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It's my birthday today, so I present to K8 fandom... another fansub. Courtesy of the lovely [livejournal.com profile] tuesday_756!

In this episode of Chronicle, K8 are put in separate cubicles and told to pick a costume from the cast of Momotaro. They'll have to conduct a "press conference" for a movie called Neo-Momotaro and will have to ad lib everything based on whatever they choose - even if they pick the same costumes. Because this is Eito, hilarity ensues.

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This... has been massively delayed. I should've posted this at least two months ago. ^^;;;
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GASP. Can it be? [livejournal.com profile] tuesday_756 and [livejournal.com profile] elenniel have produced a fansub after a 3-year hiatus! :3

This was too funny to not sub xD I chuckled at how strangely revealing their responses in the first part are. Baru just laughs, Tacchon is concerned about looking too manly, Ryo is apprehensive, Yoko is resigned to it (and I have a feeling this is the closest we'll get to seeing Yoko's real personality on screen), Yasu is worried about looking cute, Hina is all positivity... Maru just talks about Hina. I almost wish they'd chosen some other soundbite of Maru's to use in this, because he's the only one talking about someone else.

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Gakkou e Ikou! MAX 2007.03.06
Join Nagano and Go as they visit a cram school for little kids (...and proceed to show how "clever" they are. "Clever." Ahem).

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Janiben 2011.11.08
Previously sort-of-translated here.

The guest likes snakes, so of course they're gonna have snakes in the studio. Yoko, Baru, Hina, Ryo and Tacchon do not like this. XD Maru and Yasu enjoy themselves though.

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And this brings the awesome week to a close~ Three sub releases and a wallpaper post in the same week! Phew...

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Ai to Makoto (Love & Sincerity) 2003.11.25

TOKIO celebrate their tenth anniversary by taking a trip to Kyoto all by themselves and the various cameramen and other crew members.

Translator: [livejournal.com profile] tuesday_756
Spot translator: [livejournal.com profile] basil_ovelby
Subber: [livejournal.com profile] elenniel

The video comes in 3 parts, and I apologise for not doing all the on-screen captions... timing them all was just too tiring. ^^; Have a highlight summary along with the links:

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Also known as
Shiwake∞ 2011.09.10 - josoushita danshi cut
Starring Shibutani Subaru, Yokoyama You and Nishikido Ryo. With Murakami Shingo, Maruyama Ryuhei, Ohkura Tadayoshi and Yasuda Shota, of course.

It's a two-for-one day today, so there's also a very short clip from Hey Hey Hey 11.11.07 where Yoko, Hina and Maru show up in a VTR during Arashi's appearance on said show. :)

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I need a pick-me-up. So I do a good deed and release a sub. 8D

Tetsuwan DASH 2008.07.06 - Catch the Nagase
Featuring TOKIO's Nagase Tomoya, Joushima Shigeru (a.k.a. "Leader"), Yamaguchi Tatsuya and Kanjani∞'s Yokoyama Yuu and Yasuda Shota.

Join Leader, Yokoyama, Yasuda, Yamaguchi and their canine guest star, Ai-chan, in their pursuit of the dastardly Nagase! Watch as they use state-of-the-art phone-tracking technology and Ai-chan's amazing talents to chase the elusive criminal across Enoshima. (And give the various camera crews a good workout while they're at it.)

(huh. Those screencaps are a bit out of order. Oh well.)

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I just realised that it's been over a year since I released any subs (outside of Vi6es work, that is). *gasp* 
To those who added me on LJ for subs: my humblest apologies! But it's been a long year, what with postgrad and all.

So here's a delightfully amusing Janiben to make up for it, courtesy of the awesomeness that is enshinge and strawberry-fzz!

Janiben 2010.12.22 - Miss Universe Japan 2009, an alpaca and konamon

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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Whee, sub! I ♥ En for entertaining my "hint" to translate this bit. XD
(There should be more "freelance" translators of Eito and V6 stuff so I don't have to keep bugging dear tuesday_756 and enshinge to translate for me. 8D )

Janiben 2010.01.06 clip

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GeI MAX 2007.10.16 - Tokubetsu Hen Inocchi Kekkon Omedettou~
So this is from when Inocchi announced his marriage to his fans and the press.

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You may not be hearing from me for a while - or only intermittently - since I'm going off on holiday in a couple of hours. I hope all the links work! ^^

Have a blessed Christmas, everyone~
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It's been far too long since I put out wallpapers or subs! But this is what postgrad studies do to you...
Anyway, I thought of releasing this closer to Okada's birthday, but then I might not have time to do so towards the end of November. So here it is now (right on the tail on Vi6es's V6 anniversary project)!

Gakkou e Ikou! MAX [2006.01.17] - Twelve Girls Band
Okada has to learn to play the yangqin in two weeks (in the middle of their concert tour too!) in order to "co-star" with the Twelve Girls Band and a boy called Miyagi. And he has no one to blame but himself for that. XD

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Because tuesday_756 wanted to see this subbed. :D

24-hour TV 2008 - Aiba's Task
Aiba helps a boy with Spinal Muscular Atrophy achieve his dream of swimming with wild dolphins. The biggest problem isn't that the boy can't walk; it's that he's afraid of swimming in the sea. Aiba-chan's got quite a task on his hands...

