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I hope I'm not gonna burn out soon like I did last year (regarding wallpaper designs, that is)... but for now, I'm still kinda on a roll! 8D

Am also trying something new: smartphone lockscreen wallpapers. But first! Let's get the regular desktop wallpapers out of the way...

Contents: Kanjani8, K8 combi (Tacchon, Ryo, Yasu), Yokoyama You, Nishikido Ryo, Shibutani Subaru, V6, Okada Junichi

Wallpapers! )

Lockscreen (for iPhone)
So I adapted some of my wallpaper designs to an iPhone lockscreen format. I don't know whether there's a real "demand" for this or not. If there is, I may start creating separate designs for this format (because it's vertical and narrower, or even square - based on how the iPhone places the clock and slider on the lock screen).... or make an extra version of my regular wallpapers (if I feel the design fits the format). So, tell me what you think?

Beneath the cut, you will find lockscreen designs for: Arashi, K8, Maru, Tacchon, Ryo, Yoko, V6, Miyake Ken, Tonisen, Kamisen, Mabo, Ikuta Toma

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Heikeha <3

Dec. 27th, 2010 09:53 am
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Attempting to distract myself from a sudden bout of emo-ness.

The pronounciation is all over the place, but no surprise there. XD 
I'm quite fond of the harmony - and the fact that the whole thing sounds so doowop-ish. ♥ I do wish that Sakamoto was more prominent in it because as far as I can tell he's just holding down the bass line. Then again, he does have the steadiest voice of the lot...

C'mon, Johnny-san, get these guys a proper album of their own already! They're probably the best (vocal) sound in your agency. haha
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I like Heikeha. Or rather, the six remaining members of Heikeha. XD

It helps that my favourite member of TOKIO is in there.

And Tonisen too. ♥

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My Singapore weekend largely consisted of bookstores and meeting friends. hahaha On Friday, I met up with snoew, and on Saturday with Luke and his girlfriend. On both days I visited Kinokuniya (two different ones, of course), and on Saturday itself, I spent about 5 hours in the Takashimaya branch of Kino. Yes, five. I got to Taka at about 1pm and was due to meet Luke at 6.30pm. I went straight into Kino and never came out until 6.15pm. 8D And I totally forgot that there was even a second floor to that particular branch of Kino. >_>

Anyway... [livejournal.com profile] snoew is very good for the Singaporean (and Japanese) economy. Where I was instrumental in luring her into Arashi fandom, she's instrumental in getting me to spend on V6/K8 fandom.

So I bought V6 albums... )

But overall, I spent very little in Singapore. Compared to my sisters, that is. My total purchases probably came out to about... Just around SGD100, maybe? Those two albums, several markers, a coloured ink pad and two manga from Kino... That's about it. lol OOoohhhh speaking of that: snoewwwww, I'm totally going to have you buy more Ouran manga for me from Singapore when I decide on other interesting volumes. XD I discovered that there's a Singapore company licensed to translate Ouran and Otomen and some other manga to English. The price is like, half of Shojo Beat's. So I bought volumes 12 and 13. :P
(Of course, Shoujo Beat comes from the US, and the cover design and all is rather prettier. But still! I'd rather buy the cheaper Singaporean one since the translation is fairly decent. Although I do wish they'd simply ignored the whole senpai suffix and went with just the names, because calling characters "Senior Tamaki" and "Senior Hani" and so on is plain awkward.)

And then I bought a bracelet... )
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... I'm trying to think of what to say about Kamisen's new PV.

And none of it is particularly good.

Except that Okada is his usual handsome self in it. hahahahahah

Right. Let's get down to my few comments. In point form, because I really don't know how to expand on them...
Positives first.
+ I like the song. :)
+ The colour/contrast adjustments were nicely done. That slighty gritty, grungy feel without overdoing it.
+ Kamisen's styling was pretty good too. Good thing they were wearing some colour to stand out better against the background.

