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VS Arashi, 19 December 2013

Okada Junichi was Arashi's Plus One guest! And they just had to bring up the issue of Okada's seniority to Ohno despite them being the same age and presumably from the same batch of Juniors. (I'm sure this has come up before in a Shiyagare episode, but here they all behave like they've never heard of it. We know you know it already, guys. But we'll forgive you - there are things you just have to do for TV entertainment...  XD )

Ohno: "We're contemporaries!"
(I.e. They're from the same batch, or joined at about the same time.)
Caption: Same-year combi.

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Arashi ni Shiyagare 2013.04.20

Okada and Arashi! I love it when fandoms overlap... And I would like to sub this episode except I don't understand nearly enough to do so on my own. :/

Caption: I'm sorry! I don't have any recollection of Aiba

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I hope I'm not gonna burn out soon like I did last year (regarding wallpaper designs, that is)... but for now, I'm still kinda on a roll! 8D

Am also trying something new: smartphone lockscreen wallpapers. But first! Let's get the regular desktop wallpapers out of the way...

Contents: Kanjani8, K8 combi (Tacchon, Ryo, Yasu), Yokoyama You, Nishikido Ryo, Shibutani Subaru, V6, Okada Junichi

Wallpapers! )

Lockscreen (for iPhone)
So I adapted some of my wallpaper designs to an iPhone lockscreen format. I don't know whether there's a real "demand" for this or not. If there is, I may start creating separate designs for this format (because it's vertical and narrower, or even square - based on how the iPhone places the clock and slider on the lock screen).... or make an extra version of my regular wallpapers (if I feel the design fits the format). So, tell me what you think?

Beneath the cut, you will find lockscreen designs for: Arashi, K8, Maru, Tacchon, Ryo, Yoko, V6, Miyake Ken, Tonisen, Kamisen, Mabo, Ikuta Toma

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Yikes. I started making wallpapers again and then realised that I have SUCH a backlog of unposted wallpapers and I didn't even realise it. @_@ So here's a mixture of stuff that ought to have been posted last year and some newer ones that I just made.

Contents: Kanjani8, K8 combis, Yokoyama You, Ohkura Tadayoshi, Arashi, Matsumoto Jun, Sakurai Sho, Okada Junichi, Nagano Hiroshi, Takizawa Hideaki

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Hiiiigh time I put some of these up. A few have been languishing in my hard drive since 2009 or 2010. @_@

I've mellowed a bit so I decided to forgo my usual watermarking thing this time. (Anyway, I'm not even sure if anyone bothers to read my LJ anymore. hahaha)

In this post:
A bunch of Kanjani8 pieces (all text-only, or what I like to call "work-safe") with Yoko (Kanjani8), Sho (Arashi), Okada (V6) and Maru (Kanjani8).

Let's start with the more recent ones...

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So I watched Okada's SCP on NHK World a while ago. :3

Few things that I managed to scrape out of it:
  • He compared Sakamoto to Obama. XDD Something about how when V6 was in its early days, he'd always be like, "YES, WE CAN!" ahahahahahahaha
  • Okada's "Junior days" VTR was short. Understandably, since he practically never was a Johnny's Junior... LOL. But those clips of chibi Kamisen were amusing. =P The last clip was, I think, from an old Shounen Club ep which looked like Nagano hosting a sort of talk segment with chibi Tackey and Tsubasa and Kamisen present?
  • There was a bit of talk about Vibes con. <3
  • Sho was the... uh.. the one in the VTR message. XD He went on and on about their Kisarazu Cat's Eye days... Mentioned how it amazed him that even though their shoots often started early in the morning and ended late at night, whenever he arrived on the set in the morning, Okada would already be there half an hour before him, calmly drinking coffee or something. (Something like that...)
  • Sho talked pretty much non-stop for a relatively long time and halfway through, Taichi and Okada started chuckling at his ability to go on endlessly. They attributed that to his newscaster experience. "Newscaster-ppoi," Okada said. XD

Apart from that, the SCP uh.. Lady's Talk? Or whatever that segment is... The guest was Asou Kumiko - Okada's co-star in Otonari. It was so definitely an SCP aimed at promoting that movie. hahaha

The Stage Report featured Yasu and Kazama for Kagotsurube, and the guest performer was Tsubasa.

