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Updates might be sporadic or drop off suddenly 'cause I'm reeeally sleepy today. haha

HSJ segment now, but YokoHina were rambling on about names just now. Yoko thinks that his is... not so great? haha Mentions of the "Knock brothers" joke somewhere in there. "Murakami", on the other hand, seems to be a surname that pops up a lot more in geinoujin circles these days. Yoko thinks "Kimura" is a cool one, and they generally agree that SMAP-san have nice names - "Nakai. Inagaki." "Nishikido" isn't too bad either. "Shibutani" could be troublesome, what with the Shibuya connection and all that. XD

Bah, LJ lost my last update. Here it is:
Yoko still remembers his first time in Tokyo - age 15, on the shinkansen and all... and V6 performing at Yokohama Arena? 8Da

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Recomen starts! And en-chan's not around for live commentary tonight so here goes me attempting to sort it out on my own. Toma's tonight's guest \:D/

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Hm, YokoHina were discussing the Ranger colours? Baru chose first - pretty much just up and declared he wanted red. 8D Yoko and Ryo were indifferent.
Yoko mentions that Arashi have individual colours too right - the ones that were on Tokyo Tower and all...

Ugh, that caller had such a... cartoony voice. I hope that was the result of voice-changing software and that that wasn't her actual voice.

Tokio the Ride - Taichi calls a listener
Girl: Who's this?
Taichi: Who do you think it is?
Girl: Eh? ... Jii-chan? *


Taichi gets girl to pass the phone to her little brother and he demands to know if he sounds like their grandfather.
Boy: Not at all.
Taichi: Right?!!

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lol, the ending of Recomen just now... XD

The thing about me listening to Recomen is that I can't keep up my concentration. My concentration wavers depending on how much of the talk I understand. If I don't get the topic at the start, my attention wanders really quickly. And with each segment in between - HSJ's, SMAP's, Taichi's, and Tsubasa's - my concentration levels drop. No, actually it drops the most after HSJ's and SMAP's because I really don't care about those segments and I'm only giving about 1% of attention to it (just enough to know when the segment ends, haha). So when those segments end, I have to quickly pull myself back to focus on what Yoko and Hina are saying, and it usually takes a while for me to regain a decent level of concentration after that... which means I lose out on more stuff and end up understanding less and less as the show goes on. -_-""

So just now my mind was wandering all over the place again and then suddenly I heard Maru's voice. Realised they were playing a clip from last week's Recomen. Presumably the part where he was talking about himself and Hina.
Yoko was totally pushing the HinaMaru thing. (I don't ship anyone, but it was really funny to listen to anyway XD ) I attempted to take notes but... er... only managed several lines. Too busy alternately puzzling over phrases and cracking up at other times. [livejournal.com profile] enshinge is the pro at this, not me - let's hope she gets around to listening to this Recomen soon? 8)b

Have some random lines from throughout the last half hour or so, colour-coded just because I felt like it. haha (Some are potentially incorrect, and I apologise beforehand. ^^; )


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Jan. 5th, 2012 09:00 pm
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Sorry. I'm hyper.
I finally managed to get JOQR streaming... via Keyhole TV. >_>
Ironic, but I don't care~~~

Yoko! Hina! ♥

ohmygoodness it must be like 2 years at least since I last listened to this live. heeee~~

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Peercast can't seem to locate channel JOQR tonight. ;_;

Update, 10.09PM
: en's live-blogging Recomen tonight, so this makes up for it! XD Yaaaaay
Go here to read her on-the-spot translations.
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Aaaand I'm back - coming in right in the middle of the call to Ryo-chan.

10.17 (Malaysia time)
For a moment I somehow thought Ryo was Yasu. lol
Ryo asks what's up at Recomen, and Hina tells him that it's Yoko, Baru and himself on tonight.
Ryo: Oh? The oldest ones?
Hina adds that.. Maru's coming later? ahaha

Yoko has recorded Orthros no Inu to his hard disk 8D
(Yoko stop talking so fast - I can barely understand you. ) Something about Takki at the kissaten [in the drama?]. What? lol
And [Yaotome] Hikaru getting pushed into the sea. XD

Yoko again - something about "Dokkun" and he.. and... Sasaki Kuranosuke?

