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And these are my little (repetitive) thoughts:

- Inoue Mao rocks. She's just perfect for Makino.
- I still kinda deplore Doumyouji's season 1 hairstyle, but season 2's actually does make him look kinda good... (although this might be the result of season 1's style being so awful)
- Jun really did a magnificent job of portraying Doumyouji. Swaggering, arrogant, snobbish, cold (at first) and blissfully unaware of his own stupidity. *thumbs up to Jun* I guess this is why it works - Makino and Doumyouji cast to perfection.
- Well, I think the rest of the F4 were pretty much spot-on as well, which helps a great deal. :P Oguri Shun may not have had the exact slender grace that came across from Rui in the manga, but he had the languid, apathetic and somewhat mysterious persona down pat.
- Shizuka. Cool, elegant, mature. I rather like her~
- Toma! XDD
- Aaah. So this is where I've seen that guy from Orthros no Inu before. He was Nakatsuka. lol
- Hanazawa Rui. ♥ ♥ ♥
There was totally NOT enough of him in the movie! And I still dislike how they made him the "priest" at the wedding. Just too weird.

... I'm actually downloading the Korean HanaDan just because I feel in the mood for HYD now. >_> 
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(whoa, I haven't posted for about 5 days! Longest gap in a while... Why on earth did I post so much in March? o_O )
So I rewatched the episode of GeI where the HanaDan cast were the guests and they had a HanaDan quiz for several chosen fans to compete in, the prize being a small spot in one of the HYD2 episodes.

The bit at the start was soooooo funny.

"It's the RED TAG!"

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Just some things (in fandom) that make me happy at the moment - even though I'm not exactly hyper-happy or anything. Heh. Listing them as they come to mind.

1. "Two Worlds" & "You'll Be in My Heart", Sakamoto Masayuki.
Disney + V6's leader? I love it! Tarzan isn't my favourite Disney movie, but I still like the music lots. :) And Sakamoto's voice! I'm starting to wonder if he isn't actually a better singer than Ohno. (Of course, that could be in part to his age/experience, since V6 started 5 years before Arashi did.) But he's at least on par with Riida.

I am so addicted to this song at the moment. It's so relaxing and sort of "calmly happy." I can practically see V6's Voyager con performance of this song in my head whenever I hear it. *twirl, side-step, twirl* *finger dance* *bow* It's nice! Go download it if you don't believe me. [profile] snoew  agrees with me - don't you, snoew? :P

3. Hana Yori Dango trailer
All I can say is: KYA~~~
Still not too fond of the Doumyouji hair (although when it's properly curled it doesn't look as bad as half-curled and all-over-the-place like in some recent photoshoots -__- ), but Jun looks just... ♥

4. "DREAMIN' BLOOD", Kanjani8
Ah, the nostalgic, slightly 80s feel of this. And the lyrics. The melody. <3

5. Gakkou e Ikou MAX
Sakamoto and Ken evidently enjoying themselves way too much playing pranks on their kouhai, Nino being too wrapped up in his game to notice anything weird, Sho and Aiba gaily following whatever instruction was given to them, Ohno looking so happy at having his hairstyle praised, MatsuJun getting suspicious after the odd interview questions... XDD Oh, and the way Jun stared at the "girls" and then turned to stare at Sakamoto after finding out the "girls" were guys. LOL.
Can I just say this? I like how his reactions remind me of my own. hahahah! I'm not the type to react with a loud "EHH?" to shocks - although I might do it occasionally. Generally I just go for the disbelieving stare. XD

6. One Piece (manga)
This is really just getting better and better and better. The amount of new characters Oda-sensei has just thrown in! *gasp* Excitement! I wonder what the specialties of all these high-level pirates are. And the mystery surrounding that Engineer guy! Man... How does Oda-sensei keep it up??

