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Pokemon Go landed in Malaysia last Saturday and set the country (well, the urban side anyway) ablazeeeee.

I admit that I'm playing it. I installed it out of curiosity and to alleviate boredom as I was to spend the whole afternoon at a uni event on "counselling" duty. (When I say "counselling," I don't mean it in the psychiatric sense or anything. In this case it refers to having to talk to parents/potential students who come to find out more about the university or the course(s) in question. I don't like it but I have to do it. >_> ) To my delight, I discovered that the place where the event was being held (in my hometown) turned out to be a prime spot for pokemon. I caught well over 30 just sitting in the one room for 4 hours. And no, I didn't have much to do, which is why I could catch so many. I think that if there had been none to catch I would've been bored with the game and wouldn't have cared about it. So, fortunately or unfortunately, it was a pretty thrilling start. lol

I didn't play or watch or know anyone who actively played Pokemon when I was younger so I know next to nothing except random names I've heard like "Pikachu" and "Squirtle." I know what a Pikachu looks like but I haven't a clue what it sounds like or how it acts. (I remember getting "Pikachu" once in a game of Charades earlier this year - I hate that game and anything similar with a passion - and I had no idea how to portray it. The one in charge of the game gave me a look of disgust and I felt both embarrassed and angry. I never cared about the stupid Pikachu and didn't know anyone who did so how the hell would I know what it does?? Ugh, just thinking about that incident makes me angry.) So I started off playing blind xD Had to ask [livejournal.com profile] duckii_mustang how the thing works, with transferring pokemon and getting candy and whatnot.

Came back to the capital city on Monday and went to work only to discover that the campus is home to a bunch of pokestops and numerous pokemon xDDD I've got a bunch of colleagues playing it too. Should've seen us that day: "There's a spearow!" "I got a Meowth just now." "Why do you have a Bulbasaur [on your screen] but I don't?!" "I keep getting the bats..."
The bulk of the student body (the degree students) are on break at the moment so there were fewer students around. But the ones who were around were... Well, I think at least half of them were playing the game too. xD Should be an interesting sight when the next degree term opens.

Date: 2016-08-13 08:33 pm (UTC)
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Good job. Writing is good. :D

I just got an e-mail on my phone saying two students were beaten and robbed on campus while playing Pokemon Go at 3am. I guess when the criminal activity starts that's how I know the school year is beginning. -_-*


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