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[livejournal.com profile] nagoya_mewmew I'm trying to revive my LJ, see XD

Pokemon Go landed in Malaysia last Saturday and set the country (well, the urban side anyway) ablazeeeee.

I admit that I'm playing it. I installed it out of curiosity and to alleviate boredom as I was to spend the whole afternoon at a uni event on "counselling" duty. (When I say "counselling," I don't mean it in the psychiatric sense or anything. In this case it refers to having to talk to parents/potential students who come to find out more about the university or the course(s) in question. I don't like it but I have to do it. >_> ) To my delight, I discovered that the place where the event was being held (in my hometown) turned out to be a prime spot for pokemon. I caught well over 30 just sitting in the one room for 4 hours. And no, I didn't have much to do, which is why I could catch so many. I think that if there had been none to catch I would've been bored with the game and wouldn't have cared about it. So, fortunately or unfortunately, it was a pretty thrilling start. lol

I didn't play or watch or know anyone who actively played Pokemon when I was younger so I know next to nothing except random names I've heard like "Pikachu" and "Squirtle." I know what a Pikachu looks like but I haven't a clue what it sounds like or how it acts. (I remember getting "Pikachu" once in a game of Charades earlier this year - I hate that game and anything similar with a passion - and I had no idea how to portray it. The one in charge of the game gave me a look of disgust and I felt both embarrassed and angry. I never cared about the stupid Pikachu and didn't know anyone who did so how the hell would I know what it does?? Ugh, just thinking about that incident makes me angry.) So I started off playing blind xD Had to ask [livejournal.com profile] duckii_mustang how the thing works, with transferring pokemon and getting candy and whatnot.

Came back to the capital city on Monday and went to work only to discover that the campus is home to a bunch of pokestops and numerous pokemon xDDD I've got a bunch of colleagues playing it too. Should've seen us that day: "There's a spearow!" "I got a Meowth just now." "Why do you have a Bulbasaur [on your screen] but I don't?!" "I keep getting the bats..."
The bulk of the student body (the degree students) are on break at the moment so there were fewer students around. But the ones who were around were... Well, I think at least half of them were playing the game too. xD Should be an interesting sight when the next degree term opens.
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My Singapore weekend largely consisted of bookstores and meeting friends. hahaha On Friday, I met up with snoew, and on Saturday with Luke and his girlfriend. On both days I visited Kinokuniya (two different ones, of course), and on Saturday itself, I spent about 5 hours in the Takashimaya branch of Kino. Yes, five. I got to Taka at about 1pm and was due to meet Luke at 6.30pm. I went straight into Kino and never came out until 6.15pm. 8D And I totally forgot that there was even a second floor to that particular branch of Kino. >_>

Anyway... [livejournal.com profile] snoew is very good for the Singaporean (and Japanese) economy. Where I was instrumental in luring her into Arashi fandom, she's instrumental in getting me to spend on V6/K8 fandom.

So I bought V6 albums... )

But overall, I spent very little in Singapore. Compared to my sisters, that is. My total purchases probably came out to about... Just around SGD100, maybe? Those two albums, several markers, a coloured ink pad and two manga from Kino... That's about it. lol OOoohhhh speaking of that: snoewwwww, I'm totally going to have you buy more Ouran manga for me from Singapore when I decide on other interesting volumes. XD I discovered that there's a Singapore company licensed to translate Ouran and Otomen and some other manga to English. The price is like, half of Shojo Beat's. So I bought volumes 12 and 13. :P
(Of course, Shoujo Beat comes from the US, and the cover design and all is rather prettier. But still! I'd rather buy the cheaper Singaporean one since the translation is fairly decent. Although I do wish they'd simply ignored the whole senpai suffix and went with just the names, because calling characters "Senior Tamaki" and "Senior Hani" and so on is plain awkward.)

