Apr. 20th, 2012 09:46 pm
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I just watched episode 1 \XD/

Thoughts (that are spoiler-ish):
- I feel faintly alarmed and kind of stunned that I managed to comprehend a lot of the dialogue without subs. Without English subs, anyway. There were Mandarin and Japanese subs. I think the Jap subs did help here and there. I feel like I could almost... sub this. With a spot translator. 8D

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Hiiiigh time I put some of these up. A few have been languishing in my hard drive since 2009 or 2010. @_@

I've mellowed a bit so I decided to forgo my usual watermarking thing this time. (Anyway, I'm not even sure if anyone bothers to read my LJ anymore. hahaha)

In this post:
A bunch of Kanjani8 pieces (all text-only, or what I like to call "work-safe") with Yoko (Kanjani8), Sho (Arashi), Okada (V6) and Maru (Kanjani8).

Let's start with the more recent ones...

Wallpapers, wallpapers )

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Brief comments/recollections, based on what I vaguely understood? 8D 

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I seem to have a good memory when it comes to pointless things*...

I was looking through my V6 scans folder and saw this Ken pic (Myojo 2001.12 2008.12*, yay_y3nnyfer). And I just knew I'd seen that jacket before on someone else - another JE guy. Figured it had to be one of my favourites since I'd remember their outfits more than the others. It definitely wasn't Okada or Nagano; I was pretty sure of that. So it was most likely Jun or Yoko or Sho...
* I mislabelled the pic - thanks to kendaisuki for the info! ^^;

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Wanted to have these up earlier for Yoko's birthday, but my Internet connection is absolutely horrendous lately. >_<
But better late than never, right? ^^

Jouhou Live Miyaneya [2009.04.17] - The Quiz Show promo
... where a secret of Yoko's is told to the world, and where Sho whines (really) every time attention wanders from Quiz Show. XD

Miyaneya links... )

YokoHina Recomen [2009.02.05] opening clip
It's Yoko's turn to get stuff from Proactiv! XD And they have a special guest for this Recomen~

Time: 6:55
File size: 83.1 MB

Translation: [ profile] enshinge
Subbing + Vid: elenniel

Download from MU or MF. (Well, the MF link isn't ready yet...) MF is done~
Password is nikibi

No uploading either of these to streaming video websites. No re-distributing this at all too. Especially not for money. You know what will happen if I discover that...

Commenting would be nice? And going to lay gold and diamonds at enshinge's feet would be nice too, after all that she's done for fandom. XD
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#1: Sho AND YOKO drama!!!
X ) Arashi + Eito = good combination. (If you add V6 into that, then I'd be totally happy.)
*flail flail flail*
It sounds like a rather dark, serious drama, but becausemy Arashi #2 and Eito #1are in it, I WILL TRY IT.

#2: Mezamashi and Zoom-In clips (Okada for Otonari) - in process of being subbed :D
Cut to save a little space on the f-page )

#3: 47 Con Subbed!
Yay for BNS :D It's going to take quite a long time for me to download the entire thing though.

#4: Okada in Wink Up.

I want to be that twig of pretty white flowers. I really do. Or at least be in that spot. *v*

A couple more pics and one last thing... )
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YAY. New Eito album coming out soon! (news gleaned from enshinge and skycouldfall)

How wonderful. The one night I have to be out and playing chauffeur to my sister and my mother is the one night that (1) they choose to make the big announcement (Eito, how dare you?! Keep me on tenterhooks all of last week's Recomen and then let it out todayyy when I wasn't around! *is insulted* ) and that (2) Sho was supposed to be on as guest. I completely forgot that Sho was supposed to be on tonight! Aughhh.

Now that I'm back and have Peercast/Winamp turned on... I hear no Sho, but they're busy talking happily about their album. Sigh. Oh well.
*resumes listening*

11.04PM: I hear Sho!

11.33: lol e-mail asking about Yokoyama-kai? XD

11.36: Sounds like Yoko's extolling the wonders of Sakurap or something. heheh

11.51: Arashi's "Believe" is on :) I kinda like the chorus of this song - when it speeds up.

11.57: XDD Maru's just shown up! XD ahahaha It seems they weren't expecting him? 8D Recomen's gonna end in a few minutes anyway. lol~

12.01: =Recomen End=
Seriously, Maru, what was the point of suddenly popping up with less than 10 minutes to go? ahahahah (Or did he actually turn up earlier but I somehow went deaf and didn't hear it? o_O)


Dec. 17th, 2008 06:21 pm
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:( :( :(

Ryo-chan, you too! Okay, it's better than Yoko's, but still! You had such a nice hairdo... until now...

(Watching K8's Best Artist segment now - because it's the first one to finish downloading. V6/TOKIO almost done and Arashi, for some reason, is being annoying slow. ¬¬ )

6.51PM: Okada! Oh-so-cool in that white hat and white blazer. ♥ And Nagano! <3 Ah, what sights for sore eyes~
(Okada's black-and-white photographs where not half bad too. I particularly liked the composition of the photo where Inocchi was doing a handstand and Ken was holding his ankles. The DOF on the pic of Inocchi with hat in hand was not bad too. Nice, Okada! :Db )
*replays Cho*

7.38PM: I'm going to tell myself that Jun's out-of-place sweater and the annoying scarf around his waist and damp-looking hair is due to the fact that he was late and the stylists didn't have time to fix him up properly before he had to rush out to perform. (Although sometimes letting the stylists have their way is a bad idea too.) If I try very hard and ignore the hair, from the neck up, Jun looks nice. :D But hel-looo, Sho~! Lookin' good! 