Baru (seemingly out of nowhere to me): Ryo - ganbatte!

Yoko babbles something about Mizukawa Asami, Ryo and Takki...

Baru(again all of a sudden): nanka utatte
Ryo: Eh?
Baru: nanka utatte~
Baru oh-so-random. lol

... Baru suddenly asked Ryo how old Namiki-san is. hahahahaha

Yoko keeps talking about Ryo's drama. XD

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(brb, I'm reading the latest One Piece. Yoko will forgive me. XD )

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Midnight title call!
Special guest next week? And it's a senpai..? For all 3 hours?
Yoko: It's REALLY amazing
aaaaah who is ittt?! Yoko, tell meee~~


Domoto Koichi's gonna guest on Recomen next week XD
lol, Yoko says how Koichi always calls him Tateyama, like how Tsuyoshi does.

Hidetaka, I think his name is. And he's been on before?
Yoko: The Hidetaka from before??
...Ok, so I'm going to be lost here because I don't know who this kid is.

And that's the endddd. I have no idea what went on in the last half-hour. 8D

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I'm heeeere. Was out visiting my grandfather so had to miss the first part. ^^

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Midnight title call!
XD Toma says Yoko hasn't talked to him since... the last time he was on Recomen or something (3 months ago? 3-ka getsuburi...), and Yoko denies it immediately. ahahah

Toma mentions that it'll be his first movie (er, the one called, er.. what was it... Ningen Shikkaku?).

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So, I kinda forgot about Recomen... because my aunts and grandparents just came back from a trip to China. I had to go help one of my aunts transfer photos from her camera to the laptop and then to burn copies of it for another aunt... :/

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Ah tonight's topic is Eito's secrets?
Mail from Tokyo's Saori, Tacchon fan... I don't know what question she asked them. 8D
Yoko's talking about his Dragonball figures XD (the ones he brought to Utaban...?) and a DVD or something...

waitaminute. Now that the noise has died down a little, it looks like Ryo, Maru and Yasu aren't there. I don't hear them at all... And the others are talking as though they're not there.

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Yoko's complaining about Hina's Italian food mania againnnnnnn. XDDD
And defending himself, Hina asked Tacchon if he thinks that Italian food is good and Tacchon agreed. Yoko expresses irritation again. XD 

They're all yelling and arguing over something but I don't know what it issss! augh. It sounds hilarious though. *bemoans lack of understanding*

Ending soon~
Hina reminds us that Toma's coming next week :)

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Hina and Baru in the house~
Yoko on the phone at the moment.
But I've not a clue what's going on because my Peercast connection buffers every, like, 30 seconds.

*vague assumptions from the few phrases I can hear*
Something abt Sho - I heard Baru go "Ze~ro!"
Sho told Yoko that the songs on Puzzle are good?

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Title call again. :)
Phone call! YOKO

Yoko at midnight is having fun~ (So he says when Baru asks him how "Yoko at midnight" is?)
They tell him about the family who went to see an Eito con together.
He's saying something about the staff on the shoot...

Baru: Aya kawaii?
Yoko: MECHA kawaii yo.
He still hasn't really talked to her...? lol! Yokooo.

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Fanmail: errr... something about what Baru thinks of Yoko and Hina's relationship? 
HAHAHA he says they're like a married couple.

They play Yoko's solo, 413man :)

Next week... what? Special week? Eito's showing up for Recomen? * v * 
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Why must my connection choose to be so hateful tonight??
Yamada Recomennnnn. I want to hear this live. :( :( :( 

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The Internet just sucks. >_>
Peercast only juuuust connected decently (that is, for more than 20 seconds) - in time for part of Johnny's Station.