Hmm... If I heard/saw right at the end of this episode, it seems the next SCP features Sho-kun? :D

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I want to watch that movie. 30th May!
(But what's the point of fussing over the premiere date. Not like I'm going to get to see it in cinemas... ¬¬ )

I never realised until a few hours ago just how many interpretations one could get out of "otonari."

おと な り
oto na ri; oto = sound
otona ri; otona = adult
o-tonari; tonari = neighbour

Otonari is a love story about two neighbours. He's a photographer, she's a florist. They don't meet, but they know each other - through sound. The sound of a door opening, footsteps across a room, windchimes, keys that jingle when one walks... (Gosh, those must be some really thin walls.)

And to think it's all summed up in the title!

It also probably explains why the movie's title is written with hiragana and spaced in that funny way.

I watched the most recent trailer maybe four times during the daytime yesterday but it didn't cross my mind until I watched it again at night. All of a sudden a comment from one of the characters that "the neighbour's kinda cute" and a later line of narration about this being a "grown-up love story" (I forgot the exact words 8D ) struck me and it was like a lightbulb totally lit up over my head. Such an "OHHHH. Now I get it!" moment. hahahah! Before this I was only ever aware of the "sound" part. ^^;

Screencaps and the sweet little logo... )

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musicmind may not have blown me away as Vibes did or amuse me as much as Love & Life or have as many songs that I liked as Voyager, but... there were definitely parts that I liked.

I liked how there was a sort of jazzy feel to the whole concert, mostly because they had a brass section in addition to the usual band... and because the musicians weren't hidden away somewhere - they were in plain sight on either side of the stage and whenever any of V6 wandered near enough, the tracking spotlight would also end up illuminating whichever musician was nearest XD I think there was a sequence where they got the brass section (or was it the guitars?) to kind of join in the song. I thought that was really quite nice :)

Their Christmas medley - Silver Bells/Lonely Holy Night/2nd Bell - was a huge favourite of mine. I was kind of glad that they didn't include Miracle Starter since I don't like it quite as much as those other three songs :P
There was a simple little candle sequence during Lonely Holy Night that I thought was a nice touch. Nothing fancy, but the simplicity suited the atmosphere.

And it's just amazing how Okada Junichi - barely visible in the half-light - can make an action as plain as blowing out a candle look... stunning.

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It's almost 3AM on Tuesday (I seem to have a habit of posting on Tuesdays lately), but anyway! Since I'm on a high from watching episode 7 of Mei-chan no Shitsuji (the ending was so sweet! Awww, Kento!), let's get these subs posted. XD (Ye-ah, technically that drama has nothing in relation with V6 but it doesn't matter! Who said I need a logical reason to post these anyway? ahahahaha... )

Otonari promos on Mezamashi and Zoom-in
... where we find out that Okada likes the word "fit" lately, will happily tell fibs if his co-star is gullible enough to believe him and thinks that Zoom-in's Hatori-san needs to be less fidgety..? 8D

Links under cut~ )

Oh, and if anyone's interested, Kame makes a tiny appearance in the Zoom-in clip (as you can see in the small screencaps). :P

enshinge deserves all praise and love for translating these for me, so go thank her~~
And of course, flail-y comments are welcome here too XD
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#1: Sho AND YOKO drama!!!
X ) Arashi + Eito = good combination. (If you add V6 into that, then I'd be totally happy.)
*flail flail flail*
It sounds like a rather dark, serious drama, but becausemy Arashi #2 and Eito #1are in it, I WILL TRY IT.

#2: Mezamashi and Zoom-In clips (Okada for Otonari) - in process of being subbed :D
Cut to save a little space on the f-page )

#3: 47 Con Subbed!
Yay for BNS :D It's going to take quite a long time for me to download the entire thing though.

#4: Okada in Wink Up.

