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( Janiben [2011.07.27] #214 - Kuwabata Ohara )

In this episode, one of the guests recently got married and now has a child. They bring the baby out. Lots of kyaaas and kawaiis ensue.

Yoko: He's really staring at me!
Guest: Wanna hold him?
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VS Arashi, 19 December 2013

Okada Junichi was Arashi's Plus One guest! And they just had to bring up the issue of Okada's seniority to Ohno despite them being the same age and presumably from the same batch of Juniors. (I'm sure this has come up before in a Shiyagare episode, but here they all behave like they've never heard of it. We know you know it already, guys. But we'll forgive you - there are things you just have to do for TV entertainment...  XD )

Ohno: "We're contemporaries!"
(I.e. They're from the same batch, or joined at about the same time.)
Caption: Same-year combi.

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Juke Box extra - Tour unit creation

I can't translate everything but [livejournal.com profile] essie07 has done a nice summary of what went on there over at [livejournal.com profile] naniwa_ Check it out if you, like I did, had a troublesome time making out exact dialogue - or, if you had trouble understanding any of it ^^

The others had fiiinally (after a really long-winded process) been split into two teams - A (Ryo, Maru, Hina) and B (Yoko, Yasu, Tacchon). Baru is the last one left.
"Who wants me?"

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Arashi ni Shiyagare 2013.04.20

Okada and Arashi! I love it when fandoms overlap... And I would like to sub this episode except I don't understand nearly enough to do so on my own. :/

Caption: I'm sorry! I don't have any recollection of Aiba

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Janiben 2013.09.04
Kaname Jun was a guest on Janiben... Thought I'd post this bit 'cause Kaname Jun has amusing expressions in it XD

And it seems he's really afraid of frogs. XD
Well, I'm more afraid of frogs than I am of snakes so I guess I can understand that. lol

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Haven't done these sort-of-translations for a while... 8Da Let's hope I got this one mostly right. hahah

This was from Janiben on 7 August 2013. (I was downloading a few random episodes trying to locate some amusing instances I saw on Tumblr... but none I downloaded were the right ones. Grrrr. Whyyyy can't people get into the habit of just inserting the episode date when they post stuff on Tumblr? It's so annoying and frustrating when I can't locate it. )

The question is... something like "When travelling abroad, which of the following do you factor into your budget?" Something like that?
Options are:
A. Better hotel
B. Flight class - economy/business class
C. Stretch the length of the trip as much as you can
D. Yummy food!

("D" is the easiest to understand and translate XD )
And you can see who chose what from the screencap above.

The choices are supposed to reflect their approaches to marriage...

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Oh, Maru XD

Jun. 3rd, 2013 10:16 pm
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(Janiben, 13 Feb. 2013)

janiben 13.02.13 - 1
"I just like Toma..."
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I felt like slacking for a while at work and so decided to poke at the kanji in the Eight Ranger trailer (which if you haven't seen already, you should! You can find it in the ZIP clip on [livejournal.com profile] dozchan's LJ or directly on the Eight Ranger website).




Hmm... So, I think that comes up to roughly saying (and [livejournal.com profile] enshinge and [livejournal.com profile] nagoya_mewmew, feel free to correct me - learning process, after all!):
In the year 2035, Japan's economy has declined, and public order (security?) has deteriorated, gone to pieces*. In an abandoned town, seven men abandoned by everyone**, decide to protect the people. Can they become true heroes?

* I suppose 荒廃していた would be more like "destroyed" but I just liked the sound of "gone to pieces." haha
** I'm taking real liberties compressing those two lines into one... 8D

I always have trouble trying to figure out the tenses. And am not yet familiar with how they might break sentences up for dramatic effect so I kind of sat there for a while wondering exactly where a phrase/line really ended. It's tough... but I'm trying ^^;;
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In this episode of Janiben the guest, Nanao, has a passion for snakes (and reptiles in general). Naturally, the staff aren't going to miss a chance to make the Johnny's idols squirm... so they bring in two snakes and a lizard.

Tacchon and Baru look the most upset about the prospect of snakes in the studio.

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Oh, just loads of screencaps (more than 40?). Just a little bit from #21 and the rest is all #26 - well, not the whole ep, but just the most hilarious parts. Some Shiwake episodes or clips really need to be subbed, but my translating powers are just not there yet so this is the best I can do for now to share some K8 fun. ^_^
(I think these sort-of-translations are good practice for me. They force me to look up kanji I don't know.)

In Shiwake #21, Kanjani∞ have to figure out which parent-child pairs are not really parent-and-child. Tacchon goes third after Yoko and Ryo who both succeed in guessing that the parents and children in pairs #4 and #5 are not truly related to each other.

Tacchon decides to focus on pairs #1 and #8.

