Aug. 1st, 2007 02:55 pm
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I was watching D no Arashi #72, where MatsuJun and Aiba go to Akihabara to "investigate" the common characteristics of Akiba-kei otaku. Part of their "investigation" involved going to visit two otakus' homes. The first one was a guy's place - he shares the place with a roommate and they're both otaku.
MatsuJun saw a cosplay outfit hanging in the room, and asked who wears it, since it was a girl's costume. The roommate raised his hand and his name came up on the screen. My eyes nearly popped out of my head.

Fuji Syuusuke? Are you serious? It's even the same kanji as Tenipuri's Fuji! *stares*

I kept wondering if that was his real name or if it was a pseudonym he gave to the producers... It's gotta be a pseudonym... I think.

*stares some more*

Really Fuji Syuusuke..?

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It's promising!

I like what I've seen so far. :D Changed somewhat from the manga though...

Random 2: The nutty story 
[profile] devel_icious and I wrote was unexpectedly well-received on Endless-Dreamers and fanfiction.net, considering that it put a much-favoured character through hell. hahahaha (It's rare that anyone tries to torture Atobe in any way. But it was so FUN >:]  )

In other news:
Tezuka Phantom? Seriously? o_O I don't really like the name for the new move... Somehow feels weird to me.
I feel dread every time a new chapter comes out. I am so not looking forward to Tezuka losing. (Oh that a miracle may happen and he wins! :P :P )
And after reading Sai's translation on MangaHelpers......... :(
Don't tell me he's going to injure his arm again... Sigh. It'd be like a repeat of the game against Atobe. And I'd feel even more sore towards Sanada (sorry, Dev) because he's being so snarky and mean about it. Atobe's pompous and stuck up, but I can't see Sanada doing the same thing Atobe did at the end of the match if he won.
... argh.

Whoa. Grimmjaw's released form... Not exactly panther-like to me, but certainly rather suits Grimmjaw.

One Piece
"I'm already NEGATIVE!"
Windy, you were right - it's hilarious XD

Eyeshield 21
Eh, they won? Somehow I feel a bit 'lost'... Perhaps there were too many things going on in the game so I didn't really feel the flow properly. What a pity. Would've loved to see more brainwork from Hiruma and Takami.


Jun. 16th, 2007 04:30 pm
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Why... Did I go and read chapters 347 and 348?

I really shouldn't have. Not when I'm still all high-strung and upset over being pressured into finding jobs and stuff.

*more depressed than ever*


May. 31st, 2007 03:59 pm
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If it's really Tezuka vs Sanada in Singles 3...


Fairly easy to guess what's going to happen, if (1) Golden Pair has to win, and (2) Fuji has to win. (Echizen's obviously gonna win; that's a no-brainer.) I'd love the GP to win - they've had such tough luck. Fuji... I like him - favourite character #2 - but I think I'll live if he loses. But then perhaps it's too much to ask to have Tezuka win again...

*bigger sigh*

... You must all be thinking I'm a pathetic fangirl.
Be nice and excuse the sad bias of my mind in Tenipuri. hahah

*goes off to continue unpacking*

(Develicious, sorry to say, if the spoilers are true, and if Sanada wins, that Sanada fic I started for you is going to end up on hold until I get over it...... =p )

EDIT, 10.35pm: So it's true. *slinks off unhappily*
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I can't stand it... It's too funny!

Every translation of chapter 342 that I read amuses me more and more - in particular, that line introducing Saeki. In [profile] athena8's summary, she put it as "He's so good-looking, it's such a waste, Saeki Kojirou!"

The discussion on the MH forums saw someone clarify the line as 'implying something along the lines of "He's a very handsome man, but because he doesn't use his looks (to get the girls), they're wasted on him".'  I was like, "Ooooo."

And in the LQ scanlation put out on mangahelpers, it reads: "A handsome man who doesn't seem to know it himself, Saeki Kojirou!"


I just keep thinking of my fanfic when I read those.
[Except the last translation anyway, since I characterised Sae as actually being aware of his good looks. Just that he "doesn't use his looks (to get the girls)." XD ]  

... And I wanna know what's up with Atobe's hair. Oh, let it be a wig and fall off some time.
*evil laugh*
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Prince of Tennis
Like munsung said on the forums, it's kinda funny to see the two kids running themselves silly all over the court for ONE point. XD
But, oh, Konomi-sensei, please don't drag this to more than 4 chapters? It'd be ridiculous if this one-point, unofficial game was given so very many chapters when one that could have been incredibly interesting (Tezuka vs Chitose) was only given what, two?
And I really don't want Nagoya to suddenly show up after defeating Rikkai. Total waste of Yukimura's development and overal anticipation of Rikkai.