On the flip side... ).
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Sooo funny! I can't wait for the proper translation~
And I love their Heyx3 outfits! (Except maybe Nagano's tight-fitting shirt. That just looked strange with the vest... ) It's like a pastel version of the same colour palette as the MS set. On MS it was white, black and bright pink. Here it's white, grey and pastel pink. I really like it~

Vague translations of bits follow the cut... ^^
XD  )
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(I don't know if I should call this a review or not... I guess it is in a way. And yet it's not quite a 'proper' review to me. haha)

AVEX. What sort of budget did you allocate to V6's PV?! And who was the director??

That... that was pretty pathetic. (Although lots of time to stare at good-looking V6, who somehow manage to look good even when dressed in grey jumpsuits/overalls like construction workers and with windblown hair. Nagano-mama especially.)

I thought they had something going when the first shot came out, but then... I don't even know what to say. It's like it just revolved between static wide shots, medium shots and medium close-ups 90% of the time without anything in particular happening. And it had such potential, what with that steel globe frame in the background and the whole "construction" aspect. From the opening shot I already thought, "Globe. World. Construction. Build your world? Hm. Not bad." It could have worked but the concept just wasn't carried through. I'm disappointed. :/

However, I did like the few shots where they were trying to polish the steel globe.

And I really do enjoy the song itself. ♥

Have a few (biased) screencaps anyway. =P
Pics~ )

Taisetsu na no wa SPIRIT~
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musicmind may not have blown me away as Vibes did or amuse me as much as Love & Life or have as many songs that I liked as Voyager, but... there were definitely parts that I liked.

I liked how there was a sort of jazzy feel to the whole concert, mostly because they had a brass section in addition to the usual band... and because the musicians weren't hidden away somewhere - they were in plain sight on either side of the stage and whenever any of V6 wandered near enough, the tracking spotlight would also end up illuminating whichever musician was nearest XD I think there was a sequence where they got the brass section (or was it the guitars?) to kind of join in the song. I thought that was really quite nice :)

Their Christmas medley - Silver Bells/Lonely Holy Night/2nd Bell - was a huge favourite of mine. I was kind of glad that they didn't include Miracle Starter since I don't like it quite as much as those other three songs :P
There was a simple little candle sequence during Lonely Holy Night that I thought was a nice touch. Nothing fancy, but the simplicity suited the atmosphere.

And it's just amazing how Okada Junichi - barely visible in the half-light - can make an action as plain as blowing out a candle look... stunning.

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(whoa, I haven't posted for about 5 days! Longest gap in a while... Why on earth did I post so much in March? o_O )
So I rewatched the episode of GeI where the HanaDan cast were the guests and they had a HanaDan quiz for several chosen fans to compete in, the prize being a small spot in one of the HYD2 episodes.

The bit at the start was soooooo funny.

"It's the RED TAG!"

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Mar. 28th, 2009 04:35 am
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At long last! Finally, my Vibes con post. XD

* I couldn't cut the image count below 100, so... I suggest you open this in a new tab or something and then come back to in after a while when it finishes loading. 8D
Oh, and some of these are linked thumbnails to the original larger images (just see if there's a thin olive-green border around the pic). ^^

The opening of Vibes was... impressive. It didn't exactly start with a bang nor was it grand and startling, but it was certainly impressive. You don't see V6 for a whole minute (about 1 minute and 20 seconds 8D ) from the instant the lights dim and the anticipation is built solely through the music (which starts off almost sci-fi-ish and turns into a suspense-inducing piece full of bass and electronic sounds) and the video. Then there's a moment of darkness and silence. And finally V6 arrive on the scene - rising up to the second level of the stage, dressed in cool-looking checkered black and white, with white trilby hats~ - and proceed to stun us all with NEXplosion.

