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( Janiben [2011.07.27] #214 - Kuwabata Ohara )

In this episode, one of the guests recently got married and now has a child. They bring the baby out. Lots of kyaaas and kawaiis ensue.

Yoko: He's really staring at me!
Guest: Wanna hold him?
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Haven't done these sort-of-translations for a while... 8Da Let's hope I got this one mostly right. hahah

This was from Janiben on 7 August 2013. (I was downloading a few random episodes trying to locate some amusing instances I saw on Tumblr... but none I downloaded were the right ones. Grrrr. Whyyyy can't people get into the habit of just inserting the episode date when they post stuff on Tumblr? It's so annoying and frustrating when I can't locate it. )

The question is... something like "When travelling abroad, which of the following do you factor into your budget?" Something like that?
Options are:
A. Better hotel
B. Flight class - economy/business class
C. Stretch the length of the trip as much as you can
D. Yummy food!

("D" is the easiest to understand and translate XD )
And you can see who chose what from the screencap above.

The choices are supposed to reflect their approaches to marriage...

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I hope I'm not gonna burn out soon like I did last year (regarding wallpaper designs, that is)... but for now, I'm still kinda on a roll! 8D

Am also trying something new: smartphone lockscreen wallpapers. But first! Let's get the regular desktop wallpapers out of the way...

Contents: Kanjani8, K8 combi (Tacchon, Ryo, Yasu), Yokoyama You, Nishikido Ryo, Shibutani Subaru, V6, Okada Junichi

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Lockscreen (for iPhone)
So I adapted some of my wallpaper designs to an iPhone lockscreen format. I don't know whether there's a real "demand" for this or not. If there is, I may start creating separate designs for this format (because it's vertical and narrower, or even square - based on how the iPhone places the clock and slider on the lock screen).... or make an extra version of my regular wallpapers (if I feel the design fits the format). So, tell me what you think?

Beneath the cut, you will find lockscreen designs for: Arashi, K8, Maru, Tacchon, Ryo, Yoko, V6, Miyake Ken, Tonisen, Kamisen, Mabo, Ikuta Toma

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Eito were just hilarious in the countdown con, weren't they?

(Clicking pics will take you to the full 1280x720 images - I don't like breaking my LJ theme with oversized images. ^^;)

Look at those gorgeous white suits. *v*

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(I feel like I'm this nitpicky fashion commentator when it comes to JE. XD )

So K8 designed their own Fight jerseys. Just for the record, I really really enjoyed watching that particular behind-the-scenes video. Someone needs to sub it. hahah

(click for larger screenshot)

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And just a heads-up: look out for more wallpapers soon? :)
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Let me show you my thought process regarding the outfits whilst watching the making of K8's Tsubusa ni koi PV.

Yoko - hmm, pretty good (considering I don't usually like that sort of dull mustard-ish yellow). Hina - I don't think that slightly desaturated red flatters him, but overall the look is ok. Maru - flourescent orange; automatic "argh, NO". Ryo - I like that green and I kinda sorta like the purple, but that green + that purple + orange just reads "The Joker" to me. Yasu - flourescent pink; also automatic "argh, NO." (And as for that hair... no, Yasu, NO.)

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I need a pick-me-up. So I do a good deed and release a sub. 8D

Tetsuwan DASH 2008.07.06 - Catch the Nagase
Featuring TOKIO's Nagase Tomoya, Joushima Shigeru (a.k.a. "Leader"), Yamaguchi Tatsuya and Kanjani∞'s Yokoyama Yuu and Yasuda Shota.

Join Leader, Yokoyama, Yasuda, Yamaguchi and their canine guest star, Ai-chan, in their pursuit of the dastardly Nagase! Watch as they use state-of-the-art phone-tracking technology and Ai-chan's amazing talents to chase the elusive criminal across Enoshima. (And give the various camera crews a good workout while they're at it.)

(huh. Those screencaps are a bit out of order. Oh well.)

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Brief comments/recollections, based on what I vaguely understood? 8D 

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(I know I seem to be posting a lot all of a sudden, but I feel like I need to get some flailing or fandom babble out of my system now in the first week of the new sem and before work proper begins. 8D )

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Can I declare today "Make Elenniel Happy Day?" haha
In celebrating the anniversary of their collaboration, ohmiya_sg and enshinge seem to have inadvertently delivered an early 誕生日プレセント to me with that slew of new subbed vids... Even including a Gakkou e Ikou episode and Kisarazu Cat's Eye clip! whee~~

Okay. On to the real stuff. My turn to churn out a few small subs!

TSD SP [2008.12.27] - Aiba and the Dolphin Stunt
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Also... (very) short Eito radio clips~!
Kikujani - 22 November 2008 & 20 December 2008
(I hope I noted down the dates correctly... 8D )

Kikujani Eito~~~ )

Or I shall be very displeased.

Comments appreciated as usual... and all that. XD Go pay tribute to enshinge too~!

And I shall go sleep now. Will post this to the Arashi/K8 comms later I guess. So, f-list, you get to see all these first XD F-list and the others who watch my LJ, that is. ^^
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And here we go~ YokoHina Recomen~~
Ryo and Tacchon away for drama shoots (Ryusei no Kizuna and Hissatsu Shogotonin)

First song of the night: Musekinin Hero!

Recomen Girls' Ranking
Something about the type of guy you like...
Didn't understand #5 - I need en-chan's translations! haha

#4 was childlike guys?
(LOL. I think this would generally apply to nearly all of Eito. XD )

Missed hearing #3, but #2 = 優しい人 (kind guys)

#1 Funny-cool guys
( Yoko and Aiba? XDD )

HSJ segment:
Chinen says that his favourite words are love, courage and Satoshi. -___-" 愛と勇気と智
*goes to look for the bun bought earlier whilst HSJ segment is still on*

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(Finally the 47 Tour backstage vids are out! Yay, BNS!)

I really wish I could continue watching this video and not sleep now. Darn work.  I barely managed to click the "Stop" button after the Kanagawa backstage segment finished. 

But this was how I basically reacted to the opening minutes of the BNS-subbed backstage documentary (disc 1) from Kanjani8's 47 Tour:

*flails at screen* (regardless of which K8 member was in the frame)
Eitoooooo, hisashiburiiiiii~~
*flails some more*

And Yassan cracked me up by striking peculiar poses in the background while (a rather tired-looking) Maru was talking. XD

*resists from reopening Media Player and continuing to watch*

Where are my fellow Eighters? This vid so calls for tonnes of flailing in the days to come. XD


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