One Piece
Anime - Well, that was... Silly. What was the point of inserting the extra rounds into the Davy Back Fight? Sigh. That Poison Ball-type game was silly. (I've played a similar - less deadly - game like that called Poison Ball. :P Used to be quite popular. And it is huge fun to play... Trying to avoid the ball and at the same time try to hit someone else with it.)
Manga - This ghost/zombie arc has its really creepy moments (for me), but I found it hilarious when the zombies popped up, threatening Luffy, Sanji, Zoro, Robin and Franky and then all five of them just flattened the zombies in a snap. hahahahah! And the contrast is too funny - Nami, Usopp and Chopper freaking out inside the castle, and the other five being totally calm and cool about zombies. LOL.
I wonder who's this Shichibukai though... Mysterious figure, Moria.
But One Piece seems to be moving at a more steady and interesting rate than Bleach. Bleach kinda goes up and down in terms of being really interesting each chapter. (Or maybe it's because I tend to find  chapters about Sado - and sometimes Ichigo too - kinda boring...)

Anime - I'm just waiting to see Hitsugaya, Matsumoto and Renji fight after the limit-lifting. :D
Manga - Woooo. Go Rukia! She's cool even without her zanpakutou. Her kidou skills aren't half bad. heheh. That would be so cool animated. But that Aaroniro... Creepy look. Two floating skulls in what looks like an inverted test tube for a head. "We are the Noveno Espada." WE. Creeps. :P

Seiran vs Sakujun in that deadly drinking game. Hm. Go Seiran! I wonder what's happening to Ryuuki...

Hana Yori Dango 2
Arrrgh. They're gonna do that stupid STUPID memory loss arc after all. And in the final two episodes?! Sheesh. I hated that arc in the manga. It was just so silly and cliched. Convenient that he forgets just things related to Makino. *rolls eyes*

Haken no Hinkaku
I've only watched up till episode 5 I think. Or 6. Can't remember. It's tough without subs. :( But it looks like Mori has a crush on Satonaka-shunin. Hm. Can't see that working out. Hahahah... It was funny seeing how seemingly popular he is with the ladies though. And looked so awkward about it - the chocolates and all. ^^
And I'm longing to know what on earth Shirotan's character is saying half the time. :/

Hm. A bit slow to me at the moment. But then it is mostly about Sena defeating Shin in this game, even if Deimon loses to Oujou in the end. We'll see how it goes. Right now it still feels less exciting than the Shinryuuji match.

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Tezuka ROCKS.

6-1!! He blew Chitose away! *pulls out champagne*
Go, Tezuka-buchou!
I hope he'll win his last game when they come up against Rikkai (assuming Rikkai beats whatever team it is they're playing... the one with the foreign players). Sanada or Yukimura, whoever the opponent is, I hope Tezuka wins! :D I almost daren't hope, really... Konomi may do some horrible thing like make him lose. This Chitose game was a horrible scare in itself at first. ^^;
But it ended happily (at least for Tezuka fans). Hyakuren + Saiki Kanpatsu was more than I expected. And the end result (6-1) was totally unexpected. After thinking that by some stupid twist he was going to lose, Konomi does the sensible thing and Tezuka wins. :P

Oh I sound SO biassed. haha


Feb. 24th, 2007 01:34 am
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So I just watched Bleach 116.
Grimmjaw's first appearance in the anime. When he said his first two lines, I thought his voice sounded mighty familiar. Sounded like Momoshiro. Or Abarai. But I wasn't sure. So I checked Anime News Network.

Grimmjaw Jaggerjack = Atobe Keigo??
(well, Suwabe Junichi really, but since he's also the seiyuu for Atobe, the equation sorta works. hahahah)

I replayed Grimmjaw's parts in the episode. Yup. Definitely Atobe. The attitude fits too. The arrogant (villain) character. He's just short of going, "Ahn~?" or "Na, Kabaji?"
Grimmjaw talks faster and sounds more hotheaded though... Atobe's speech was mostly a sort of arrogant drawl. Either way, Suwabe Junichi's voice suits the high-handed, arrogant characters.'

Meanwhile, in PoT (manga)...

Tezuka is SO COOL.
Hyakuren and Saiki Kanpatsu! :D


Jan. 19th, 2007 01:05 am
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Rant coming. And possible spoilers for upcoming chapters of the PoT manga. You were warned.

siiiigh. )
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It's been some time since I drew any PoT fanart. I think I've been watching too much of the Tenimyus lately. XD

Went back to good ol' colour pencils for this pic. Used a screencap from the anime as reference for the pose - changed the head position and 'added' legs though. (The screencap was a medium shot - only upper half of the body shown.)

That reminds me... I still have Ryuuki and Conrad to draw for Raine and Windy! Ek. ^^;

See pic! )


Oct. 26th, 2006 07:37 pm
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I think I just about died laughing when I saw the clips of the Bleach musical on Youtube.

LOL... )

Second of my "Orientals" series is up on dA already, if you'd like to check it out. :)

Other randomness:
- I got a new camera!
- *anime drought* Nothing new seems to be out yet... ;_;  (I know; I'm impatient. ahah)


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