. And the mystery surrounding that Engineer guy! Man... How does Oda-sensei keep it up??

7. Kanjani8's 47con
It was just huge fun. :D I wish I was much much more fluent in Japanese to understand the whole MC, but I gathered the gist of it I guess... But K8 was fun to watch! The Eito Ranger skit was priceless XD The hilarious opening song where Yoko forgot to introduce himself... Ryo's Heavenly Psycho performance with the audience... And *gasp* Ohkura drum solo! And Mamoritai! (which brings me to my next point)

8. Ohkura Tadayoshi
He is just way cool. His solo song at 47con! ♥ ♥ I heard he wrote the lyrics himself, which makes it doubly cool. I really liked how he ended the song by writing "mamoritai" in the air and how they superimposed the kana onto the screen as though he was leaving light trails with his finger. I'm not particularly crazy over drums or drummers, but I do think he's pretty good at it. :D

9. Okada Junichi
Mentioning drums starts the train of thought that goes: drums > musical instruments > piano > Okada. (Argh not enough shades of yellow/yellow-orange to use.) I can't get over his piano-playing in Hajimari. When I first watched Voyager con and that centre box platform turned round to reveal the grand piano and Okada playing... I just gaped and I think my heart skipped a beat. (lol) Then when he started to sing as well, I "died." It was like... "What? The guy acts, sings, seems to have an artistic bent and now he plays the piano too??" He's definitely my JE #3 now. (Gomen, Aibachan.)

(In case you think I'm forgetting all about Jun, let me just remind minna-san that I've expounded on MatsuJun's coolness before in various posts - to the point where I think I've said all I need to say and I think I really don't need to keep repeating myself to everyone already. :P I don't like repeating myself too much. haha)
EDIT: Right after I posted this and re-read it, it suddenly occurred to me that MatsuJun also dislikes having to repeat himself. font, you were really right when you said we're alike. ><

10. "ROCK THE HOUSE", Coming Century
Another song that I like for some bizarre reason. Probably the Voyager con performance helped. I liked what Kamisen wore for that. The dark sweaters/jackets they wore with the red and white flower print on parts was kinda nice.

Just ten for now. If I think of anything else or if I feel like it, I'll add on some more. ^^
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さあ! Utaban summary + partial/rough translation!

I warn you, this is gonna be kinda long. And with lots of screencaps. ^^

(I actually took over 80 screencaps... Then I whittled it down to over 50. And then further cut it to 49 in all. *phew* I think I'm crazy sometimes. ahahahah)

To start with, let's have screencaps of (my) Niiban and Ichiban :P

Ok. Back to business. I apologise in advance for any mistakes ^^

47 screencaps... )
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So I was looking through my screencaps folder... And I decided to just post a few random ones XD

*stifling laughter*
Nurse Nakatsu and Maid Sano. (One of these days I'm gonna make a comparison pic of Maid Ohno, Maid Sho and Maid Oguri side by side XDD)


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