And then I bought a bracelet... )
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I 've been sorting the books in my room (which is now an even bigger mess than before thanks to my efforts to "clean up" - ironyyyy), which were on the shelves and in various boxes, and have also been trying to catalogue them in an Excel file. The rough total is about... 234. 8D
Well, books that are mine are actually less than that since about 15 were originally my mother's books (the LOTR and Narnia books, for example, are older than I am  8D ).

In that 234 are...
38 Star Wars books
12 Elinor M. Brent-Dyer books (Chalet School series)
11 Enid Blyton books (there are at least 6 more that I know I have but which aren't in my room and I don't know where they are D: )
11 C.S. Lewis
10 Diana Wynne Jones
10 animation/film-related books
7 J.R.R. Tolkien
7 Louisa May Alcott
6 L.M. Montgomery
5 Agatha Christie
4 Gerald Durrell
4 Georgette Heyer
4 W. Somerset Maugham

Other authors include: Jane Austen, Isaac Asimov, Arthur Conan Doyle, Roald Dahl, Pearl S. Buck, Fuyumi Ono, Lian Hearn, Catherine Lim, Madeleine L'Engle, Adeline Yen Mah, George MacDonald, Ursula K. LeGuin, Gregory Maguire, Neil Gaiman, Richard Gordon, E. Nesbit, ...

I don't know which books to bring with me to Scotland!! Pride & Prejudice, definitely. Maybe one of my Twelve Kingdoms books (most likely Sea of Wind). One Star Wars book... I want to bring along at least one of my LOTR books, but I'm kinda afraid that they'd spoil or fall apart or something. :(

I wish I could scan all my books and them along in digital format...
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Just some things (in fandom) that make me happy at the moment - even though I'm not exactly hyper-happy or anything. Heh. Listing them as they come to mind.

1. "Two Worlds" & "You'll Be in My Heart", Sakamoto Masayuki.
Disney + V6's leader? I love it! Tarzan isn't my favourite Disney movie, but I still like the music lots. :) And Sakamoto's voice! I'm starting to wonder if he isn't actually a better singer than Ohno. (Of course, that could be in part to his age/experience, since V6 started 5 years before Arashi did.) But he's at least on par with Riida.

I am so addicted to this song at the moment. It's so relaxing and sort of "calmly happy." I can practically see V6's Voyager con performance of this song in my head whenever I hear it. *twirl, side-step, twirl* *finger dance* *bow* It's nice! Go download it if you don't believe me. [profile] snoew  agrees with me - don't you, snoew? :P

3. Hana Yori Dango trailer
All I can say is: KYA~~~
Still not too fond of the Doumyouji hair (although when it's properly curled it doesn't look as bad as half-curled and all-over-the-place like in some recent photoshoots -__- ), but Jun looks just... ♥

4. "DREAMIN' BLOOD", Kanjani8
Ah, the nostalgic, slightly 80s feel of this. And the lyrics. The melody. <3

5. Gakkou e Ikou MAX
Sakamoto and Ken evidently enjoying themselves way too much playing pranks on their kouhai, Nino being too wrapped up in his game to notice anything weird, Sho and Aiba gaily following whatever instruction was given to them, Ohno looking so happy at having his hairstyle praised, MatsuJun getting suspicious after the odd interview questions... XDD Oh, and the way Jun stared at the "girls" and then turned to stare at Sakamoto after finding out the "girls" were guys. LOL.
Can I just say this? I like how his reactions remind me of my own. hahahah! I'm not the type to react with a loud "EHH?" to shocks - although I might do it occasionally. Generally I just go for the disbelieving stare. XD

6. One Piece (manga)
This is really just getting better and better and better. The amount of new characters Oda-sensei has just thrown in! *gasp* Excitement! I wonder what the specialties of all these high-level pirates are. And the mystery surrounding that Engineer guy! Man... How does Oda-sensei keep it up??