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*looks at clock*
It's 4.30 AM.
I took me four hours to write this post. FOUR. No wonder I feel exhausted.
I'd comment a bit more, but I'm too tired now 8D I'll probably add formatting of font colours after I wake up. heh 12.30PM: Formatting done~ Now to add comments...
Hope you've all enjoyed reading this and looking at the pics (even if they are rather Okada-centric) ^^;;

12.30PM Addition:
** "This was one of those run-around-the-hall-and-wave-at-fans times (which I'm glad V6 didn't do that often - I'll explain later"
The explanation - I've found that if I have to spend half the concert watching the artistes run around the hall/arena/stadium and wave to fans, it's boring. And somewhat irritating. And makes me glad that I didn't buy the DVD(s). Because I'm not going to pay several hundred ringgit just to watch a concert where they don't really perform. Yea, they're still singing throughout but y'know... I'd like to actually see some dances and so on. It's nice when they move around once in a while to interact with the fans, but I prefer it when they do that less. *is trying hard to not to mention names*
So I was really glad that V6 didn't do spend that much time on this. They spent more time actually performing, which thoroughly suits me.

** One thing I really liked about this concert was the way they kept the stage gimmicks to a minimum and yet managed to make it look impressive. The synchronisation of those vids with the music and how they spread the videos across 5 or 6 separate screens sometimes was marvellous.
(And I was doubly impressed when I found out that it was Okada who was behind most of the production ideas XD Huh. Yet another Okada-MatsuJun similarity. But even so, I don't think I'd have wanted to be the video editor working on all that footage. If I was, I'd have been one of the two who went insane. I can just imagine the amount of work and stress for it... 8D )

** And the costumes!! I loved most of them. :D (I really liked Voyager's too, but I think the nice ones here really surpass those - primarily because of the colour choices.) Not sure just how many pieces were designed by Go, but if he could come up with those outfits in the opening sequence... He's really not bad. Go, can you design Arashi's concert outfits next time?

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... looking at old-ish scans of V6. In suits. And listening to Okada sing "Justify Me" at the same time.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

(I'm really sleepy now, so no time to put up any scans, but I just had to get this small flail out - even if it will get lost in the madness that is everyone's f-pages ^^; )

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I've been going through my video folders lately... and I keep coming across random vids that I wish were subbed or that I wish I could sub. The list just keeps growing! @_@ hahaha

One would be part of the 2002 Johnny's Sports Day, namely the part where the representatives of J-White and J-Red have a little contest in order to pick their "cheer teams" (or whatever you call it) from the B-Rap school (GeI, yay!). I like this part because J-Red was represented by Taichi, MatsuJun and Okada. With that combination, it's a 100% elenniel bias. :P
The "cheers" that resulted from the nanshiki Globe duo (Red) and the Anko the KANCREW trio (White) were hilarious too, making fun of the various JE guys. The KANCREW one especially. XD They managed to poke fun at KinKi Kids, Jun, Okada and Nagase among others. lol~

This afternoon I downloaded one ep of VVV6 - because there was Will Smith and Okada. How could I resist that combination?? I watched it and cracked up. Especially when Will decided that he had to give Okada something in return for the wonderful ootoro (or was it sushi? I forgot) that Okada just gave him... and he picked up a pillow from the hotel sofa and handed it to a slightly puzzled Okada, saying that in America, they give these for special days. "You can open it later." LOL ( I should screencap that part one day...)

Then just now, I found a 2003 GeI episode lurking in my Arashi folder. And I soooooo want to sub this or see this subbed. Why?

This is why:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
MatsuJun! On GeI! With Sakamoto!! I completely forgot that I had this! I haven't seen it in eonsss.