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... And in elenniel's world, she gives these when she's in a good mood or when she needs a pick-me-up. (Today it's the former reason. XD)

VVV6 Delivery [2009.02.20] - Okada and Will Smith!
It's Okada. It's Will Smith. And it's all so cute and funny~ XD
Do I really need to say more? :P

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(a) [profile] ohmiya_sg wants me to release this, and
(b) [profile] tuesday_756 says that people "need to see Ken with a monkey on his head."

Gakkou e Ikou MAX clip [2005.11.29]
Okada and Ken visit an agricultural school!
They play with little monkeys and sugar gliders, gawk at pigs and try milking cows... And considering that they're guys, there's an awful lot of exclamations of "kawaiiiii" about the cuteness of various animals. Especially from Okada. 8D

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* This is just a short clip from the GeI episode with Kamisen and Ando Miki, the figure skater. Expect the rest of this episode from Vi6es sometime soon! If you haven't seen it, then trust me, it's hilarious. XD
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Wanted to have these up earlier for Yoko's birthday, but my Internet connection is absolutely horrendous lately. >_<
But better late than never, right? ^^

Jouhou Live Miyaneya [2009.04.17] - The Quiz Show promo
... where a secret of Yoko's is told to the world, and where Sho whines (really) every time attention wanders from Quiz Show. XD

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YokoHina Recomen [2009.02.05] opening clip
It's Yoko's turn to get stuff from Proactiv! XD And they have a special guest for this Recomen~

Time: 6:55
File size: 83.1 MB

Translation: [livejournal.com profile] enshinge
Subbing + Vid: elenniel

Download from MU or MF. (Well, the MF link isn't ready yet...) MF is done~
Password is nikibi

No uploading either of these to streaming video websites. No re-distributing this at all too. Especially not for money. You know what will happen if I discover that...

Commenting would be nice? And going to lay gold and diamonds at enshinge's feet would be nice too, after all that she's done for fandom. XD
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It's almost 3AM on Tuesday (I seem to have a habit of posting on Tuesdays lately), but anyway! Since I'm on a high from watching episode 7 of Mei-chan no Shitsuji (the ending was so sweet! Awww, Kento!), let's get these subs posted. XD (Ye-ah, technically that drama has nothing in relation with V6 but it doesn't matter! Who said I need a logical reason to post these anyway? ahahahaha... )

Otonari promos on Mezamashi and Zoom-in
... where we find out that Okada likes the word "fit" lately, will happily tell fibs if his co-star is gullible enough to believe him and thinks that Zoom-in's Hatori-san needs to be less fidgety..? 8D

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Oh, and if anyone's interested, Kame makes a tiny appearance in the Zoom-in clip (as you can see in the small screencaps). :P

enshinge deserves all praise and love for translating these for me, so go thank her~~
And of course, flail-y comments are welcome here too XD
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Let's end my birthday month with another V6 sub~

Nagano and Go help the Narita High cheerleading team recruit more guys by making a PV... and then Sakamoto and Nagano investigate the existence of a Shinshuu version of GeI (with hilarious results XD )

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Nagano-mama would make a good newscaster - he's so calm when reading the cues~

I love the little wiggle of excitement Sakamoto does when he's on air for the Shinshuu GeI. And that dorky grin and nod too. XD The contrast between that excitement and the poor fellow's panic and alarm later is just hilarious. ahahahah (Also... V6's leader looks darned good in that brown shirt. *v* )

And I couldn't resist inserting the few technical notes in the cheerleading segment. (I mean, I couldn't very well have people thinking that the pictures were comic strips drawn for GeI when they're actually storyboards... 8D )

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Yay! Sub finished~

I really meant to have the cheerleader episode done for today as well, but couldn't encode and upload in time (I wanted my bandwidth and RAM to be free in case they messed with my Peercast connection. ^^; ). But in any case, the birthday surprise clip is do-ne! :D :D

Gakkou e Ikou [2004.02.24]

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This clip is so hilarious... from my V6 favourites (Okada, Nagano, Sakamoto) practising the birthday song at random intervals to Ken and Inocchi's VTR to Go's telling everyone thank-you-now-please-go-away. XD

*pesters everyone to download and watch this*
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Can I declare today "Make Elenniel Happy Day?" haha
In celebrating the anniversary of their collaboration, ohmiya_sg and enshinge seem to have inadvertently delivered an early 誕生日プレセント to me with that slew of new subbed vids... Even including a Gakkou e Ikou episode and Kisarazu Cat's Eye clip! whee~~

Okay. On to the real stuff. My turn to churn out a few small subs!

TSD SP [2008.12.27] - Aiba and the Dolphin Stunt
Iruka! )

Also... (very) short Eito radio clips~!
Kikujani - 22 November 2008 & 20 December 2008
(I hope I noted down the dates correctly... 8D )

Kikujani Eito~~~ )

Or I shall be very displeased.

Comments appreciated as usual... and all that. XD Go pay tribute to enshinge too~!

And I shall go sleep now. Will post this to the Arashi/K8 comms later I guess. So, f-list, you get to see all these first XD F-list and the others who watch my LJ, that is. ^^


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