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( Janiben [2011.07.27] #214 - Kuwabata Ohara )

In this episode, one of the guests recently got married and now has a child. They bring the baby out. Lots of kyaaas and kawaiis ensue.

Yoko: He's really staring at me!
Guest: Wanna hold him?
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I hope I'm not gonna burn out soon like I did last year (regarding wallpaper designs, that is)... but for now, I'm still kinda on a roll! 8D

Am also trying something new: smartphone lockscreen wallpapers. But first! Let's get the regular desktop wallpapers out of the way...

Contents: Kanjani8, K8 combi (Tacchon, Ryo, Yasu), Yokoyama You, Nishikido Ryo, Shibutani Subaru, V6, Okada Junichi

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Lockscreen (for iPhone)
So I adapted some of my wallpaper designs to an iPhone lockscreen format. I don't know whether there's a real "demand" for this or not. If there is, I may start creating separate designs for this format (because it's vertical and narrower, or even square - based on how the iPhone places the clock and slider on the lock screen).... or make an extra version of my regular wallpapers (if I feel the design fits the format). So, tell me what you think?

Beneath the cut, you will find lockscreen designs for: Arashi, K8, Maru, Tacchon, Ryo, Yoko, V6, Miyake Ken, Tonisen, Kamisen, Mabo, Ikuta Toma

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Updates might be sporadic or drop off suddenly 'cause I'm reeeally sleepy today. haha

HSJ segment now, but YokoHina were rambling on about names just now. Yoko thinks that his is... not so great? haha Mentions of the "Knock brothers" joke somewhere in there. "Murakami", on the other hand, seems to be a surname that pops up a lot more in geinoujin circles these days. Yoko thinks "Kimura" is a cool one, and they generally agree that SMAP-san have nice names - "Nakai. Inagaki." "Nishikido" isn't too bad either. "Shibutani" could be troublesome, what with the Shibuya connection and all that. XD

Bah, LJ lost my last update. Here it is:
Yoko still remembers his first time in Tokyo - age 15, on the shinkansen and all... and V6 performing at Yokohama Arena? 8Da

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Recomen starts! And en-chan's not around for live commentary tonight so here goes me attempting to sort it out on my own. Toma's tonight's guest \:D/

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Hm, YokoHina were discussing the Ranger colours? Baru chose first - pretty much just up and declared he wanted red. 8D Yoko and Ryo were indifferent.
Yoko mentions that Arashi have individual colours too right - the ones that were on Tokyo Tower and all...

Ugh, that caller had such a... cartoony voice. I hope that was the result of voice-changing software and that that wasn't her actual voice.

Tokio the Ride - Taichi calls a listener
Girl: Who's this?
Taichi: Who do you think it is?
Girl: Eh? ... Jii-chan? *


Taichi gets girl to pass the phone to her little brother and he demands to know if he sounds like their grandfather.
Boy: Not at all.
Taichi: Right?!!

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lol, the ending of Recomen just now... XD

The thing about me listening to Recomen is that I can't keep up my concentration. My concentration wavers depending on how much of the talk I understand. If I don't get the topic at the start, my attention wanders really quickly. And with each segment in between - HSJ's, SMAP's, Taichi's, and Tsubasa's - my concentration levels drop. No, actually it drops the most after HSJ's and SMAP's because I really don't care about those segments and I'm only giving about 1% of attention to it (just enough to know when the segment ends, haha). So when those segments end, I have to quickly pull myself back to focus on what Yoko and Hina are saying, and it usually takes a while for me to regain a decent level of concentration after that... which means I lose out on more stuff and end up understanding less and less as the show goes on. -_-""

So just now my mind was wandering all over the place again and then suddenly I heard Maru's voice. Realised they were playing a clip from last week's Recomen. Presumably the part where he was talking about himself and Hina.
Yoko was totally pushing the HinaMaru thing. (I don't ship anyone, but it was really funny to listen to anyway XD ) I attempted to take notes but... er... only managed several lines. Too busy alternately puzzling over phrases and cracking up at other times. [livejournal.com profile] enshinge is the pro at this, not me - let's hope she gets around to listening to this Recomen soon? 8)b

Have some random lines from throughout the last half hour or so, colour-coded just because I felt like it. haha (Some are potentially incorrect, and I apologise beforehand. ^^; )


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Sometimes I just don't know how to label my wallpaper posts. I think I'll just use numbers from now on. haha

Featured this round are: Kanjani∞, Yokoyama You, Maruyama Ryuhei, Murakami Shingo, and Shibutani Subaru

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Eito were just hilarious in the countdown con, weren't they?