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Let's end my birthday month with another V6 sub~

Nagano and Go help the Narita High cheerleading team recruit more guys by making a PV... and then Sakamoto and Nagano investigate the existence of a Shinshuu version of GeI (with hilarious results XD )

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Nagano-mama would make a good newscaster - he's so calm when reading the cues~

I love the little wiggle of excitement Sakamoto does when he's on air for the Shinshuu GeI. And that dorky grin and nod too. XD The contrast between that excitement and the poor fellow's panic and alarm later is just hilarious. ahahahah (Also... V6's leader looks darned good in that brown shirt. *v* )

And I couldn't resist inserting the few technical notes in the cheerleading segment. (I mean, I couldn't very well have people thinking that the pictures were comic strips drawn for GeI when they're actually storyboards... 8D )

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Yay! Sub finished~

I really meant to have the cheerleader episode done for today as well, but couldn't encode and upload in time (I wanted my bandwidth and RAM to be free in case they messed with my Peercast connection. ^^; ). But in any case, the birthday surprise clip is do-ne! :D :D

Gakkou e Ikou [2004.02.24]

Links here... )

This clip is so hilarious... from my V6 favourites (Okada, Nagano, Sakamoto) practising the birthday song at random intervals to Ken and Inocchi's VTR to Go's telling everyone thank-you-now-please-go-away. XD

*pesters everyone to download and watch this*
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Since I'm taking what feels like an eternity to select a sensible number of screencaps for my Vibes post, I'll do the Swing! PV review first. :D

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This was my favourite PV of 2008. Musekinin Hero was close, but Swing! managed to come out tops in my opinion. :)

It was quite similar to Musekinin Hero in the sense that Swing! also had the concept of portraying a particular scene. But where MH was simple, desaturated, crazy and hilarious, and located in an office, Swing! was full of high contrast and intense colour, with more sedated and subtle humour, and took place in (what seems to me like) a jazz lounge. Swing! actually has less of a storyline that MH did. It seemed to me like MH was focussed on capturing the kooky character of K8 (which is a very clever idea, since their personalities are really what makes Eito stand out) but Swing!'s focus was in capturing the scene rather than the people in the scene.

I thought that the PV really succeeded ini achieving the essence and feel of the song, as well as being cool in itself. XD There was just this "sparkly" impression all throughout it, which may be due to the lightings and the blurring effect in some shots (more on that later in this post~). And for me, the art direction managed to hit the correct era (retro-ish, somewhere around the 1930s-1940s?) for the music whilst not looking exactly like it was set in the era. In other words, it felt retro without looking obviously retro.

On to the part with lots of screencaps! )

Swing! was a really enjoyable PV for me. I'll admit that a lot of my favour for this PV stems from the fact that I love this song. I really liked it a lot - even before I saw the PV. I fell head over heels when I saw the PV, and when I saw the SCP performance I became obssessed. XD But the music, the visuals - they all just worked together magnificently. It was plain and simple in concept and devoid of special effects, but there was a lot of technical detail in there from the lighting to the framing. *applauds director and art director* All that detail isn't really obvious (even I didn't notice a lot of the composition details until I took more screencaps), but it's certainly there, and it certainly makes the PV worth watching and... fabulous. :)
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*ditches previous boring RL post*

V6-san. Vibes was nothing short of impressive.
I may not have liked as many songs as I did in Voyager, but your performances in Vibes were undeniably cool. No solo songs, no backdancers, no giant props, no over-the-top costumes (ok maybe those red jackets with red roses all down the front were too much), no fancy skits (those should only be done by Eito anyway XD ) or very elaborate setups. Your props were the stages and the huge digital screens - all used to great effect. It's worthy of a huge picspam post. But static images just won't do your concert justice. Nevertheless I might do it anyway. haha

Bottom line: I liked it :)




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I must say this. I must. (Even though I've posted like what, almost every day for the past 5-6 days?)

V6. Vibes con. "Crazy World."



All I was thinking when watching it was "sugoi sugoi sugoi!!!!"

Especially the part leading into the song. I loved Go's silhouette thing at the start of it, the burnt screen, Ken's sequence with the flames, Kamisen's dance, Tonisen's dance, the overall kinda "popping" style of the opening dance, the multiplying-figures effect and how it looked from a distance... *___*

Oh, and I loved the outfits too.

