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I cut out K8's segments in the Countdown vid and converted them to MP4 (so I can carry kanjani veggies around on my iPad \:D/ ). Decided I might as well share them~

They're all in a zip file (because for some reason when I uploaded the single vids, they vanished mysteriously off MU the next day @_@ ) The zip file contains 5 clips in MP4 format, at 1280x720 resolution:
  • Zukkokke Otokomichi (54.8MB)
  • Ninjin Musume (29MB)
  • SHAKE (62.6MB, includes KAT-TUN's rendition of Musekinin Hero + Eito drinking veggie juice)
  • Kanfuu Fighting (39.7MB)
  • Ending talk (18.2MB)

MU | MF1 (Ninjin Musume + SHAKE) | MF2 (Other three vids)
password: veggie8

... This may be the one and only time I get excited over vegetables.

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It's almost 3AM on Tuesday (I seem to have a habit of posting on Tuesdays lately), but anyway! Since I'm on a high from watching episode 7 of Mei-chan no Shitsuji (the ending was so sweet! Awww, Kento!), let's get these subs posted. XD (Ye-ah, technically that drama has nothing in relation with V6 but it doesn't matter! Who said I need a logical reason to post these anyway? ahahahaha... )

Otonari promos on Mezamashi and Zoom-in
... where we find out that Okada likes the word "fit" lately, will happily tell fibs if his co-star is gullible enough to believe him and thinks that Zoom-in's Hatori-san needs to be less fidgety..? 8D

Links under cut~ )

Oh, and if anyone's interested, Kame makes a tiny appearance in the Zoom-in clip (as you can see in the small screencaps). :P

enshinge deserves all praise and love for translating these for me, so go thank her~~
And of course, flail-y comments are welcome here too XD
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Let's end my birthday month with another V6 sub~

Nagano and Go help the Narita High cheerleading team recruit more guys by making a PV... and then Sakamoto and Nagano investigate the existence of a Shinshuu version of GeI (with hilarious results XD )

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Nagano-mama would make a good newscaster - he's so calm when reading the cues~

I love the little wiggle of excitement Sakamoto does when he's on air for the Shinshuu GeI. And that dorky grin and nod too. XD The contrast between that excitement and the poor fellow's panic and alarm later is just hilarious. ahahahah (Also... V6's leader looks darned good in that brown shirt. *v* )

And I couldn't resist inserting the few technical notes in the cheerleading segment. (I mean, I couldn't very well have people thinking that the pictures were comic strips drawn for GeI when they're actually storyboards... 8D )

Read more... )
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Yay! Sub finished~

I really meant to have the cheerleader episode done for today as well, but couldn't encode and upload in time (I wanted my bandwidth and RAM to be free in case they messed with my Peercast connection. ^^; ). But in any case, the birthday surprise clip is do-ne! :D :D

Gakkou e Ikou [2004.02.24]

Links here... )

This clip is so hilarious... from my V6 favourites (Okada, Nagano, Sakamoto) practising the birthday song at random intervals to Ken and Inocchi's VTR to Go's telling everyone thank-you-now-please-go-away. XD

*pesters everyone to download and watch this*
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Can I declare today "Make Elenniel Happy Day?" haha
In celebrating the anniversary of their collaboration, ohmiya_sg and enshinge seem to have inadvertently delivered an early 誕生日プレセント to me with that slew of new subbed vids... Even including a Gakkou e Ikou episode and Kisarazu Cat's Eye clip! whee~~

Okay. On to the real stuff. My turn to churn out a few small subs!

TSD SP [2008.12.27] - Aiba and the Dolphin Stunt
Iruka! )

Also... (very) short Eito radio clips~!
Kikujani - 22 November 2008 & 20 December 2008
(I hope I noted down the dates correctly... 8D )

Kikujani Eito~~~ )

Or I shall be very displeased.

Comments appreciated as usual... and all that. XD Go pay tribute to enshinge too~!

And I shall go sleep now. Will post this to the Arashi/K8 comms later I guess. So, f-list, you get to see all these first XD F-list and the others who watch my LJ, that is. ^^
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I happened to stumble upon the VCD of this Gakibara All-Stars episode in a music store and it was going for a really cheap price. I had next to no idea what was in it besides that some of the JE guys were in it (Takki and Arashi were on the cover) but I bought it anyway...

...And had so much fun watching the Kansai Juniors' segment that I just had to sub it. :D So I ripped it from the VCD and it became the second video ever that I subbed but I decided not to post it immediately and kept it as my Christmas present for the V6 and Eito comms. =D
It's a little 'basic' because at the time I hadn't yet learnt certain tricks of subbing (like having multiple colours for one line). I could re-do it, but I've no patience to re-encode and reupload everything again so this'll have to do. ^^

Kansai Jrs vs 20th Century

The Kansai Juniors' representatives - Yoko, Baru, Hina and (an almost unrecognisable) tiny Ryo - were given the challenge of telling their seniors, 20th Century, to retire.