(Clicking pics will take you to the full 1280x720 images - I don't like breaking my LJ theme with oversized images. ^^;)

Look at those gorgeous white suits. *v*

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It's been a bit of a bad day, so to cheer myself up by feeling like I'm actually of some use, I'm sharing wallpapers. ^^ (I'm reminded of what Yoko said in his greeting at the 8UPPERS con: "I'm not really talented, but one thing I can do is make you happy.")[Poll #1802461]

Ok, wallpapers!
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(I feel like I'm this nitpicky fashion commentator when it comes to JE. XD )

So K8 designed their own Fight jerseys. Just for the record, I really really enjoyed watching that particular behind-the-scenes video. Someone needs to sub it. hahah

(click for larger screenshot)

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And just a heads-up: look out for more wallpapers soon? :)
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Let me show you my thought process regarding the outfits whilst watching the making of K8's Tsubusa ni koi PV.

Yoko - hmm, pretty good (considering I don't usually like that sort of dull mustard-ish yellow). Hina - I don't think that slightly desaturated red flatters him, but overall the look is ok. Maru - flourescent orange; automatic "argh, NO". Ryo - I like that green and I kinda sorta like the purple, but that green + that purple + orange just reads "The Joker" to me. Yasu - flourescent pink; also automatic "argh, NO." (And as for that hair... no, Yasu, NO.)

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Hamada Britney was terrifically annoying, but the guys were hilarious! Glad this was subbed. XD (I found this Hamada Britney person annoying even in that subbed clip from HnA - the one with the mystery boxes and Aibu Saki and Nino having to touch the octopus.)

From the very beginning of the episode, Baru had this annoyed/uncomfortable/"what the hell" look on his face. I don't recall him showing such an expression from the start of Janiben before. XD

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musicmind may not have blown me away as Vibes did or amuse me as much as Love & Life or have as many songs that I liked as Voyager, but... there were definitely parts that I liked.

I liked how there was a sort of jazzy feel to the whole concert, mostly because they had a brass section in addition to the usual band... and because the musicians weren't hidden away somewhere - they were in plain sight on either side of the stage and whenever any of V6 wandered near enough, the tracking spotlight would also end up illuminating whichever musician was nearest XD I think there was a sequence where they got the brass section (or was it the guitars?) to kind of join in the song. I thought that was really quite nice :)

Their Christmas medley - Silver Bells/Lonely Holy Night/2nd Bell - was a huge favourite of mine. I was kind of glad that they didn't include Miracle Starter since I don't like it quite as much as those other three songs :P
There was a simple little candle sequence during Lonely Holy Night that I thought was a nice touch. Nothing fancy, but the simplicity suited the atmosphere.

And it's just amazing how Okada Junichi - barely visible in the half-light - can make an action as plain as blowing out a candle look... stunning.

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Can I declare today "Make Elenniel Happy Day?" haha
In celebrating the anniversary of their collaboration, ohmiya_sg and enshinge seem to have inadvertently delivered an early 誕生日プレセント to me with that slew of new subbed vids... Even including a Gakkou e Ikou episode and Kisarazu Cat's Eye clip! whee~~

Okay. On to the real stuff. My turn to churn out a few small subs!

TSD SP [2008.12.27] - Aiba and the Dolphin Stunt
Iruka! )

Also... (very) short Eito radio clips~!
Kikujani - 22 November 2008 & 20 December 2008
(I hope I noted down the dates correctly... 8D )

Kikujani Eito~~~ )

Or I shall be very displeased.

Comments appreciated as usual... and all that. XD Go pay tribute to enshinge too~!

And I shall go sleep now. Will post this to the Arashi/K8 comms later I guess. So, f-list, you get to see all these first XD F-list and the others who watch my LJ, that is. ^^
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Music Station Super Live, V6 & Arashi - Comments typed as I watched them on Friday... Bracketed comments I'm adding now.
Sakamoto! hair! so short
v6 went on a tour together?
okada <3 <3 <3
... nande Light In Your Heart?
[Why not Chou? :( ]
but thankfully no frills and fringes
[on the clothes]
Okada-Sakamoto harmony <3
Nagano sounds like he's straining a little

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I don't want to leave K8 out of today's flail post (which might be the last flail post of the year for me? Depends on how busy I am the next few days), so here's me flipping out over the January Potato scans from Vendy. =D
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Oh! Oh! I just watched this old clip of V6 on Music Station - when they performed Mejirushi no Kioku... and Okada played the piano! ♥ ♥ Every time I watch him play the piano I just melt... :3

Ok I'm done. ^^ Flu symptoms forcing me to bed now.