I don't fancy the song too much, but I can see I'm going to be rewatching this clip for the rest of the day because it's too cool. Shall take screencaps later maybe.

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Music Station Super Live, V6 & Arashi - Comments typed as I watched them on Friday... Bracketed comments I'm adding now.
Sakamoto! hair! so short
v6 went on a tour together?
okada <3 <3 <3
... nande Light In Your Heart?
[Why not Chou? :( ]
but thankfully no frills and fringes
[on the clothes]
Okada-Sakamoto harmony <3
Nagano sounds like he's straining a little

Jun and Junichi... )

I don't want to leave K8 out of today's flail post (which might be the last flail post of the year for me? Depends on how busy I am the next few days), so here's me flipping out over the January Potato scans from Vendy. =D
Pink and purple... )

Oh! Oh! I just watched this old clip of V6 on Music Station - when they performed Mejirushi no Kioku... and Okada played the piano! ♥ ♥ Every time I watch him play the piano I just melt... :3

Ok I'm done. ^^ Flu symptoms forcing me to bed now.

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I happened to stumble upon the VCD of this Gakibara All-Stars episode in a music store and it was going for a really cheap price. I had next to no idea what was in it besides that some of the JE guys were in it (Takki and Arashi were on the cover) but I bought it anyway...

...And had so much fun watching the Kansai Juniors' segment that I just had to sub it. :D So I ripped it from the VCD and it became the second video ever that I subbed but I decided not to post it immediately and kept it as my Christmas present for the V6 and Eito comms. =D
It's a little 'basic' because at the time I hadn't yet learnt certain tricks of subbing (like having multiple colours for one line). I could re-do it, but I've no patience to re-encode and reupload everything again so this'll have to do. ^^

Kansai Jrs vs 20th Century

The Kansai Juniors' representatives - Yoko, Baru, Hina and (an almost unrecognisable) tiny Ryo - were given the challenge of telling their seniors, 20th Century, to retire.

For the benefit of Eito fans who might not be so familiar with V6, 20th Century is the older half of V6 and consists of Sakamoto Masayuki (V6's leader), Nagano Hiroshi and Inohara Yoshihiko.
To give you an idea of exactly why this might be so terrifying... The age gap is quite large - Sakamoto is ten years older than Yoko and Baru, and Nagano and Inocchi aren't too far behind. And to top it all off, Sakamoto is reputed to be quite a scary person. They say even Johnny-san is somewhat afraid of him. XD So you can imagine the then-Kansai Juniors' apprehension at having to tell them to retire. :P

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

There were some utterly priceless lines in here. XD My favourites were...
Nagano to Kansai Jrs, while pointing at Sakamoto: Look carefully! In ten years you'll all become like that too!

Hina to Yoko: Stop talking. The more you talk, the higher the chance of you getting snapped at!

On to credits and links! )
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ohmiya_sg uploaded the HD cuts of some of the JE performances and so I grabbed some. Along with the softsubs from newshfan. (Only problem is that the videos lag when played with the subs. >.<" If I don't use the subtitles it's fine. Anyone know how to overcome that issue?)

My favourite part is definitely V6's. :D I would've liked Eito's part more if Yoko hadn't turned up in that appalling perm. After seeing the recent Mezamashi, Zoom-in and other news clips of Ryo and Hina receiving the Oricon award on Eito's behalf for top-selling DVD of the year, I think I have to be resigned to the fact that Yoko's going to have horrible hair for the next month at the very least. *sad*

I'm getting sidetracked.

I screencapped the V6 clip in all it's HD glory and for once didn't resize the screencaps - because I think everyone should enjoy the delightful images at full size. XD Click ze thumbnails to go to the Scrapbook gallery ;)

I've no real complaints about the outfits, except that I'm not very fond of that dullish red plaid pattern on Go's scary and Okada's shirt. But I like the white coats! And the hats!

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