7. Kanjani8's 47con
It was just huge fun. :D I wish I was much much more fluent in Japanese to understand the whole MC, but I gathered the gist of it I guess... But K8 was fun to watch! The Eito Ranger skit was priceless XD The hilarious opening song where Yoko forgot to introduce himself... Ryo's Heavenly Psycho performance with the audience... And *gasp* Ohkura drum solo! And Mamoritai! (which brings me to my next point)

8. Ohkura Tadayoshi
He is just way cool. His solo song at 47con! ♥ ♥ I heard he wrote the lyrics himself, which makes it doubly cool. I really liked how he ended the song by writing "mamoritai" in the air and how they superimposed the kana onto the screen as though he was leaving light trails with his finger. I'm not particularly crazy over drums or drummers, but I do think he's pretty good at it. :D

9. Okada Junichi
Mentioning drums starts the train of thought that goes: drums > musical instruments > piano > Okada. (Argh not enough shades of yellow/yellow-orange to use.) I can't get over his piano-playing in Hajimari. When I first watched Voyager con and that centre box platform turned round to reveal the grand piano and Okada playing... I just gaped and I think my heart skipped a beat. (lol) Then when he started to sing as well, I "died." It was like... "What? The guy acts, sings, seems to have an artistic bent and now he plays the piano too??" He's definitely my JE #3 now. (Gomen, Aibachan.)

(In case you think I'm forgetting all about Jun, let me just remind minna-san that I've expounded on MatsuJun's coolness before in various posts - to the point where I think I've said all I need to say and I think I really don't need to keep repeating myself to everyone already. :P I don't like repeating myself too much. haha)
EDIT: Right after I posted this and re-read it, it suddenly occurred to me that MatsuJun also dislikes having to repeat himself. font, you were really right when you said we're alike. ><

10. "ROCK THE HOUSE", Coming Century
Another song that I like for some bizarre reason. Probably the Voyager con performance helped. I liked what Kamisen wore for that. The dark sweaters/jackets they wore with the red and white flower print on parts was kinda nice.

Just ten for now. If I think of anything else or if I feel like it, I'll add on some more. ^^
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Matsuda Shota (Nishikado Soujiroh in HYD) has the best English accent of any Japanese actor/singer that I know of so far. Sounds fairly fluent too, in that bit in the Hana Yori Dango 2 DVD extra... I'm impressed.

When he said, "Hello, people in Japan! We are in New York. My name is Shota Matsuda." My jaw just dropped. The accent and diction was pretty good - even had the slight American-ish inflection on certain words. (Was he educated in the US or something? hahaha)

He definitely sounds more adept at English than Arashi's Aiba. I keep thinking of that montage someone made of Aiba speaking English in various episodes of Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen... "You are wait!" "Very very danger desu!" Or that clip from an Arashi no Waza-ari episode, where he was asked, "What is your hobby?" he answered, "Yes... I'm HAPPY!" LOL. Granted, he's better than bandmate Ohno, whose answer to the same question - after thinking really hard - was, "BEAUTIFUL!" And at least Aiba could answer the "how old are you" question. Ohno kinda blanked out and said haltingly, "I don't speak English." =P

As for the rest of Arashi... Sho is supposed to be pretty good at English but I haven't heard him speak much English outside of occasional lines and phrases in their songs. There were one or two instances in various videos, but can't really pass judgement on those. Since his mother is a professor of English literature (or so I've read), I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt. hahah! 
Nino... No idea either. Can't remember hearing even a peep of English out of him in the videos I've seen so far.
MatsuJun... He sounded okay in that video where he met Janet Jackson, but he didn't say much in English in the end - probably too bowled over at just meeting her. That was cute though... He tells her he's a fan, "大ファンです!" She thanks him, and he just goes all speechless with "iyaaa~~" Hahahahahahaha! First time I've seen MatsuJun act that way. XD
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I'm going nuts over RAG FAIR's music. I want more. hahah
Even found a programme that can rip audio from .flv files so I could extract some songs from a few of the Youtube vids. Like the Sakura medley... I like how they sound when they sang Arashi's "Sakura Sake" - there was harmony! Unlike Arashi itself, which doesn't seem to really sing in parts. All five of them sing the same thing. :P
So far my favourite RAG FAIR songs have to be: She Side Story, Majikaru Koi no Power, Kimi no Tame ni Boku ga Tate ni Naro, Love Love na Couple Furi Furi de Chuu and Tea Time Lover. Hm.. Do It! isn't too bad either, but I like the others better. They're all acapella except for Kimi no Tame ni. Oh, and their Sakura medley is lovely too!