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Yoko's arrived~ :D (I've no idea where he was before this...)
OHhh it's Kazama - the guest, i mean.

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Peercast is being funny, repeating parts over and over again..

waitaminute... what happened to Otoko-juku? *puzzled* did they skip it again or did I miss it in the midst of one of those buffering times?

Ichibyou Kiss :D

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Yaaaay, I get JOQR on Peercast today!

But am a bit lazy to "live-blog" about it now... Wallpapers occupying the primary part of my mind. 8D If anything interesting comes up on Recomen, I'll be sure to note it though~

It seems to be a Yoko birthday special something today, but I'm not really following their questions to this listener... from asking her weight to her bra size to what she likes to eat... (She likes to have pasta for lunch..? Carbonara~~~ My favourite type <3 And she was so reluctant to say her weight - what, 53kg?? She should be happy. -___-" )

Ah, shucks. It's going into buffer mode againnnn.
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It's someone called... Hiroshi. 31 years old.
(This guy's voice sounds like some other person's voice that I've heard before...)
I think for a moment Yoko suspected it might be his brother masquerading or something? I heard Yoko mutter something about "otouto" in a suspicious voice? Unless I imagined it. 8D
His favourite is Hina. hahah

Appeal point... He can whistle Eito songs..?
They get him to try Musekinin Hero. It's not too bad, actually. lol

He tries a second song, and this time they attempt to guess. Hina gets it - it's BJ. Yoko doesn't. XD (I didn't quite get it either. The name wouldn't come to mind although it was definitely familiar. ahahaha)

Third time. I know this! Ichibyou kiss! XD
They're cracking up for some reason. lol Yoko says this one wasn't so good - Hiroshi says he's nervous. lol

He passes~


They give Yokocho a present~
*crinkling of wrapping paper*

"Kanpeki yan ka!!"
Yoko sounds like really wanted it. It's a basketball jersey..?
They make him put it on - HAHAHA Hina: "Oh. Ooki ne." It's a little big XD
"Gakuya! Ooki wa." (Yes, Hina, I'm assuming Gakuya can see that just fine too. No need to repeat yourself so many times. lol)
Hina tells Gakuya to go change it - now. XDD

"Dekai ya ro! Zettai ni. Mite kore," says Yoko.
Hina says it's like "street fashion" (I think). ahahaha

Yoko's really happy anyway~

And they go to Donna ni hanaretatte

The end for today. :)

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Wanted to have these up earlier for Yoko's birthday, but my Internet connection is absolutely horrendous lately. >_<
But better late than never, right? ^^

Jouhou Live Miyaneya [2009.04.17] - The Quiz Show promo
... where a secret of Yoko's is told to the world, and where Sho whines (really) every time attention wanders from Quiz Show. XD

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YokoHina Recomen [2009.02.05] opening clip
It's Yoko's turn to get stuff from Proactiv! XD And they have a special guest for this Recomen~

Time: 6:55
File size: 83.1 MB

Translation: [livejournal.com profile] enshinge
Subbing + Vid: elenniel

Download from MU or MF. (Well, the MF link isn't ready yet...) MF is done~
Password is nikibi

No uploading either of these to streaming video websites. No re-distributing this at all too. Especially not for money. You know what will happen if I discover that...

Commenting would be nice? And going to lay gold and diamonds at enshinge's feet would be nice too, after all that she's done for fandom. XD
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Recomennnnnn I've missed you!!

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Kousuke, 13.
Kid sounds a bit blank. lol
Favourite is Yasuda, because of his singing and guitar skills.
"Between me and Yasuda, who sings better?" asks Yoko. lolll (Of course the answer is Yasu.)
er.. I think Kousuke said his mother likes Yoko?
His appeal point is.... something about his older sister. (She's a model? Something like that.) And everyone's silent for a moment. Kind of like, "How is that your appeal point?" That sort of air. LOL

Kousuke's favourite song is Kawaita Hana
And they ask him again who his favourite is. It's still Yasu. XD

Huh? What? Did they ask him to call again next week? *is confused*

And that's the end~
Most of the talk today was about food... not particularly elenniel's favourite subject. hahaha

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9.02 PM
Here's Recomen~

Title call already! That's quick...