7. Kanjani8's 47con
It was just huge fun. :D I wish I was much much more fluent in Japanese to understand the whole MC, but I gathered the gist of it I guess... But K8 was fun to watch! The Eito Ranger skit was priceless XD The hilarious opening song where Yoko forgot to introduce himself... Ryo's Heavenly Psycho performance with the audience... And *gasp* Ohkura drum solo! And Mamoritai! (which brings me to my next point)

8. Ohkura Tadayoshi
He is just way cool. His solo song at 47con! ♥ ♥ I heard he wrote the lyrics himself, which makes it doubly cool. I really liked how he ended the song by writing "mamoritai" in the air and how they superimposed the kana onto the screen as though he was leaving light trails with his finger. I'm not particularly crazy over drums or drummers, but I do think he's pretty good at it. :D

9. Okada Junichi
Mentioning drums starts the train of thought that goes: drums > musical instruments > piano > Okada. (Argh not enough shades of yellow/yellow-orange to use.) I can't get over his piano-playing in Hajimari. When I first watched Voyager con and that centre box platform turned round to reveal the grand piano and Okada playing... I just gaped and I think my heart skipped a beat. (lol) Then when he started to sing as well, I "died." It was like... "What? The guy acts, sings, seems to have an artistic bent and now he plays the piano too??" He's definitely my JE #3 now. (Gomen, Aibachan.)

(In case you think I'm forgetting all about Jun, let me just remind minna-san that I've expounded on MatsuJun's coolness before in various posts - to the point where I think I've said all I need to say and I think I really don't need to keep repeating myself to everyone already. :P I don't like repeating myself too much. haha)
EDIT: Right after I posted this and re-read it, it suddenly occurred to me that MatsuJun also dislikes having to repeat himself. font, you were really right when you said we're alike. ><

10. "ROCK THE HOUSE", Coming Century
Another song that I like for some bizarre reason. Probably the Voyager con performance helped. I liked what Kamisen wore for that. The dark sweaters/jackets they wore with the red and white flower print on parts was kinda nice.

Just ten for now. If I think of anything else or if I feel like it, I'll add on some more. ^^
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Meant to post before midnight, but my mother wanted me to help with preparations for the bbq and such. Meh. hahah. Sneaking a quick post - so here goes:


Will post a proper Reflections of 2007 post after the madness is over. There's a bunch of stuff I want to say about my fandoms in this year. XD And [profile] snoew, [profile] skyura - hope you two are online once I'm free to come and chat properly! ^_^)


Dec. 2nd, 2007 12:21 am
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Giselle & Prince Edward from Enchanted. (Larger view is up here at my deviantArt =] )
I haven't done much drawing in some time - I kinda miss it. Haven't been doing much colouring either, so this was fun to do. Felt satisfying (although I'm not too pleased with how Edward turned out in the pic...).

Spoiler-filled comments... )

But that's my personal opinion on the show - what do you think? Would love to hear other opinions :)


Oct. 25th, 2007 02:18 am
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I am... Sleepy. Frazzled. Not very well. Somewhat stressed.

Times like this I really quite wish I could do as people like to tell us girls: Find a nice, rich guy, get married and then be able to do whatever I want!!  x(

Shall update/continue this when I'm at work to try keep myself awake.

EDIT, 9.36PM:
Okay... So I didn't have time to update at work. Was rushing for a deadline... And Flash went bonkers on me at the last minute, so my supervisor had to go meet the client with a soundless presentation. =_= I passed him the mp3 file we planned to use anyway and he decided to 'cheat' a bit by playing the Flash file and the mp3 simultaneously... While he was off meeting the client, I managed to find the solution (it was ONE measly little setting. sdfhswerywohgjdhgk... ). Fortunately, the client loved it anyway. Huge relief. Just some minor image alterations to make.
But got another job to rush tomorrow. @_@ I don't think the design business is very good for one's mental and physical health...

So, yay - I can sleep early tonight... And get a wallpaper or two done, maybe?


Sep. 22nd, 2007 03:53 pm
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I got Arashic!
(And no, I don't know why they named the album that.)

Feel like going how Sho reacted to winning his HD digital video camera: "Yatta! Yatta! Yatta!"