For the benefit of Eito fans who might not be so familiar with V6, 20th Century is the older half of V6 and consists of Sakamoto Masayuki (V6's leader), Nagano Hiroshi and Inohara Yoshihiko.
To give you an idea of exactly why this might be so terrifying... The age gap is quite large - Sakamoto is ten years older than Yoko and Baru, and Nagano and Inocchi aren't too far behind. And to top it all off, Sakamoto is reputed to be quite a scary person. They say even Johnny-san is somewhat afraid of him. XD So you can imagine the then-Kansai Juniors' apprehension at having to tell them to retire. :P

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

There were some utterly priceless lines in here. XD My favourites were...
Nagano to Kansai Jrs, while pointing at Sakamoto: Look carefully! In ten years you'll all become like that too!

Hina to Yoko: Stop talking. The more you talk, the higher the chance of you getting snapped at!

On to credits and links! )
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Got last night's Recomen off [livejournal.com profile] ayanami05 and have ripped Kissako's a capella rendition of Osaka Romanesque (one longer version including the bits of talk before and after it - Kissako saying how a fan suggested they cover one of K8's songs and then later Yoko and Hina's reactions to the singing; and one short verion of just the song)

*repeats both endlessly*

*toes curling in delight*

Just to share the song-only cut:

... I wish Kissako had sung the whole song. ahah
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Because I feel like posting something before I head off to watch my students' video presentation. And because typesetting 5LDK last night put me in the mood for subbing but I can't sub anything because I have nothing that I can sub on my own (ie. without a much better translator)... so to compensate I'm posting a sub I finished a week or two ago.

YokoHina Recomen [2008.10.23] - Phone Calls to Tacchon & Ryo
From the last time Eito (sans Tacchon and Ryo) were on Recomen as guests for ratings week. To make up for the lack of Green and Yellow, they called them instead, and it was hilarious.
...And that reminds me that there's supposed to be a special guest for tonight's Recomen too? It'd better be a good one, after all those exasperatingly vague hints Yoko and Hina gave last week.

Translation: [livejournal.com profile] enshinge (Go thank her!)
Original Audio File: [livejournal.com profile] za_riel
Original Images: [livejournal.com profile] dragorsi, [livejournal.com profile] enshinge and Vendy's blog
Everything else: [livejournal.com profile] elenniel (who finally feels like she's put her degree to good use in fandom. XD )

Full file: MU

Split files:
MU: 1 | 2
MF: 1 | 2

And all subbers love comments. *hint hint*

If I so much as glimpse the subs on Youtube or Crunchyroll or whatever, I'm going to lock everything and/or stop posting subs altogether. I've seen it happen to too many great subbers out there to be nice and sweet about this.
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It's Aiba month! :)

[livejournal.com profile] snoew pestered me suggested subbing this one, and with a great deal of help, this was finished nicely in time for December~ So to celebrate Aiba month, we'll watch him try to live with a seal. XD
He massages it, feeds it, attempts to eat his dinner, attempts to sleep, and also takes it out around town for a (so-called) walk... among other things. heheh

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Translators: [livejournal.com profile] kawarashii & [livejournal.com profile] font
Spot translation: [livejournal.com profile] enshinge
Timing: [livejournal.com profile] kawarashii
Typesetting, editing, encoding, QC: [livejournal.com profile] elenniel

** Okay, initially I set passwords for all the links, but then I decided to be nice and removed the passwords. However, if I should ever find the videos I've subbed floating around on the streaming video websites, I'll be forced to put in passwords and/or just stop posting them publicly altogether. So don't make me take drastic measures, okay?

Full file: MU

Split files (join with HJSplit):
MU [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ]
MF [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ]

(And of course, I do love comments. Make my day? :D )

Last reminder: No uploading to streaming video websites. At all.
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Finally done...! Whew. (I was kinda slow on this - I guess it didn't help that the Gakibara All-Stars segment ate up my attention midway 8D ) Do forgive any small errors in it - relatively amateur subber here. ^^

So here it is - the utterly hilarious part in Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen where Aiba runs away from snakes and later tells the zookeeper, "No skull!" (which in Aiba language, apparently means, "Don't put the head near me." ahahaha)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Many thanks to snoew and shii and enshinge for help with checking the vid and translations here and there (but I suppose watching Aiba over and over again never tires them XD )

[ MU ] [ MF ]

* I'll upload it to MF tomorrow... or after YokoHina's Recomen tonight. Right now my internet speed is being claimed by other downloads <3
MF mirrors thanks to skycouldfall and none_neither! :)

Comments would be nice~

And not uploading it to Youtube, Veoh, Crunchyroll or whatever would be nice too.