(And I am so going to screencap V6's Cho. Can you sense a picspam coming? 8D )

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I figured I needed to get rid of the depressing cloud that's hung over my LJ over the past day or two, so I was mulling over what to flail about this time and eventually decided to do my long-overdue post on the Tokyo Friend Park 2 Wall Crash game.

I've seen four of them so far - Yamada Tarou Monogatari cast (Sho & Nino), Arashi, Utahime cast (Nagase, Aibu Saki & Tacchon) and Kisarazu Cat's Eye cast (Okada, Sho, Tsukamoto Takashi, Sato Ryuta and Okada Yoshinori).

(For the uninitiated, the Wall Crash game basically involves players dressed in suits with velcro gloves taking turns to throw themselves at a wall and see how high they can plaster themselves. If at least one person on team can clear the wall - i.e. reach the highest section - or if the team reaches the set point goal, the team will pass the game.)

Most of the JE guys seem to be able to scrape through the game - at least one fella will generally manage to clear it.

So here are screencaps from three of those episodes that I've seen (was too lazy to 'cap the Yamada Tarou cast appearance):

Caps! )
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The Letter
I just had to do this for that part in Shukudai-kun #68. The now infamous Nino-gets-dumped-by-a-six-year-old part.

The Lookalikes
I was looking through my Shirota images folder one day and saw this:

It felt familiar - like I've seen that look somewhere before. And then it hit me.

The List
(Yay for alliterations :P)

twistedhalo04 tagged me, so...

Not gonna tag anyone in particular, but feel free to go ahead with it if you like. :)
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MMA #91
Seeing Sho with kids is totally endearing.

Sho & Shinnosuke-kun... )

Jun Style, 22.12.07
I couldn't help laughing when I was listening to the beginning of Jun's radio show... He apparently tried out a couple of these personality quiz things (whether it was one quiz with two parts or two separate ones, I'm not sure) where you enter your name and they'll tell you which Arashi member you're most like and are most compatible with, and also your personality composition (e.g. "you are 50% Sho, 20% Ohno, 20% Nino, 10% Aiba." Stuff like that).

Jun is like Sho? )

EDIT: And one more thing...
Is it just me or... )
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Odoroki no Arashi SP 3 was... Interesting. Hahah

My favourite parts were the zero gravity experiment (yay Jun got to try it out!), Aiba's "invisibility" theory and Sho in the mirror ball or whatever you call it. And I loved that they used music from Star Wars in Odoroki. I nearly laughed out loud when I hear the opening chords of the Star Wars theme. Every time they used it in the show, I got this silly grin on my face. I love it when my fandoms overlap - even in tiny ways. ♥

Now I shall expound... With some small screencaps. :P (I never did see the point in putting large screencaps except for a particular reason.)
Zero Gravity )
And then there was what I call Aiba's "Invisible Man" theory.
The Invisible Aiba )

Mirrorball )

Shukudaikun - Mirrorman in Mirror Ball )

Random LJ quizzes! )
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I'm not entirely sure why I watched Yamada Tarou Monogatari until the end...
I'm not even sure why I continued watching past episode 4 or so.

Oh. Probably because of Sho. :P

But that's about the only reason.

Just saw the last two episodes of YTM.

Honestly, the part I liked the best was when Ohno popped up with his cameo. His voice was kinda odd (on purpose, I guess), but when he said "okama taishou" before correcting himself (should have been "omatsuri") I couldn't help laughing. XD
And for some reason, I have a feeling that if Ohno really applied himself to it, he could be a better actor than Nino. Yea, Nino's good at the Average Joe roles with lots of emo-ness going on (and he seems good at crying, although in real life he'd probably be the last in Arashi to really tear up, if at all). But looking at how Ohno acts - like in this cameo, the bits of the Pikanchi movie that I've seen so far, and in that Sammi segment in his solo concert - I get the feeling he'd be better than Nino, and more versatile too.

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SHO-KUN! Your hair! What have you done?!
(My LJ is totally turning into an Arashi fan journal these days...)

That reminds me... I had a dream about Hana Yori Dango last night. Starring Matsumoto Jun and Inoue Mao. >.< I wasn't in it (phew), but it was like watching a special episode or OVA after HanaDan 2... (Skyura asked, "Why include Mao?" LOL. I should've put myself in the role of Makino eh? XD )
And I'm becoming quite convinced that half the time I dream, it's lucid dreams - meaning that I'm aware that I'm dreaming. I shall blog about this tomorrow or something. hahah
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I think I'm starting to really figure out why I like Sakurai Sho so much (enough that he's a very close second place to MatsuJun - and at times overtakes Jun, when Jun is just being too flamboyant :P )...

The main reason would be the sheer amount of respect I accord him. He has a degree - the other Arashi members and a large portion of JE guys don't. I just have to respect the fact that he managed a degree in something like econs while still an active member of Arashi. *in awe*  Clearly, this guy doesn't take education lightly. (Or at least, kudos to his parents for making sure he didn't.)

He seems to be the most intellectual of Arashi. (... Actually, that's kinda obvious..) And I rather favour that type. It's evident in some of my choices of favourite anime guys, even. Look at Ohtori Kyouya (Ouran) and Fujiwara Takamichi (Harukanaru)... Ishida (Bleach) too.

Another reason might be that he reminds me of myself in some ways. :P

I wonder... Why do I bother talking about Arashi so much on my LJ when most of my f-list doesn't have an interest in them anyway?

Oh.. Right... Because this is my 'fangirling' space. So I can. XD
(Gomen ne, minna ^^ )
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... After watching a good many Arashi videos and TV shows.

Just to amuse myself (and distract my mind from manga storylines which everyone but me finds so great), even though probably no one's gonna read this. haha

Saa. Enough for now. hahah. I need to sleep.


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