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I know Ryo's Darts trip for 24-hr TV has been subbed, but no one's done Yoko's as far as I know. :(
So I thought I'd summarise a couple of the funniest bits since I haven't come across a proper sub of it yet and I think (I hope?) it'd be a fun read for anyone who doesn't understand any Japanese at all ^^

Yoko went to a spot called Hirogawa and ran into a bunch of kids - presumably elementary school-age?

He's like, "Do you know who I am? Do you know Kanjani∞? Have you heard of Kanjani?"

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I just have to LOL over this episode of Shiwake. So this is a partial recap/summary/translation post. 8D (I'm surprised no one has subbed this or any Shiwake ep yet. Or at least there's no sub that I'm aware of.)

Be ye warned: lots of screencaps (and spoilers?).

It's K8 vs a team of geinin-san and they have to take turns to guess which 4 of the 8 women are actually guys. Yoko goes second for K8 and he decides to focus on #1 and #2. He asks them to demonstrate their expressions when mad at a guy, and then after the guy apologises. They do as he asks (and it's really rather obvious from their expressions, I think. haha) but before he makes his decision, he decides to request that #7 do so as well.


The whole lot of them have found #7 very amusing because she looks completely bored by the proceedings. And for some reason Baru seems to find her charming. Uh, ok, Baru...

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But first, a small rant:
I was skimming through an article in a journal on some Russian historical film written by one of my lecturers. When I came to this, my jaw dropped:
...while also suggesting that [the characters] have been worn out by various competing histories and fantasies (such as Disney's "Anastasia").

What?! Anastasia wasn't by Disney!! It's a Don Bluth work from 20th Century Fox! *staaaaareee* Evidently she and the editors of the Film Quarterly are also not very privy to the animation scene.


Ok. Back to GeI.
When the description of this vid said that Sakamoto takes this 10-year-old boy to Spain to see Real Madrid, I downloaded it immediately. XD

Fun stuff in there...

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Sooo funny! I can't wait for the proper translation~
And I love their Heyx3 outfits! (Except maybe Nagano's tight-fitting shirt. That just looked strange with the vest... ) It's like a pastel version of the same colour palette as the MS set. On MS it was white, black and bright pink. Here it's white, grey and pastel pink. I really like it~

Vague translations of bits follow the cut... ^^
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(whoa, I haven't posted for about 5 days! Longest gap in a while... Why on earth did I post so much in March? o_O )
So I rewatched the episode of GeI where the HanaDan cast were the guests and they had a HanaDan quiz for several chosen fans to compete in, the prize being a small spot in one of the HYD2 episodes.

The bit at the start was soooooo funny.

"It's the RED TAG!"

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One highly stressful week over. How stressful? I slept a total of 5.5 hours only - from Tuesday to Friday. That's how stressful. I really don't want to live this life forever.

But whatever.

Kanjani8 post again! :D Yes, I know I seem to be all about Eito these days... But allow me some fun, won't you? I haven't forgotten Arashi by any means, but I'm so stressed out and Kanjani8 is so... Naturally funny. They're the group I can totally imagine as a bunch of plush toys... (Arashi is too cool to be reduced to plushies.) *huggles imaginary plushies of Ryo, Yoko, Tacchon and Yasu*

I'd normally prefer to post on Sunday night so that I'd have at least a couple of comments to cheer me up at work on Monday, but I just felt like posting now. Two things on today's agenda:
  1. The Leah Dizon Fanboy - screencaps and screencaps and screencaps (with comments of course :P )
  2. K8 on the latest Utaban - summary/translation + screencaps? hehe

So this is how a guy acts around his favourite female celebrity..? XD )

And Yasu-Nakai moments! )

Wah. I started typing this at about 5pm... And now it's nearly 10. But of course, I got sidetracked by this week's round of Bleach, One Piece and Eyeshield21. And then there was dinner. ^^
Ah well. Hope y'all had fun reading this. :D (and I hope I got the translations of Utaban right...)

(HAHAH! I just noticed... This post is practically all about my favourite four K8 guys. =P )
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さあ! Utaban summary + partial/rough translation!

I warn you, this is gonna be kinda long. And with lots of screencaps. ^^

(I actually took over 80 screencaps... Then I whittled it down to over 50. And then further cut it to 49 in all. *phew* I think I'm crazy sometimes. ahahahah)

To start with, let's have screencaps of (my) Niiban and Ichiban :P

Ok. Back to business. I apologise in advance for any mistakes ^^

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The Letter
I just had to do this for that part in Shukudai-kun #68. The now infamous Nino-gets-dumped-by-a-six-year-old part.

The Lookalikes
I was looking through my Shirota images folder one day and saw this:

It felt familiar - like I've seen that look somewhere before. And then it hit me.

The List
(Yay for alliterations :P)

twistedhalo04 tagged me, so...

Not gonna tag anyone in particular, but feel free to go ahead with it if you like. :)


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