... I think I'm really blessed with great friends, especially my two best friends. And in this case, one went to all the trouble to digging it out of obscurity in Singapore for me. He's fantastic :D

Aa-aah. I'm gonna scan the (few) pics when I haev the time and make a wallpaper XD
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I just felt like sketching my three prom outfits. hahah

I kinda enjoyed getting all dressed up for proms. Get to feel so princess-ish for the night. * v *
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I just discovered that I can use the Scrapbook in LJ after upgrading my user account to Plus (or whatever it is - the one with ads). So I'm testing it out. heheh

Uploaded my latest submission to deviantArt to test the Scrapbook. Just a small pic. The larger one's over at dA. (And the original size stays on my PC. hahaha)

green fairy

Been a while since I drew a fantasy-ish pic.

Other notes:
~ Having a sort of nightmare job-hunting.
~ Wondering if I should set up a site for my wallpapers. hahah... There's enough space on my server still...
~ Haven't been watching anime lately - except for Lovely Complex. Bleach fillers bored me, One Piece & Eyeshield 21's subbers haven't been updating... PoT OVAs too...
~ It's all about J-dramas! Though only HanaKimi and Yamada Tarou right now. Lost a bit of interest in Bambino, even though it is MatsuJun in it...

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I was at a nearby mall with my friend and we passed this video store. There were six television screens in the display window - playing some show I didn't recognise. Then the scene changed and I saw Igarashi Shunji (of the D-Boys)!

My thoughts went something like this: Eh? Igarashi! In that grey and gold uniform... Ultraman Mebius.
I didn't know they distributed that show here. But then I don't really care. That sort of show doesn't appeal to me - even if I do think Igarashi is adorable with kids. *thinks of that DD-Boys episode*

Was just amusing to suddenly see Igarashi on those display screens. (Actually, seeing any of the D-Boys or even any of the Tenimyu cast would have surprised/amused me) Half-wish it had been Shirota though. XD


Nov. 23rd, 2006 03:50 pm
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About three weeks back, when the semester just started, there was a conference organised nearby (about a half-hour's drive away). They called it the CAT Conference. Creativity Art & Technology.

Personally, I thought the logo was rather sad for a conference on creativity and art. There was something about incorporating a cat with the letter C, but it could’ve looked much cooler. And if that big cat with a mouse in its mouth (hahah - I only just realised the “cat and mouse” visual pun while writing that sentence) was the mascot… I’ve nothing to say about it. . Wonder why they didn’t try and get a more designer-ish logo and mascot. Though there were technical companies and stuff involved, it is a conference for the design industry, after all. *shrugs* Anyway, it was a two-day conference and free of charge to people in the arts industry and students.

Since I didn't have classes on Monday, I decided to attend the conference - the first day, at least. Went with a friend and her housemate - both from another art college. The turnout at the conference was pretty good. I don't know why I imagined that there wouldn't be that many people since: (a) it was free, and (b) the showcase company was Studio Ghibli.
How could I have thought there would not be many people? Ahahah...


Oct. 16th, 2006 03:33 pm
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Well well well... I've finally started an LJ. Not that I haven't had blogs before - had one on Tabulas and recently moved to my own server to try out the WordPress system. But I started this anyway mainly so I can keep in touch with y'all from the FET forums. (Do I hear an "awww"? :P )

So it looks like I'll be blogging here from time to time as well as on my other blog (don't ask me where it is, 'cause I'm not telling! heheheh). Methinks this'll be more of an anime-oriented blog, since those of you reading this would most probably be anime viewers/manga readers too. ;) Besides, it'd be a good vent for any thoughts, rants or - dare I say it - "fangirling" of mine. Ahah. I don't get to do that much on my other blog, since most of my friends who read that aren't into anime. It would bore them if I went on and on and on about anime there.

Why didn't I use T-Zone as my user ID? Er... Didn't think I'd like it for a blog add or ID. I didn't want to  use my dA name either - I don't like to be too easily found. :P
What's elenniel mean? Star-daughter, by Tolkien's Elvish Sindarin. :)

Before I go, here's a big HI to all of you who drop by! =D


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