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But first, a small rant:
I was skimming through an article in a journal on some Russian historical film written by one of my lecturers. When I came to this, my jaw dropped:
...while also suggesting that [the characters] have been worn out by various competing histories and fantasies (such as Disney's "Anastasia").

What?! Anastasia wasn't by Disney!! It's a Don Bluth work from 20th Century Fox! *staaaaareee* Evidently she and the editors of the Film Quarterly are also not very privy to the animation scene.


Ok. Back to GeI.
When the description of this vid said that Sakamoto takes this 10-year-old boy to Spain to see Real Madrid, I downloaded it immediately. XD

Fun stuff in there...

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I went home from work yesterday meaning to reply all the nice comments I got on my wallpaper post... and then I found that there was no connection at home. *fumes* My sister said that my dad had gotten someone to come fix something at home in the morning (I forgot what) and the power had tripped for a bit and after that the modem had stopped functioning. Arrrgh.

So that meant... in addition to not being able to reply comments or send out the requested watermark-free wallpapers... that I MISSED RECOMEN for the third week in a row. ><"" (And I actually tried Peercast on Wednesday and it worked... so I was looking forward to YokoHina nuttiness again. *sad* )


Ok, rant over. Hopefully the line is back at home later today or I'll never get to send out the wallies.

So being internet-less, I spent my time putting up ornaments on the Christmas tree... making patterns in Photoshop (after finishing a Tacchon wallie)... and watching old videos of K8 and V6. I really wish I was fluent in Japanese so I could go ahead and sub the Tetsuwan DASH Nagase Hunt and the mini-drama thingy on one Gakkou e Ikou ep in 2005. I understand enough to watch things like those without too much problem, but I can't sub them because there'd be lots of gaps and vague lines. haha

Okada... )

Was watching the SCP performance of Musekinin Hero again (and again and again) on Tuesday night whilst chatting with shibutani_aiko and skyura.

elenniel: ah Yoko and Tacchon... mecha kakkoii in this vid
skyura: wat vid?
e: SCP performance of Musekinin Hero
s: oooo

... and Yoko. )

I shall now resume the task of replying comments... *trots off*
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I can't connect to JOQR!!


*sniff* Recomen... ;___;
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Is anyone else besides me annoyed that LJ has started that Snapshots feature whenever there are links? I'm finding it a real pain. Especially when there are a whole bunch of links close together... No matter where I move the cursor, these huge idiotic Snapshots appear. Grrr. Please tell me I'm not the only person royally irked by it. X(

And in other news...
I now have 24 new wallpapers waiting to be posted. But I don't think I'll throw them all up at once this month. I'll probably keep some for December. I'm looking to make December a nice month - at least outside of work. (I fully expect my workload to increase as the year-end draws closer. I gather it's like that for a lot of people - even my friends in accounting and law say that the year-end is one of the most insane times...)  Perhaps I'll have a countdown to Christmas or maybe I'll just post two batches instead of the usual one a month... Or I could do a  "Twelve days of Christmas" thing - a wallpaper a day or something, starting from the 14th. We'll see. :P

I'm trying - rather unsuccessfully - to divide my mind between a whole bunch of things now. Work is one. The other is my wallpaper mania. I'm going nuts over all the gorgeous pics I'm finding, and all the new designer-y ideas I want to try (if only all such ideas worked well in execution...). Another would be plans for a Christmas presentation in church. I've vague ideas floating around, but gotta find time to sit down with my best friend and think it out properly. Hopefully at least one of these vague ghosts of ideas will solidify. I look forward to dabbling in directing and backstage work again, even if on a teeny tiny scale. *rubs hands together in glee* (It suddenly strikes me that in this I'm like MatsuJun - inclined to the "concert master" type of thing... I just don't really want to be on the stage myself. :P ) Argh, and there's also that promo website for my church youth camp that I said I'd do. It's not finished yet. >.<

Photographed my rings a while ago. XD Shall post them tomorrow or the day after. hehe


Oct. 25th, 2007 02:18 am
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I am... Sleepy. Frazzled. Not very well. Somewhat stressed.

Times like this I really quite wish I could do as people like to tell us girls: Find a nice, rich guy, get married and then be able to do whatever I want!!  x(

Shall update/continue this when I'm at work to try keep myself awake.

EDIT, 9.36PM:
Okay... So I didn't have time to update at work. Was rushing for a deadline... And Flash went bonkers on me at the last minute, so my supervisor had to go meet the client with a soundless presentation. =_= I passed him the mp3 file we planned to use anyway and he decided to 'cheat' a bit by playing the Flash file and the mp3 simultaneously... While he was off meeting the client, I managed to find the solution (it was ONE measly little setting. sdfhswerywohgjdhgk... ). Fortunately, the client loved it anyway. Huge relief. Just some minor image alterations to make.
But got another job to rush tomorrow. @_@ I don't think the design business is very good for one's mental and physical health...

So, yay - I can sleep early tonight... And get a wallpaper or two done, maybe?
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It's been months since I first discovered that some idiot had 'stolen' my Urahara wallpaper and put it up on Bleachportal as his/her own. I never did get an answer from the bleachportal staff, which irks me. And that wallpaper is still there. Getting a four-star rating too. Grr... X(

*is too annoyed to rant further*

Ergh. Also just realised that I can't seem to set my journal entry times automatically - have to manually enter the time when I post. Siiiigh (again).


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