I want to be that twig of pretty white flowers. I really do. Or at least be in that spot. *v*

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I've been going through my video folders lately... and I keep coming across random vids that I wish were subbed or that I wish I could sub. The list just keeps growing! @_@ hahaha

One would be part of the 2002 Johnny's Sports Day, namely the part where the representatives of J-White and J-Red have a little contest in order to pick their "cheer teams" (or whatever you call it) from the B-Rap school (GeI, yay!). I like this part because J-Red was represented by Taichi, MatsuJun and Okada. With that combination, it's a 100% elenniel bias. :P
The "cheers" that resulted from the nanshiki Globe duo (Red) and the Anko the KANCREW trio (White) were hilarious too, making fun of the various JE guys. The KANCREW one especially. XD They managed to poke fun at KinKi Kids, Jun, Okada and Nagase among others. lol~

This afternoon I downloaded one ep of VVV6 - because there was Will Smith and Okada. How could I resist that combination?? I watched it and cracked up. Especially when Will decided that he had to give Okada something in return for the wonderful ootoro (or was it sushi? I forgot) that Okada just gave him... and he picked up a pillow from the hotel sofa and handed it to a slightly puzzled Okada, saying that in America, they give these for special days. "You can open it later." LOL ( I should screencap that part one day...)

Then just now, I found a 2003 GeI episode lurking in my Arashi folder. And I soooooo want to sub this or see this subbed. Why?

This is why:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
MatsuJun! On GeI! With Sakamoto!! I completely forgot that I had this! I haven't seen it in eonsss.

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Music Station Super Live, V6 & Arashi - Comments typed as I watched them on Friday... Bracketed comments I'm adding now.
Sakamoto! hair! so short
v6 went on a tour together?
okada <3 <3 <3
... nande Light In Your Heart?
[Why not Chou? :( ]
but thankfully no frills and fringes
[on the clothes]
Okada-Sakamoto harmony <3
Nagano sounds like he's straining a little

Jun and Junichi... )

I don't want to leave K8 out of today's flail post (which might be the last flail post of the year for me? Depends on how busy I am the next few days), so here's me flipping out over the January Potato scans from Vendy. =D
Pink and purple... )

Oh! Oh! I just watched this old clip of V6 on Music Station - when they performed Mejirushi no Kioku... and Okada played the piano! ♥ ♥ Every time I watch him play the piano I just melt... :3

Ok I'm done. ^^ Flu symptoms forcing me to bed now.

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ohmiya_sg uploaded the HD cuts of some of the JE performances and so I grabbed some. Along with the softsubs from newshfan. (Only problem is that the videos lag when played with the subs. >.<" If I don't use the subtitles it's fine. Anyone know how to overcome that issue?)

My favourite part is definitely V6's. :D I would've liked Eito's part more if Yoko hadn't turned up in that appalling perm. After seeing the recent Mezamashi, Zoom-in and other news clips of Ryo and Hina receiving the Oricon award on Eito's behalf for top-selling DVD of the year, I think I have to be resigned to the fact that Yoko's going to have horrible hair for the next month at the very least. *sad*

I'm getting sidetracked.

I screencapped the V6 clip in all it's HD glory and for once didn't resize the screencaps - because I think everyone should enjoy the delightful images at full size. XD Click ze thumbnails to go to the Scrapbook gallery ;)

I've no real complaints about the outfits, except that I'm not very fond of that dullish red plaid pattern on Go's scary and Okada's shirt. But I like the white coats! And the hats!

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Dec. 17th, 2008 06:21 pm
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:( :( :(

Ryo-chan, you too! Okay, it's better than Yoko's, but still! You had such a nice hairdo... until now...

(Watching K8's Best Artist segment now - because it's the first one to finish downloading. V6/TOKIO almost done and Arashi, for some reason, is being annoying slow. ¬¬ )

6.51PM: Okada! Oh-so-cool in that white hat and white blazer. ♥ And Nagano! <3 Ah, what sights for sore eyes~
(Okada's black-and-white photographs where not half bad too. I particularly liked the composition of the photo where Inocchi was doing a handstand and Ken was holding his ankles. The DOF on the pic of Inocchi with hat in hand was not bad too. Nice, Okada! :Db )
*replays Cho*

7.38PM: I'm going to tell myself that Jun's out-of-place sweater and the annoying scarf around his waist and damp-looking hair is due to the fact that he was late and the stylists didn't have time to fix him up properly before he had to rush out to perform. (Although sometimes letting the stylists have their way is a bad idea too.) If I try very hard and ignore the hair, from the neck up, Jun looks nice. :D But hel-looo, Sho~! Lookin' good! 

(And I am so going to screencap V6's Cho. Can you sense a picspam coming? 8D )

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I went home from work yesterday meaning to reply all the nice comments I got on my wallpaper post... and then I found that there was no connection at home. *fumes* My sister said that my dad had gotten someone to come fix something at home in the morning (I forgot what) and the power had tripped for a bit and after that the modem had stopped functioning. Arrrgh.

