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I just watched Maou.
Now, I know Maou is the drama that pretty much launched Ohno's TV drama career, but the really outstanding one in that show - for me - was Toma.

Maou - Toma
Really, Toma has to be one of the best actors in Johnny's. I would venture that he might be one of the best out there in the J-drama scene at the moment.
The guy does it all so brilliantly - wacky and silly (HanaKimi, Unubore Deka), bad guy (HanaDan), earnest (Honey & Clover, Majo Saiban), tragic and desperate (Maou), melancholic romantic lead (Hanamizuki), and outright frightening (Nou Otoko). I attempted to watch Nou Otoko on a long-haul flight a couple of months ago but barely got through a third of it because it was just too creepy for my taste and man, was Toma intense. @_@

Sorry, Jun, Okada, Nagase. I think Toma blows you all right out of the water. (Though you three are pretty amazing too! Nagase, especially.)

Oh, Maru XD

Jun. 3rd, 2013 10:16 pm
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(Janiben, 13 Feb. 2013)

janiben 13.02.13 - 1
"I just like Toma..."
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I hope I'm not gonna burn out soon like I did last year (regarding wallpaper designs, that is)... but for now, I'm still kinda on a roll! 8D

Am also trying something new: smartphone lockscreen wallpapers. But first! Let's get the regular desktop wallpapers out of the way...

Contents: Kanjani8, K8 combi (Tacchon, Ryo, Yasu), Yokoyama You, Nishikido Ryo, Shibutani Subaru, V6, Okada Junichi

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Lockscreen (for iPhone)
So I adapted some of my wallpaper designs to an iPhone lockscreen format. I don't know whether there's a real "demand" for this or not. If there is, I may start creating separate designs for this format (because it's vertical and narrower, or even square - based on how the iPhone places the clock and slider on the lock screen).... or make an extra version of my regular wallpapers (if I feel the design fits the format). So, tell me what you think?

Beneath the cut, you will find lockscreen designs for: Arashi, K8, Maru, Tacchon, Ryo, Yoko, V6, Miyake Ken, Tonisen, Kamisen, Mabo, Ikuta Toma

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Recomen starts! And en-chan's not around for live commentary tonight so here goes me attempting to sort it out on my own. Toma's tonight's guest \:D/

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