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The Letter
I just had to do this for that part in Shukudai-kun #68. The now infamous Nino-gets-dumped-by-a-six-year-old part.

The Lookalikes
I was looking through my Shirota images folder one day and saw this:

It felt familiar - like I've seen that look somewhere before. And then it hit me.

The List
(Yay for alliterations :P)

twistedhalo04 tagged me, so...

Not gonna tag anyone in particular, but feel free to go ahead with it if you like. :)
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I'm not entirely sure why I watched Yamada Tarou Monogatari until the end...
I'm not even sure why I continued watching past episode 4 or so.

Oh. Probably because of Sho. :P

But that's about the only reason.

Just saw the last two episodes of YTM.

Honestly, the part I liked the best was when Ohno popped up with his cameo. His voice was kinda odd (on purpose, I guess), but when he said "okama taishou" before correcting himself (should have been "omatsuri") I couldn't help laughing. XD
And for some reason, I have a feeling that if Ohno really applied himself to it, he could be a better actor than Nino. Yea, Nino's good at the Average Joe roles with lots of emo-ness going on (and he seems good at crying, although in real life he'd probably be the last in Arashi to really tear up, if at all). But looking at how Ohno acts - like in this cameo, the bits of the Pikanchi movie that I've seen so far, and in that Sammi segment in his solo concert - I get the feeling he'd be better than Nino, and more versatile too.

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... After watching a good many Arashi videos and TV shows.

Just to amuse myself (and distract my mind from manga storylines which everyone but me finds so great), even though probably no one's gonna read this. haha

Saa. Enough for now. hahah. I need to sleep.


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