So that meant... in addition to not being able to reply comments or send out the requested watermark-free wallpapers... that I MISSED RECOMEN for the third week in a row. ><"" (And I actually tried Peercast on Wednesday and it worked... so I was looking forward to YokoHina nuttiness again. *sad* )


Ok, rant over. Hopefully the line is back at home later today or I'll never get to send out the wallies.

So being internet-less, I spent my time putting up ornaments on the Christmas tree... making patterns in Photoshop (after finishing a Tacchon wallie)... and watching old videos of K8 and V6. I really wish I was fluent in Japanese so I could go ahead and sub the Tetsuwan DASH Nagase Hunt and the mini-drama thingy on one Gakkou e Ikou ep in 2005. I understand enough to watch things like those without too much problem, but I can't sub them because there'd be lots of gaps and vague lines. haha

Okada... )

Was watching the SCP performance of Musekinin Hero again (and again and again) on Tuesday night whilst chatting with shibutani_aiko and skyura.

elenniel: ah Yoko and Tacchon... mecha kakkoii in this vid
skyura: wat vid?
e: SCP performance of Musekinin Hero
s: oooo

... and Yoko. )

I shall now resume the task of replying comments... *trots off*

Okada's CMs

Sep. 8th, 2008 12:45 am
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Sony's smart. I think they picked the right person for their CMs. Not just because Okada is good-looking, but also because he's quite into photography as well.

From an artistic point of view: Okada aside, I liked both the alpha and Cybershot CMs. There was a good bright and fun atmosphere for the former and a chic, luxuriant air to the latter. Done quite well, I thought!

Right. Now, back to my favourite screencaps.
Snapshots~ )
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I am happy today. :D (Well, apart from a little mishap in the afternoon that left me with a bruise on my left knee and a bruise/sore spot on the back of my right thigh. -__-" )

SO! The latest Hey! Hey! Hey! shows us that apparently Okada-san is back to his handsome clean-shaven self. =D

♥ ~

But before I go on about the episode, let me first squeeze out two other small flails.
When I saw that [livejournal.com profile] usagil00lchan had new scans of Eito up, my mind totally lit up with the word "SCANS!!" in bright shiny dancing letters. )It probably helped that as a preview pic she used a real pretty one of Tacchon. :P )
This is the pretty preview pic that caught my eye:

Isn't he gorgeous? *dreamy sigh*

Yokocho looked fairly good in the Popolo shoot too. =D (But not so good in the Myojo shoot)

Okay! Back to V6-sama!

That massage must have really hurt... )
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But first, I just found this really amusing:

(from [livejournal.com profile] redchemistry 's translation of Wink Up's July message board)
okada junichi: to the people below
to matsujun (matsumoto jun) kun: the son of my acquaintance asked for your autograph. when we meet next time, please give me 3 of your autographs.
to sakurai (sho) kun: ...sakurai kun, please give me 2 of your autographs as well.
i'll need 3 autographs from matsujun kun and 2 from sakurai kun. for just a bit, i sound like a sempai (laughes).

There was a strange sort of amusing irony in that whole situation for me personally... =P

Right. Onto pics! (Just a few)
It's 2.42 AM...  )
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I figured I needed to get rid of the depressing cloud that's hung over my LJ over the past day or two, so I was mulling over what to flail about this time and eventually decided to do my long-overdue post on the Tokyo Friend Park 2 Wall Crash game.

I've seen four of them so far - Yamada Tarou Monogatari cast (Sho & Nino), Arashi, Utahime cast (Nagase, Aibu Saki & Tacchon) and Kisarazu Cat's Eye cast (Okada, Sho, Tsukamoto Takashi, Sato Ryuta and Okada Yoshinori).

(For the uninitiated, the Wall Crash game basically involves players dressed in suits with velcro gloves taking turns to throw themselves at a wall and see how high they can plaster themselves. If at least one person on team can clear the wall - i.e. reach the highest section - or if the team reaches the set point goal, the team will pass the game.)

Most of the JE guys seem to be able to scrape through the game - at least one fella will generally manage to clear it.

So here are screencaps from three of those episodes that I've seen (was too lazy to 'cap the Yamada Tarou cast appearance):

Caps! )
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Just some things (in fandom) that make me happy at the moment - even though I'm not exactly hyper-happy or anything. Heh. Listing them as they come to mind.