I still want Tezuka to beat Chitose (at the end of it, not just a couple of games). But, yea, whatever. :P

Watched the latest K-F subbed episode of One Piece. Davy Back Fight's Groggy Ring challenge! Nicely animated. Sanji and Zoro are just cool. And funny when they fight each other. XD
Re-read the Enies Lobby part of the manga - specifically where the Strawhats fight CP9. I still think Nami's marvellous, for all her money-minded ways. And Sanji closing the gates to distract/interfere with the Marines? Brilliant plan!

And in other news, I really liked episode 5 of HanaDan2!
Tsukasa was cute, trying to help Susumu. "Making use of your playboy lifestyles," he says to Soujirou and Akira. LOL! But this bit the producers added in was good for showing a nice side of Tsukasa for once.
Rui was... Rui. I love the character! I felt so sorry for him when he obviously likes Makino but she's all confused (and we all know she'll end up with Doumyouji). It was a little heartwrenching when Makino called him and he answered after just one ring, but then she suddenly gets scared and says nothing. The look on his face... Awww, Rui~
The girl who's playing Sara is so sweet-looking. It's probably going to be really interesting when they really get around to dealing with the Soujirou/Sara backstory.

Haken no Hinkaku isn't too bad. I kinda like it. (And it's always a bonus to see Shirotan, even though he only appears for a short time XD ) Really can't help but wonder if they're going to have any sort of romantic thing between Oomae and Satonaka-shunin. Probably wouldn't work though. He's too nice and she's too icy. Then again... Hm....
ahhahah... It might be better than Oomae with Shouji-shunin anyhow.
Mori quite got on my nerves this ep. I really can't stand that sort of female character. In a way she's as irritating as Nodame. Maybe a little less. Nodame's almost idiotic in her fixation on Chiaki. At least Mori seems to have more sense about her in comparison.

Friend snowwie's all mad over Nodame Cantabile now. The live-action, the anime... She wants to read the manga and yet won't because she wants to be surprised when season 2 comes out. There's no guarantee of a season 2.... -.-"
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I just wanna say this: Ruiiiiiii~

I want a Hanazawa Rui too. <3
Sympathise with Tsukasa in a way, but I just like Rui sooo much better. Must've been 'ouch' for him when he called Makino and the phone was accidentally turned on and the first voice he heard was Tsukasa's. I kinda like the set they used for Rui's bedroom though. Nice, peaceful colour scheme. Only the placement of the bed is a little weird. Right in the middle of the room. o_O But then it was drawn that way in the manga too. A-ny-way... I want a Rui. :P

Four episodes in, and I can say that I definitely like how this season is going. XD

... Rui~


HanaDan 2!

Jan. 12th, 2007 04:05 pm
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I didn't know there was going to be a second season of Hana Yori Dango (live action)! XD
Downloading the first ep now from SARS-Fansubs.
Yay... Should be interesting to see how this picks up from the first season. From the review on Random Curiosity, it looks like they're going more into the Oribe Junpei story arc (in the first ep anyway) and also the Shigeru part. (Now it just sounds weird that he had one fiancee towards the end of season 1, and somehow he's gotten himself another fiancee. Oh, that mother of his...)

*helps Chiaki boot Nodame out the door*
Make way! Tsukushi's back! And Hanazawa Rui! And Nishikado Soujirou. And Mimasaka Akira (whose actor reaaaallly looks like someone I know). And Doumyouji, the Atobe-like brat.
Of course, I still think Meteor Garden's version of Rui looks much better (Vic Zhou over Oguri Shun anyday). But I'm glad they managed to retain all their original cast for the sequel. :)

EDIT: just watched the opening credits of the show. I like. Okay, I think I liked the first season's opening a little better than this one, but this is still nice. Slightly dizzying, though, because of the camera fly-throughs and circling pan movements around the scenes. At least they kept the basic concept of the first opening - with the cut-out scenery - albeit with some 3D additions and other stuff. The plaid patterns and colours they used for each actor's background were rather nice. Bright and kinda representative of them, I thought.


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