First song is gorigori and - oh no. Buffer mode. >_<""

Clearly, I am not going to get very much of out Recomen tonight. Sigh. I so hate it when it does the buffering thing on me.

Yoko mentions Mizushima Hiro's marriage
(I think he said something about Yasu and Maru as well, since they're around Hiro's age.)
"eigo pera pera" says Yoko about Hiro. loll

... and now I have to go out and pick up my sister. -__-"

And am back.
Ah, Taichi's segment.
I like listening to him call up the fans. Most of the time they totally don't seem to be expecting it and seem so thrilled to be talking to him :)

And today's Otoko-juku boy (Haruto?) is a Hina fan, thinks Yoko's talking is funny too? 8D

Great. The Peercast line has gone off totally. Bah. It means I won't get to hear any new songgggg. Well, if they play a new song. sigh.
*gives up and turns off Winamp* No point when there's less than 5 minutes left of Recomen.


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Too absorbed in Skip Beat today to listen to Recomen, but remembered to tune in before Otokojuku to see what new song they'd play today :P

So today's new song is Giga Majime Waga Faito
Not bad so far, but I think I liked gorigori better 8D
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Recomen start~
... and they're off - talking about the upcoming tour. Yoko's babbling something about the tour and his birthday. 8D

Title call! No guest today (as yet) - but let's see if Maru-chan shows up again at the end? ahah

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LOL 51-year-old caller?! (Not for the Lotte Recoment Boys Daijiten, for this other segment that I don't understand that seems to be going on the whole of tonight's Recomen) YokoHina are stunned. XD

HAHAH this next caller requested this scenario: she's a rich girl, and Hina is her butler...
Hina: Like Mei-chan [no Shitsuji]?
Yoko's babbling something about Hina being Hiro's rival. Oh Yoko, you crack me up~ lol

And Hina proceeds to go into butler mode and says something about love? forbidden love? dunno. ahahaha
Yoko, after that: You're totally Mizushima Hiro's rival.

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Yukie-san (one of the callers), 49 years old? Am I hearing right?
Oh gosh, yet ANOTHER butler scenario for Hina XDD
this is too funny...

H: Madam, you've worked so hard; it makes me happy. I'll be by your side forever.
That was a realllllly rough translation. Darn it's hard to translate when you can't pause and rewind the audio to have another listen. loll

I want to sub these silly scenarios. XD

woot~ new song: Gorigori

Mmm... I kinda like it :D Happy, bouncy-ish song. Reminds me a bit of some other song... Hmm... Arashi's Fight Song? Maybe. That type of genki-ness. hehehe

Yoko's reading a mail about Hina's butler performances. XD "yabai," she calls it. lol I'm not sure if that's a good yabai or a bad yabai. hahahah

And they close by telling Yasu to "ganbatte" in his butai.
(No Maru this week. ^^ )

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Whoops. I forgot today's Thursday. 8D I am soooo sleepy.

11.03 (Midnight over there~)
Oh sounds like they have their kouhai over tonight. That usual lot.. what's their group name... BAD? The ones Yoko and Baru seem to hang out a lot with XD

So tonight's Recomen is being broadcast from Osaka I think.
Tsubasa's nervous about it. lol (It's Two-base segment now)

... This bit here should be "interesting" when en-chan gets around to translating this Recomen. haha

"dan dan dang~ *lyrics of Kumori Nochi, Kaisei*"
Maru on the phone againnnnnn XD
"Saito Mamoru desu!"

And he was on for barely 2 minutes. ahahaha
Maru-chan, what is this? lol But then, it's the sixth week in a row that he's "appeared" on Recomen! Not bad...


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