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I happened to stumble upon the VCD of this Gakibara All-Stars episode in a music store and it was going for a really cheap price. I had next to no idea what was in it besides that some of the JE guys were in it (Takki and Arashi were on the cover) but I bought it anyway...

...And had so much fun watching the Kansai Juniors' segment that I just had to sub it. :D So I ripped it from the VCD and it became the second video ever that I subbed but I decided not to post it immediately and kept it as my Christmas present for the V6 and Eito comms. =D
It's a little 'basic' because at the time I hadn't yet learnt certain tricks of subbing (like having multiple colours for one line). I could re-do it, but I've no patience to re-encode and reupload everything again so this'll have to do. ^^

Kansai Jrs vs 20th Century

The Kansai Juniors' representatives - Yoko, Baru, Hina and (an almost unrecognisable) tiny Ryo - were given the challenge of telling their seniors, 20th Century, to retire.

For the benefit of Eito fans who might not be so familiar with V6, 20th Century is the older half of V6 and consists of Sakamoto Masayuki (V6's leader), Nagano Hiroshi and Inohara Yoshihiko.
To give you an idea of exactly why this might be so terrifying... The age gap is quite large - Sakamoto is ten years older than Yoko and Baru, and Nagano and Inocchi aren't too far behind. And to top it all off, Sakamoto is reputed to be quite a scary person. They say even Johnny-san is somewhat afraid of him. XD So you can imagine the then-Kansai Juniors' apprehension at having to tell them to retire. :P

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

There were some utterly priceless lines in here. XD My favourites were...
Nagano to Kansai Jrs, while pointing at Sakamoto: Look carefully! In ten years you'll all become like that too!

Hina to Yoko: Stop talking. The more you talk, the higher the chance of you getting snapped at!

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Hopefully my line stays stable today... and hopefully they talk about stuff I can understand. I need the cheer-me-up.

They still haven't reached the title call. XD Yoko and his long stories. hahaha (At least it's not the Yasu story again. ^^; )

Finally the title call. :P And Hina reels off the usual stuff....

Musekinin Hero

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Recomen Otoko-juku
Hirokuni... 27!

Huh? What? What? What's going on? I don't get why the sudden explosion from them... OHH. IT'S KISSAKO.
It's Kissako, people! ROFL.

I find this just too funny... and evidently YokoHina do too. He knows Eito, and YokoHina are surprised
(I actually don't really know why Kissako's famous - anyone care to enlighten me? - but it's still hilarious, knowing how Yoko used to mess up on the name. ahahahha)

LOL. Yoko messes up on the name again! XD

Yoko's really happy he called~

And they're playing Kissako's Kokoro. hehehe

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Ah, the ending part of this Recomen was so funny. :D And now I'm quite awake. (Not good. It's midnight. I should be sleeping soon. Not a good time to be so awake.)
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And here we go~ YokoHina Recomen~~
Ryo and Tacchon away for drama shoots (Ryusei no Kizuna and Hissatsu Shogotonin)

First song of the night: Musekinin Hero!

Recomen Girls' Ranking
Something about the type of guy you like...
Didn't understand #5 - I need en-chan's translations! haha

#4 was childlike guys?
(LOL. I think this would generally apply to nearly all of Eito. XD )

Missed hearing #3, but #2 = 優しい人 (kind guys)

#1 Funny-cool guys
( Yoko and Aiba? XDD )

HSJ segment:
Chinen says that his favourite words are love, courage and Satoshi. -___-" 愛と勇気と智
*goes to look for the bun bought earlier whilst HSJ segment is still on*

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(Just for the heck of it and for my own reference... :P ) 

9.15PM (Malaysia time)
They played o'clock 2008 version!
Very... fast rap. -___-
Baru > Tacchon > Ryo > Yasu > Hina > Yoko > Maru > Baru
I couldn't make out any part of Ryo's rap except the last line... Too fast, Ryo-chan!

Recomen Girls' Ranking... Heroes of Heisei era? (Did I hear right?) 
Hahah #5 is HSJ.

Kitajima Kousuke is #1.

Waitaminute. Isn't this supposed to be ratings week? WHERE'S THE REST OF EITO? *glares at the other five*

Johnny's Station
Something about Takki & Tsubasa
HSJ new single - Mayonaka no Shadow Boy (?)
Tacchon's con

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