1. "Two Worlds" & "You'll Be in My Heart", Sakamoto Masayuki.
Disney + V6's leader? I love it! Tarzan isn't my favourite Disney movie, but I still like the music lots. :) And Sakamoto's voice! I'm starting to wonder if he isn't actually a better singer than Ohno. (Of course, that could be in part to his age/experience, since V6 started 5 years before Arashi did.) But he's at least on par with Riida.

I am so addicted to this song at the moment. It's so relaxing and sort of "calmly happy." I can practically see V6's Voyager con performance of this song in my head whenever I hear it. *twirl, side-step, twirl* *finger dance* *bow* It's nice! Go download it if you don't believe me. [profile] snoew  agrees with me - don't you, snoew? :P

3. Hana Yori Dango trailer
All I can say is: KYA~~~
Still not too fond of the Doumyouji hair (although when it's properly curled it doesn't look as bad as half-curled and all-over-the-place like in some recent photoshoots -__- ), but Jun looks just... ♥

4. "DREAMIN' BLOOD", Kanjani8
Ah, the nostalgic, slightly 80s feel of this. And the lyrics. The melody. <3

5. Gakkou e Ikou MAX
Sakamoto and Ken evidently enjoying themselves way too much playing pranks on their kouhai, Nino being too wrapped up in his game to notice anything weird, Sho and Aiba gaily following whatever instruction was given to them, Ohno looking so happy at having his hairstyle praised, MatsuJun getting suspicious after the odd interview questions... XDD Oh, and the way Jun stared at the "girls" and then turned to stare at Sakamoto after finding out the "girls" were guys. LOL.
Can I just say this? I like how his reactions remind me of my own. hahahah! I'm not the type to react with a loud "EHH?" to shocks - although I might do it occasionally. Generally I just go for the disbelieving stare. XD

6. One Piece (manga)
This is really just getting better and better and better. The amount of new characters Oda-sensei has just thrown in! *gasp* Excitement! I wonder what the specialties of all these high-level pirates are. And the mystery surrounding that Engineer guy! Man... How does Oda-sensei keep it up??

7. Kanjani8's 47con
It was just huge fun. :D I wish I was much much more fluent in Japanese to understand the whole MC, but I gathered the gist of it I guess... But K8 was fun to watch! The Eito Ranger skit was priceless XD The hilarious opening song where Yoko forgot to introduce himself... Ryo's Heavenly Psycho performance with the audience... And *gasp* Ohkura drum solo! And Mamoritai! (which brings me to my next point)

8. Ohkura Tadayoshi
He is just way cool. His solo song at 47con! ♥ ♥ I heard he wrote the lyrics himself, which makes it doubly cool. I really liked how he ended the song by writing "mamoritai" in the air and how they superimposed the kana onto the screen as though he was leaving light trails with his finger. I'm not particularly crazy over drums or drummers, but I do think he's pretty good at it. :D

9. Okada Junichi
Mentioning drums starts the train of thought that goes: drums > musical instruments > piano > Okada. (Argh not enough shades of yellow/yellow-orange to use.) I can't get over his piano-playing in Hajimari. When I first watched Voyager con and that centre box platform turned round to reveal the grand piano and Okada playing... I just gaped and I think my heart skipped a beat. (lol) Then when he started to sing as well, I "died." It was like... "What? The guy acts, sings, seems to have an artistic bent and now he plays the piano too??" He's definitely my JE #3 now. (Gomen, Aibachan.)

(In case you think I'm forgetting all about Jun, let me just remind minna-san that I've expounded on MatsuJun's coolness before in various posts - to the point where I think I've said all I need to say and I think I really don't need to keep repeating myself to everyone already. :P I don't like repeating myself too much. haha)
EDIT: Right after I posted this and re-read it, it suddenly occurred to me that MatsuJun also dislikes having to repeat himself. font, you were really right when you said we're alike. ><

10. "ROCK THE HOUSE", Coming Century
Another song that I like for some bizarre reason. Probably the Voyager con performance helped. I liked what Kamisen wore for that. The dark sweaters/jackets they wore with the red and white flower print on parts was kinda nice.

Just ten for now. If I think of anything else or if I feel like it, I'll add on some more. ^^


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