Apr. 21st, 2008 09:50 am
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I was going to do a brief comparison of my impressions of Arashi's concerts, Kanjani8's 47 con and V6's Voyager con. But then I decided not to - or at least to hold off until I finish watching part 2 of 47 con. (Thank youuuuu, [profile] nagoya_mewmew  ! <3 )

So for now... I shall flail about Voyager con. Yes, regardless of the fact that in my f-list only nagoya_mewmew has any interest in V6, and to a much lesser extent, [personal profile] font  and [profile] skyura  too, I shall still bug everyone with my ramblings about V6. XDDD

I cut a few - very short - clips of some of the performances. (I had to use Windows Movie Maker in the end because Premiere didn't like the files for some reason ;__; So the widescreen resolution kinda got cut off a bit and turned into a more usual, squarish display. And they're .wmv format. Sigh.) Three of these are about 50+ seconds long only because I didn't have time to cut and export the whole of the songs. I might do that when I'm done with this freelance project. If anyone's interested. (And I hope you'd be! hahah) ^_^

UPDATE, 22 April, 11.45 PM: Added links for the full clips at the proper resolution in avi format - as well as a couple of other clips :D

"Live Show" - [ DL ] [ Full clip DL ]
"BRAND NEW DAY, BRAND NEW LIFE" - [ DL ] [ Full clip DL, avi ]
"Hajimari" (full clip - because hey, it's Okada playing the piano, okay! XD ) - [ DL ]  [ Full clip DL ]
Encore - "Good Day" (V6 having a little fun with the camera during the encore) - [ DL ]

"ROCK THE HOUSE" (Coming Century) - [ Full clip DL ]
"Can Do! Can Go!" - [ Full clip DL ]
Miyake Ken solo (because snoew asked for this) - [ Full clip DL ]

(I wanted to cut Thunderbird too but forgot about it in my rush. ^^;; )

* All MU links at the moment. If you'd prefer MF, just drop a line.

** EDIT, 2.53PM: Added a DL link to the full clip of BRAND NEW DAY, BRAND NEW LIFE. snoew requested it and I found a way to cut the video here at work. (Yes, I'm too free today and yes, I brought the Voyager con with me in my new thumbdrive. xP )

Ok, ok. I'm at the office now so I can't flail too long. *hurriedly posts*
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I looked around my f-list, but didn't see anyone sharing MatsuJun's Pepsi Nex CM - apart from the Zoom In clips and a low-res version of the CM ripped from the website.

So... Here's the full CM at 480x360.

Courtesy of the arashi clubbox. (For once, CB worked pretty quickly for me. Yay :D )

Download here! (MU)

At first I didn't really like the odd yellow tone of his suit, but after watchign the CM, it's not so bad after all. I like the overall look. :P

Just tested the download link and it seems to be fine, so... Enjoy the kakkoii-ness of Jun! (And, yes, comments would be nice ^^  )
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(Pardon the icon. I just found it hilarious and couldn't resist. XDD)

Since I had a couple of people asking me for it, I decided to share the HQ version of MatsuJun's pic in Duet that I edited, as I wrote about in an earlier post. ^^

Got the original scan from [profile] wingist6 . Many thanks to her for scanning and uploading! ^^

Just for comparison's sake again, here's the before and after of that very-disagreeably-blue picture:
See? Doesn't he look twice as handsome in the second pic? ♥

Uploaded the full-sized image at Imageshack (click the thumbnail below). Oh, I added a small credit line near the top, but it won't detract from the scan; don't worry. ^^
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
1334 x 2012 pixels (I cropped off the side because it was just text) @ 200 dpi

Because I've said all I wanted to say about this in my original post on this, I'll just leave this as it is and shut up now :P

Oh yes... Do credit both me and wingist6 if you use this? It'd be really nice of you ^_^

(And comments would be nice ne~ ♥ )
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Finally done uploading! So... Because snoew and pearlsphere wanted it, here's the split files for the Athletes' Thanksgiving Festival 2007.

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elenniel's Twelve Days of Christmas Wallpaper SP Day 5. We're almost halfway through!

Here's what's up today:
Wallpapers of Oguri Shun, Takizawa Hideaki, Harukanaru Toki no Naka de and Saiunkoku Monogatari
I'm also sharing some other stuff that might be useful to any of you graphically-inclined ones ^^

Okay. "Freebies." :D
Backgrounds & Cropped Images.


Tomorrow is Arashi day again! =D


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