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Not done watching it yet, but really, the more I watch the musicals, the more I wonder how they managed to cast the rival schools so well. Always had some fairly major quibbles about the Seigaku casting (except maybe the first cast) but casting for Hyoutei, Rokkaku and Rikkai just about stuns me. Not too keen on the actors playing Yukimura, Yanagi and Kirihara, but the others seem fairly well-cast. Nakagauchi (who, I cannot deny, is probably the best-looking of Rikkai's cast) stunned me  by looking and acting quite believably Niou-ish. A bit like how Katou shocked me with his resemblance to Atobe. I'm in awe of the actor for Jackal. He really cut his hair off for the part! And he's not bad-looking either... But... Whoa. He cut his hair off for it! Poor guy... hahah

Anyway - love Rokkaku's appearance in the middle! They're such a fun bunch... Loved them in the manga & anime, and I like them even better now. XD I always liked the camaraderie and liveliness in Rokkaku. And they're almost like Seigaku's brothers-in-arms or something. hahahah... (Rokkaku was also excellently cast, I thought. Shindo Gaku seriously looks like Bane... and IRE like Dabide. Actually, they all look their parts - even the one playing Itsuki! =P )

Aaah. Back to FYP! I shall watch Rikkaimyu in more detail later...
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Nodame Cantabile
I've picked up on the J-drama Nodame Cantabile lately out of curiosity. (Okay, I'll admit - part of that curiosity was stirred because I found out Endou Yuuya is in it as a minor character. XP ) It's quite hilarious! Hahaha... I read some of the scanlated manga before I downloaded the first episode of the series - just to get a feel of the story. I think it translated quite well to live-action.

It's so full of classical music that it's driven me into a sort of semi-phase of classical pieces. And I found that I get a kick out of being able to recognise some of the music they use in the background - like Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite and Gershwin's American in Paris and Rhapsody in Blue. XD Actually went to look for various pieces by Mozart and such to listen to. Am currently liking Chopin's Minute Waltz and Mozart's Symphony no.41 a lot. :)

Endou's part in it is small, but he produces a lot of laughs because his character is just so... Erm. Lame. Hahahahaha... He's always the butt of the jokes in the scenes he appears in - being humiliated, getting knocked over by a girl carrying a contra bass (I think), getting ignored, etc. But then Endou is kinda good at acting frustration, I think. ^^; He gets this "how dare you" combined with "aaarrgh" look on his face. I really don't know how to describe it.  *remembers DD-Boys* LOL.

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